Is Nightfall Normal In Men?

Nightfall in men


Nightfall is a life condition of the male human body observed in the testicles. It is the condition of sperm ejaculation of the penis involuntarily. As this is commonly happening during late nights or midnights and early hours in the morning, it is named nightfall. It is a harmless and natural process for the body to relieve itself of sexual arousal and to release an excess of sperm.

This condition is also called a wet dream, sex dream, spontaneous orgasm, sleep orgasm, nocturnal emission, and subconscious ejaculation.

Various reasons for nightfall

As nightfall occurs due to sexual content in sleep dreams, it is named a sex dream. The sexual visions or imaginations shown in the dreams stimulate the man to erect the penis first and the nervous system automatically ejects semen through the penile hole while the dream content is playing in the sleeping head. 

As the sex dreams make the undergarment get wet near the groin area, the nightfall is named a wet dream. The wetness is occurred due to semen moisture.

As the pleasure is enjoyed unintendedly, it is called spontaneous orgasm. The nightfall does not need sexual intercourse or Masturbation to eject semen from the semen. After all, sperm ejaculation or orgasm is not at all a pleasure to people suffering from mental or physical illnesses.

The ejaculation of semen during nights is so-called nocturnal emission. 

The conscious mind sometimes comes to know that the penis has ejaculated semen, some other times, the orgasm is not even conscious due to sleepiness, few times, the conscious mind comes to know immediately right after the unconscious ejaculation, the nightfall has called sleep orgasm and subconscious orgasm.

Is Nightfall Normal?

Nightfall is completely normal and every man is supposed to face the condition. Even children do imagine so sex content in their dreams, either conscious or subconscious, only that the boys can't produce semen before teenage, otherwise the boys starts ejaculating from teenage and continues throughout the manhood.

The men who don't engage in sexual activity would possess excessive sperm content in their bodies. Their body works under the control of the nervous system, the hormonal urge makes the testicles pass out semen through the penis.

Nightfall is an extreme pleasure if one likes it. Most of the men like it, also. Only the embarrassing moments caused by getting caught by other people make it weird and undesirable. Otherwise, it is perfectly okay and acceptable.

Nightfall Side-effects

Unhygienic Condition

Nightfall causes sperm to spell out on the undergarment and the groin area. The semen would dry up on the skin pores of the penis, thighs, and scrotum. These dried skin pores irk the person to scratch and control leading to rashes, bumps, redness, etc. 


The ejected semen sometimes does not come out of the foreskin of the penis. The stored semen covers the forehead of the skin, causing an infection called Balanitis. 

Smelly Penis

The ejected semen forms a layer called smegma. Smegma or preputial sebum is a natural lubricant that is found around the head of the penis and under the foreskin. Smegma is a combined mixture of shed skin cells, skin oils, and moisture. The decomposed semen on the penis's forehead makes it smell bad. 

Treatment for Nightfall

Ayurvedic treatment

Mix fenugreek powder with an equal amount of honey to mask the bitterness. Use it before going to sleep. It is a good remedy for wet dreams.

The mixture of Withania somnifera, Asparagus adsonders, Curculigo orchioides, Asparagus racemosus, Mucuna prurita Myrist can help prevent excessive nightfall. 

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