Is it normal to have pimples on scrotum?

Pimples on scrotum

What causes pimples on scrotum?

The most private part for men is the scrotum. It carries the genital part of the body alongside its required internal coordinating organs and glands including the surrounding flesh covering the inner thighs, the back of the penis, the upper hair space above the penile position, and overall skin space coming under the scrotum. 

Scrotum supposedly needs to be more taken care of compared to other body parts. As it could not access under the coverage of two garments, it is the most common place to sweat more. 

The sweat could damage the skin texture to be sensitivity or prone to different infections that can casually or seriously happen over the scrotum body parts or skin space. Special care is to be taken during the bathing while, it is advised to wash or soap twice a time to simply be clear of any infection emergence or dilution.

In general, the pimples on the scrotum may look like a collection of tiny bumps in one area or even all around the thin scrotum tissue. The common causes of harmless scrotum pimples include Folliculitis. This condition happens when a hair follicle gets infected by bacteria or fungi.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases such as the human papillomavirus (HPV) and herpes simplex virus (HSV), could cause genital warts and blisters, respectively.  Genital warts may look like white, brown, or flesh-colored bumps that grow on and around the testicles. These warty bumps can be itchy but are usually not painful.

Clogged pores are also one of the common causes of scrotum pimples. The clogged pores do not allow the sweat generated on the scrotum to go out. This condition results in adverse effects under the skin of the scrotum causing harmless or painful pimples.

How to get rid of pimples on scrotum?

A pimple on the scrotum is usually harmless, but it could also be a sign of a virus or infection. Sweat and dead skin cells are common causes of pimples. Pimples on Scrotum are basically two types. One is painless and the other is sensitive pimples.

The pimple which has shown on the scrotum but shows no pain would generally become senseless molds on the spot. Even though they may not make pain, there are chances for the painless pimples to become cancer-like conditions. On the other hand, the pimples which make the pain and could possibly eject thick or thin fluids may possibly spread more pimples on the scrotum. You can follow the below-given methods to get rid of pimples on the scrotum:

  1. Keep the area clean
  2. Wear loose-fitting underwear
  3. Avoid scratching
  4. Avoid harsh chemicals and soaps
  5. Don’t squeeze or touch the pimples
  6. Keep the area dry
  7. Seek medical advice

What's the best way to prevent pimples on your balls?

You can follow the given techniques to prevent pimples on your balls:

  1. Keep the area clean
  2. Wear breathable clothes
  3. Avoid tight clothing
  4. Do shower after physical activity
  5. Don’t shave against the grain
  6. Don’t pop or squeeze the pimples
  7. Don’t share personal items with others
  8. Stay hydrated
  9. Seek medical attention when required

How much does your underwear choice matter?

Underwear choice matters a lot, and it impacts a lot on your genital health too, it can affect comfort, hygiene, skin health, moisture control, infection prevention, fertility, and many more. So, it is always recommended to prefer underwear that gives you comfort, is breathable, fits you perfectly, not so loose or tight, so that you can maintain a healthy genital area.

Take Away

There could be a variety of pains and problems one may face containing pimples on the penis and the scrotum. One may feel pain through urination. One may not be able to indulge in sexual intercourse. One may not be able to walk free or run free. One may make a variety of odors that irritate others.


Is it normal to get pimples on the scrotum?

The answer is both yes and no, pimples on the scrotum are sometimes normal and at the same time dangerous too, so it is better to require a doctor consultation.

What STD causes bumps on scrotum?

STDs such as Herpes can cause bumps on the scrotum.

What are white hard pimples on scrotum?

Fordyce spots are the white hard pimples that appear on the scrotum, and sometimes the penis too.


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