How to Use Charcoal Mask?

An activated charcoal mask consists of antimicrobial properties which will collect the bacteria from the pores of the skin and reduce acne.

Charcoal Mask

There are two types of charcoal, the one you use for grilling and the other is activated charcoal utilized for the skin. Activated charcoal is the ultimate saviour from all kinds of skin problems like acne, pimples, pigmentation, wrinkles and dark spots. 

All of us want candescent, lucid, dazzling skin. To acquire this dazzling skin you need to follow a few rituals. From one of those rituals “THE CHARCOAL MASK” is the must. Activated charcoal is prepared by exposing the regular charcoal to excess heat and the resultant powder is called activated charcoal powder, which is permeable on the skin and gulps away the slime from the skin. 

Benefits of Charcoal Masks

  1. Because of the porous nature of activated charcoal powder, it can penetrate deep into the skin and absorb the gunk. It flushes away toxins and impurities which damage the skin and improve the texture and make it more gleaming.
  1. Due to pollution, dust, food habits and hormones, acne generates in the skin. It can ward off by using a charcoal mask as a protective shield to flush out acne. Acne pinouts pimples, dullness and drops down the complexion. An activated charcoal mask consists of antimicrobial properties which will collect the bacteria from the pores of the skin and reduce acne.
  1. Charcoal masks can heal the inflammation caused by stings and insect bites. According to studies and anecdotal hypotheses, an activated charcoal mask can clear out the sting of a bite by equalising the toxins in insects venom.
  1. Dead cells, oil, bacteria will construct acne on the skin and get accumulated inside the pores. Acne causing bacteria can lead to inflammation, redness and pimples. The anti-bacterial properties in the charcoal mask can clear out pimples and inflammations reflect the skin with radiance and glow. It even enhances the complexion.

How to Apply Charcoal Mask?

The mode of application is very easy, first, wash the face and wipe with a towel because clear skin can help in permeating charcoal into the pores of the skin.

Apply the mask evenly, don't forget to apply it to the jaw and chin.

Gently massage the mask on the face with the fingertips for absorption.

Be cautious while applying it near the eye. Allow it to dry and after 15 minutes wash it with lukewarm water.

Pat the face with a dry cloth and apply moisturizer. It's okay to use twice a week for better results but always go with the skin types, if it is sensitive or if you felt the skin turned dry. so, in such cases only use it once.

It's convenient to use a charcoal mask at night time because it takes time to settle in the skin. 

For oily skin prefer a mask that consists of clay, which absorbs the oil and wipes the acne away from the skin.

Hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, olive oil are to be checked before applying a charcoal mask on dry skin.

Choose a charcoal mask that is free from aroma, parabens and other harmful chemicals before applying it to sensitive skin.

The charcoal mask consists of antifungal and antimicrobial properties, which helps in treating eczema, psoriasis.

Charcoal face masks work wonders on the skin of males. This is the key to fighting off the pollution which raises acne and removes the clogged potions of pores and makes it look acne-free and dries out the excess oil from the skin. The procedure for application is the same for both men and women.

Possible Side Effects of Using Charcoal Mask

Charcoal masks are not suitable for a few skin types, sometimes they may cause skin irritation and infection. Using a charcoal mask more than once a week may swipe away the lipids which shield the skin as a protective barrier against pollutants and dehydration. It can result in intense damage to the skin by pimples, blemishes and spots.

What to look for?

According to our skin type, we can prefer charcoal masks.

For oily skin: for this skin type choose a charcoal mask that has clay as an ingredient in it. It will absorb oils from the skin and clears the pores and acne breakouts.

For dry skin: prefer a charcoal mask for dry skin which has hydrating agents like hyaluronic acid and olive oil. To embellish your skin with natural moisture.

A variety of brands have various ingredients. Before picking up the mask just go through the label and search for ingredients, which are suitable for the skin. If you have sensitive skin please avoid the mask which has parabens, dyes and chemicals that react with your skin and cause inflammation.

Take Away

From the past decade, activated charcoal masks are turning out to be the most desirable mask for clear and flawless skin. It turns out to be the first choice for the people who have seen vivid results. Just prefer the mask which has key ingredients that are suitable to the type of skin you acquired.

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