How to use Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss?

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Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss

You might have heard people talking about apple cider vinegar and how it helps in reducing weight. But most people don't know exactly how to use apple cider vinegar for weight loss. Adding apple cider vinegar for weight loss to your daily diet can indeed help you lose weight and shred body fat. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a useful natural remedy that has a lot of surprising health benefits. Also, scientific studies and practical experiences have shown that adding apple cider vinegar (ACV) to your diet can boost your weight loss efforts.

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What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

People can usually use apple cider vinegar as a supplement, tonic and in food and drink.

They have also used it as a health aid for centuries. Before insulin came into the world, vinegar was known to be a folk remedy for diabetes. Today, people use ACV in various food, and drinks, and for its various health benefits.

Apple cider must first be made before apple cider vinegar can be produced.

To do so, firstly, they mix apples, sugar and yeast and allow the mixture to ferment. This process produces alcohol.

Specific strains of bacteria then help in converting the alcohol into acetic acid. The mixture becomes apple cider vinegar when all of the alcohol is gone.

Since ACV contains bacteria and yeast, some people might claim it is a source of probiotics. Microorganisms known as probiotics are beneficial to your health.

How Does ACV Help You Lose Weight?

Apple cider vinegar is considered to have wonderful qualities which can help you lose pounds naturally. Below are a few of the properties of ACV and how they are effective.

  • It contains organic acids and enzymes which help in increasing the rate of metabolism. This in turn boosts your body to burn and lose the fat faster.
  • ACV helps in maintaining your appetite, which in turn helps you to eat within the limit.
  • Apple cider vinegar helps in keeping your body hydrating and refreshing while discouraging water retention.
  • It also has plenty of fibre and potassium which keep your blood sugar low, which is considered to be one of the essential factors for losing weight.
  • It also contains important Minerals and Vitamins like potent enzymes, amino acids, acetic acid, propionic acid, pectin, potash, alcoholic acid and many other beneficial acids. All of these help in speeding your metabolism and help you shed weight without losing vital nutrients.
  • Consuming ACV before your meals is the best idea as it helps in slowing the release of glucose into your bloodstream. In turn, this slows the process of digestion, thus making you feel fuller for a longer period. And, when you feel full most time, your body will not store fat.
  • ACV also helps in digesting food because it flushes out toxins and helps to remove stored waste from the intestines and colon.
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How to use Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss?

An older 2009 research on ACV found that taking a small dose every day was the most effective way to use it for weight loss.

A person can take apple cider vinegar in numerous ways, that is:

  • as a supplement
  • as a tonic
  • in food and drink

A person who is willing to lose weight can try taking a small amount of apple cider vinegar in water daily. An example would be 1-2 tablespoons in a glass of water, combined with a diet low in calories and more exercise.

Apple cider vinegar also works pretty well when people mix it with olive oil as a salad dressing.

Foods to Avoid and to Eat

Besides drinking Apple cider vinegar for weight loss before every meal, you can follow these additional suggestions on what to eat and what not to eat to get the most benefits out of your efforts.

Foods to Avoid

  • Red meat and sausage.
  • Dairy products and you should replace them with vegetarian drinks made with oats, rice, almonds, etc.
  • White flour and all kinds of pastries. However, you can eat small amounts of whole wheat bread.
  • Fried and oily food
  • Sugar, you can replace it with stevia or a little bit of honey.
  • Don’t use table salt, use sea salt instead which is much healthier.
  • Junk food

Foods to Eat

  • For breakfast, you should make a healthy drink such as oatmeal or a fruit smoothie using plant-based milk. You can also choose to eat fresh or dried fruit and nuts.
  • Your lunch can consist of a vegetable dish or a salad, a bit of whole grain rice and some protein. For protein, you can take legumes, lean meat, or fish.
  • For dinner, you can go to have another vegetable dish like salad or gazpacho. You must be sure to also eat a free-range egg, as well as a pear or an apple.
  • Between meals, you can eat some chopped nuts or any fresh fruit of your choice. Another thing that you can do is drink cleansing infusions like green tea, bold tea, and dandelion tea.

Remember that you should follow this regimen for three days and you are bound to be happy with the results of using apple cider vinegar for the weight loss process.

Apple Cider Vinegar Side Effects

Mostly, ACV is safe to consume. But, due to its highly acidic property, there are some potential side effects, such:

  • Eroding your tooth enamel
  • Irritating your throat and oesophagus 
  • Exacerbating acid reflux
  • If you are a diabetic patient and you take medication, you must talk to your doctor before trying apple cider vinegar for weight loss or any other reason. 

Can you drink ACV by itself?

Since ACV is very acidic and can burn the tissues in your mouth and throat, you must always dilute apple cider vinegar. As we mentioned previously that acidic foods such as ACV can weaken tooth enamel. To prevent this from happening, you need to rinse your mouth with a glass of water after drinking a glass of diluted ACV or drink it with a straw. It is also a good idea to avoid brushing your teeth right after you drink the apple cider vinegar weight loss water.

Does the Consumption of ACV interfere with medications?

Apple cider vinegar is known to interact with other medications like diuretics, laxatives, heart, and diabetes medication. If you usually take these medications, you should consult with your doctor before starting the apple cider vinegar diet.

How much time does it take to lose weight with the apple cider vinegar diet?

The apple cider vinegar diet will not quickly provide you with the results. You will lose weight and fat gradually and not overnight. You shouldn’t be impatient and allow it some time. Sometimes losing just one pound a month and not re-gaining it afterwards is the real success.

Take Away

Apple cider vinegar has a plethora of potential health benefits. Some scientific studies have shown that apple cider vinegar and acetic acid can help people who are overweight achieve a more moderate BMI. It is possible if they have it in combination with eating fewer calories.

If you want to consume apple cider vinegar, it is best advised to dilute it in water or add it to food and drink.

If you want to know about how to lose weight and other health-related issues you can read our more blogs and purchase our dermatologist-recommended products from Mars by GHC website.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Which is better for weight loss lemon water or apple cider vinegar? 

Lemon water is a great alternative if you are just starting on your weight-loss quest.

2. Is it better to take apple cider vinegar at night or morning? 

It is better to apple cider vinegar in the morning.

3. What drink burns belly fat overnight?

  • Cucumber juice.
  • Warm water and lemon juice.
  • Milk.
  • Green tea.
  • Chamomile tea.


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