How To Use Lidocaine Long Lasting Spray?

Lidocaine Long Lasting Spray

Lidocaine Long Lasting Spray

Men that face Premature Ejaculation face a lot of issues in their personal life and this can be frustrating and can cause fear of performance. However, this is very common in men; most of the men face this issue once or more times in their life but can be a cause of alarm if it is recurring. Most men face Premature Ejaculation when they are going through a rough time or are stressed. This can come and go on their own but if it persists then you must visit a doctor. 

Premature Ejaculation makes it hard for men to control their ejaculation for longer this leads to dissatisfaction for their partner and themselves, sometimes this can also happen during foreplay which can lead to self doubt and embarrassment. 

Persisting Premature Ejaculation can be a cause of your performance anxiety and can also lead to lack of performance desire, however, there are a lot of medicines and alternatives that you can use to control this problem. 

Today we will be talking about one such method that can help you in controlling your ejaculation for a longer time and bring back peace and excitement in your life. 


Before we jump into the solution let us take a deeper look as to why men face Premature Ejaculation. 

Premature Ejaculation happens when a man is unable to hold his ejaculation for a longer period of time, men who ejaculate within a minute or less than a minute can be categorized into this. While on average a man takes about 5-7 minutes to Ejaculate while performing. 

Many men also face disappointment and anxiety, it is normal to get a Premature Ejaculation from time to time but it gets serious if it is becoming an everyday case. You must not ignore the red flags if you see any, prolonged Premature Ejaculation can also lead to difficulty in conceiving children. 

However, if you are facing this then you are not alone, this is very common in men many researches have proved this Premature ejaculation

Now let us get into some of the common reasons for Premature Ejaculation so that you can identify and examine your symptoms too. 

  • Some men may face Premature Ejaculation because of a sensitive penis, which is normal and can be treated.
  • Prostate can be a cause of Premature Ejaculation in men, if you have gone through an operation for Prostate then you may face difficulties in your performance. 
  • Performance anxiety can also be a major cause of Premature Ejaculation this can also put a strain on your personal relationships 
  • Depression, work stress are other psychological reasons for Premature Ejaculation.
  • Not getting enough sleep and not eating a proper balanced diet can also cause Premature Ejaculation in men.


Lidocaine is a locally available anesthesia which is given to people to relax their tissues, this can be given in an injection, spray or cream form. If you have been through a root canal then this is probably the anesthesia that your doctor might have given you before the surgery. 

Lidocaine spray is also used on the penis to give a numbing experience and to upgrade your performance, this helps in reducing the sensitivity in the tissue and will help you in longer ejaculations and less sensation. 

Studies have shown that Lidocaine sprays are a great treatment for Premature Ejaculation, men that have used this as a form to reduce the chances of Premature Ejaculation have not faced any side effects. However, it is a form of anesthesia and a longer use of this could cause damage to your penis and nerves around the pelvic area.

Lidocaine has not only increased the performance time for men but has also been able to increase enjoyment for both them and their partner, now you can be tension free and enjoy the moment. 


Using Lidocaine spray is very easy, all you need to do is apply it on your penis 10-15 minutes before performance and spread in a circular motion until it gets absorbed completely. Do not apply extra go slow with the spray, start by using one at a time if you need more than you can use more spray. 

All men are different, you might not reach your desired sensitivity by just one spray so practice and see how much you need. After performance make sure you wipe off the spray with water or you can take a quick shower make sure there is no spray left on your penis. 

Lidocaine usually takes 15 minutes to kick in so use it 15 minutes before your performance. 


This is a very common question in everyone's mind who wants to go for a Lidocaine product. They are often confused between the cream and spray. Let us tell you which of the two is better for you. Lidocaine spray takes about 10-15 minutes to work whereas a Lidocaine cream will take about 30 minutes or more to work. 

Lidocaine spray is easy to use as you do not have to use your hands to apply it; you can just spray, whereas the Lidocaine cream becomes messy and unmanageable. You should go for the Lidocaine spray as it is time effective and is also hassle free and will not consume too much of your time. 


Many people have frequently asked if Lidocaine is safe or not and the answer to that is, Yes, Lidocaine is safe for most people unless you are allergic to it. We would always suggest you consult your doctor before using any Lidocaine spray or cream.

While Lidocaine is safe to use it may have some side effects, we would not advise you to use Lidocaine spray every time as it can be harmful in the longer run.

  • Temporary loss of sensitivity which can cause difficulty in forming an erection.
  • Skin irritation and burning sensation are commonly seen in people who use Lidocaine spray
  • Excessive numbness if you use excessive amounts.
  • Effects can last upto a few hours

While Lidocaine spray is effective and does not cause side effects you may want to shift to a more natural and sustainable option to cure Premature Ejaculation. Do not worry we got you, you can switch to our Ashwagandha tablets which are 100% natural and can help in dealing with Premature Ejaculation in the longer run. 

Surge Natural Ashwagandha tablets

Ashwagandha is also known as the king of ayurvedic herbs and is known to improve strength, performance and boost Testosterone in men. Ashwagandha deals with all parts of a person as performance issues can be both physical and mental.

Benefits of our Ashwagandha Tablets

  • Lowers stress levels:

Most performance issues can be due to poor mental health, Ashwagandha tablets help lower anxiety and stress making your mood better. It increases blood flow in the arteries in the pelvic area making your erection last longer.
  • Improves performance as it is a natural aphrodisiac:

Ashwagandha is a natural aphrodisiac as it increases nitric oxide in the body making the veins in the genital to expand which will help both to have a satisfied performance. 
  • Improves the level of Testosterone in the body:

As men age their body starts producing less testosterone, Ashwagandha helps in creation of testosterone in men. 
  • Increases the sperm count:

Studies have shown that Ashwagandha helps in increasing sperm count and quality in men and is also good in maintaining the overall health in men.
  • Improves endurance:

Ashwagandha has given proven results to people who have low endurance, it has helped their overall performance desire and endurance with time and regular intakes.

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