Is Shaving or Trimming Better for Beard Growth?

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Which is better for beard growth: Shaving or Trimming?

Growing a beard is a hassle for many people as they are unaware of what is right or wrong with their beard. Beards require extra care and discipline than your scalp hair as they are harder to maintain. 

Many people do not keep a beard because of the common beard itch that most men face, there are a lot of reasons why you might be facing this issue. Beard itch is common in new beards or it can also happen in a fully grown beard.

Does shaving increase beard growth? Most people believe that shaving or trimming a beard every once in a while helps in beard growth, today we will be talking about this aspect in detail to see if there is any truth to this claim. 

Most men fail to groom their beards after growing them, which is one of the main drawbacks that they face, they start noticing dull and dry hair or face beard hair fall which is common if you do not have a well-kept beard.

Can Beard Trimming Help in its Better Growth?

Trimming your beard does not mean cutting off a few inches of your beard but it rather means grooming a tiny layer of your beard hair which might have dry or dull hair or may have split ends. 

Getting rid of the dry ends of the beard actually helps in growing it at a much faster pace, trimming also deals with areas that might have a little more hair than the other side. No beard is perfect. Some areas might have more hair than others and that is why trimming is important to even out your beard. 

For people who have just started to grow a beard, trimming is an important aspect and do not shy away from doing it every 2-4 weeks. This will make sure your split ends are out making room for healthy and nourished hair. But always choose a good quality beard trimmer.

You must also follow a good skincare and beard care routine after trimming, moisturising and keeping your skin hydrated at all times, this will help the hair follicles to grow healthier and stronger hair.

Can Shaving Beard Helps in its Beard Growth?

Well, this is a very common mistake that men often make when they are new at growing or keeping a beard. Many men believe that shaving almost every alternative day will help in beard growth but a simple answer to that is, No, shaving almost every day will not benefit you in beard growth in any way. 

Shaving daily will delay your beard growth rather than speeding it up. Our hair grows in four phases namely.

  • Anagen (growing phase)
  • Catagen (regression phase)
  • Telogen (resting phase)
  • Exogen (shedding phase)

Men are in their Anagen phase in their prime time or teen years when the beard is a full growing phase. As they get older their beard moves through the Catagen phase where the beard grows every one-three weeks, to the Telogen phase when your beard stops growing followed by the last stage the Exogen. 

While trimming every 2-3 weeks is good for your beard, that is certainly not the case with shaving your beard ever so often. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle above all to achieve the perfect beard and keep your beard growth in check.

You can achieve a desired healthy lifestyle by following these simple steps. 

  • Balanced diet
  • Exercise
  • Supplements 
  • Beard grooming
  • Quit smoking 

Here are some other ways in which you can grow your beard at a much faster rate. 

Beard Growth Shampoo

Beard requires a natural product free from chemicals. Our beard growth shampoo is made from natural ingredients and helps in strengthening and nourishing the hair follicles. This shampoo is free from harmful chemicals like Parabens, Sulphates and SLS.

Beard growth shampoo is made of:

  • Aloe Vera Extract- Repairs dead skin cells on your beard
  • Watercress Extract- Improves the health of your beard and in turn lessens breakage or damage.
  • Argan Oil- Moisturises skin and beard hair
  • Liposomal Caffeine- Coffee can help stimulate beard growth
  • Ceramides- Prevents dryness and damages 

This beard growth shampoo will help in reducing beard hair fall and will provide deep cleaning to the beard skin.

Microneedling/ Dermarolling

Our Derma rollers come with the highest quality 540 needles, it is a 0.5 mm roller which means it is gentle to use but will give you effective results. 

Many people are unaware of the benefits of Dermarolling for people who are trying to grow a beard. All you need is to perform Dermarolling according to the method we have mentioned earlier at least twice a week. We would suggest that the beginner watch as many tutorials as they need to understand the art of Dermarolling as one wrong move can damage their skin. 

This is one of the best products for people who are facing patchy beards or are not able to grow the beard they desire, regular use of the derma roller will boost natural collagen and will help you in the process.

Benefits of Dermarolling for Beard:

  • Promotes Beard Growth
  • Nourishes The Beard From The Roots
  • Improves Beard Strength
  • Painless process
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Produces collagen
  • Regrowth of dark and thick hair

For better results, you can also invest in our Beard Growth Serum which will help in advancing the process even more.

Beard Growth Serum- Mino-xidil 

Beard growth serum is beneficial for people who want to grow their beard and rejuvenate their beard follicles. This serum will nourish and hydrate the damaged hair follicles and will help in promoting beard growth. 

Beard growth serum will help you in quick beard growth and is clinically proven to regrow your beard up to 25% more in 10-12 weeks. This Growth Serum will help in producing hair protein creation, for beard growth which will advance the growth of the beard. This serum is alcohol-free and trusted by dermatologists all across the world. Lastly, this serum contains 5% w/v Mino-xidil and Excipients.

Take Away 

In the end, we would like to say that trimming is definitely advised for everyone who is looking to grow their beard, however, avoid shave beard every second day as it could do more harm to your beard growth.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Does a clean shave promote beard growth?

No — shaving hair doesn't change the thickness, colour or rate of its growth. But shaving facial or body hair gives the hair a blunt tip.

2. What causes slow beard growth?

If your facial hair grows significantly slower than that, then it might be due to poor nutrition habits, vitamin deficiencies, low hormone levels, too aggressive beard care regime, genetically slow growth rate, or might your beard has reached its terminal length.

3. Does a patchy beard mean low testosterone?

Contrary to some popular belief, patchy beards are not usually the outcome of low testosterone levels. Rather, it is how sensitive your hair follicles are to DHT, a male sex hormone produced by testosterone.


1. Does shaving unwanted body hair makes it grow back thicker and darker?

Answer From Lawrence E. Gibson, M.D.

2. Medical myths

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