How weight can affect your sex Life?

How weight can affect your sex Life?

Weight can affect your sex life

Sex is a flexible action between two bodies. The muscular movement passing through various joints during sex is supposed to be feasible to any given position. The intercourse between two genitals is enjoyable, only the weight of the bodies are responsible to each other. 

Weight Causes Laziness

The weight gained in the body causes both physical and psychological disorders. The weight gained would feel heavy on the body that itself takes a lot of energy to run the body. Once energy is drained, the body feels tired and rest. The depressed body due to a feeling of heavyweight keeps muscle work function slow down which in turn results in laziness.

Excess laziness leads to dormant butt or lazy butt syndrome in humans where the muscles forget their activation. The muscle contractions occur due to laziness which would cause loss of patience to the body.

Sexual intercourse needs tremendous energy whereas a laziness-affected body does not even want to move other than just sleeping. Laziness develops sleeping muscles that even when the mind is active and interested to indulge in sexual intercourse, the body would not support it.

Weight causes Globulin

The increase in body weight could lead to an increase in globulin, a sex binding hormone, which results in the drastic downfall of the sex hormone testosterone. Due to a drop in testosterone, sexual desires and passion would decrease which can, in turn, impact your sex drive.

Weight Causes Abdominal Pain

Unwanted weight can cause abdominal pain during or after sexual intercourse. When sexual force is applied with heavy body weight, Pain from inside the abdomen or the outer muscle wall could occur. 

Weight gain causes constipation

The excess weight can cause unnecessary storage up in the intestines causing constipation. Constipation does not provide a comfortable body movement during sex. The anal sex feels extremely irritating with constipation. 

Spinal cord dysfunction during sex due to weight gain

Excess weight gain can alter the natural curves of the spinal cord. The fitness body has a still spinal cord. Due to excess weight caused by the unessential stored in the various body parts, the body pulls effects on the spinal cord. The damaged or injured spine does not support indulging in sexual intercourse. Even with its support, the human body does not cooperate to indulge in it for a long time. 

Thigh muscle strains or cramps

Due to heavyweight or obesity, the thighs are subjected to more fat being stored there. This would cause muscle strains and cramps. The strained muscles do not support sexual intercourse. The opposite partner also feels discomfort during the course. 

Limb disorders affect libido

Unwanted weight gain may be the result of fluid retention. This leads to fluid swelling, called edema, causing limbs, hands, feet, face, or abdomen to look swollen. The swollen part does not coordinate with the sexual urge. The libidinal behavior is extremely damaged due to Edema.

Infertility due to weight gain

Excessive weight or obesity could cause infertility in both men and women. The excess weight would cause difficulty during delivery, too.

Lack of orgasm

Due to excessive weight, the body develops into irregular shapes. The irregularly shaped bodies during sexual intercourse could face failed orgasms. The penis inserted into Vagina may or may not touch the G-spot due to the irregular body shapes.

Sperm count is affected by weight gain

The increase in weight results in various hormonal changes. The discharge is disordered with the effect on androgen glands which help the body secrete testosterone hormones. The testes disorders damage the latter, the quality, and quantity of semen.

Genital shape out due to Weight Gain

Excessive weight will show up in every part of the body. The excess weight could shape out the genitals too. This results in dissatisfied sexual intercourse. The genitals may or may not be accessible to each other.

Neurological Disorders due to Weight gain

The excess weight gain causes impurities in the body blocking the necessary passages. This would impact the oxygen levels in the neurological system. Neurological disorders would affect most of the parts of the body causing depression and tiredness. The depressed body would produce low hormones causing it to be incapable of sexual intercourse nor support the body to enjoy the sexual intercourse.

Beauty Loss Due to Weight Gain

Weight gain results in excess sweating, skin disorders, and hair loss. The factors altogether result in damage to the beauty of the body. Beauty ignites sexual passion. Due to the lack of the body, the person may not be interested in sex.

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