How To Treat Cut On Penis?

Cut On Penis


The male reproductive organ used for sexual intercourse which is designed extremely outward in the whole body system is called Penis. It is intersected at the most center of the body. It is a boneless bone when erected and so-called with the name 'boner'. The weakest part of the male human body is the penis. It can easily get hurt.

The penis is the only external part of the whole body. It projected outwards in an intersecting position. The flaccid penis is settled small in size but the erected penis enlarges and strives to come out all its time. The penis when erected struggles for its free existence. Due to modern-day life, the penis is maintained under an undergarment and upper garment. This pressurizes the penis to stay unfree.

Penile cuts

The penis is a collection of almost all ninety nerves passing through the body. The frictional force exhibited during hardcore sexual intercourse could damage the internal arena of the penile body. The penile cuts may also occur because of scratches and bites, knocks or burns, sexually transmitted infections, accidental hitting, etc.

The penis is such an important sensory organ in the body, the pain generated at the hurt of the penis is capable of killing the person.

The damage develops into common injuries that include fracture, avulsion, strangulation, entrapment, and amputation.

Cut on the Penis

Any bleeding or non-bleeding hurt that occurred on the penis can be considered as a cut on the penis. These cuts could be vertical or horizontal to the penile direction. These cuts could be as small as a millimeter and as big as the whole penis size. The cuts once developed due to various conditions could sometimes cure themselves with no treatment, some other times go away with a little treatment and rarely lead to surgery. The cuts ignored may become severe like penile cancer, too. The cuts are majorly caused due to accidents, injuries, and infections.

Penis Skin Cuts can be caused by:

As the penis material is also skin, in fact, sensitive skin, there are more chances of skin cuts due to certain factors.

Skin cuts due to blunt objects that tear or crush the skin.

Skin cuts due to sharp-edged pointed objects pressing into and slicing the skin tissue.

Skin cuts due to sharp-edged objects piercing the skin tissue. 

To treat cuts on the penis

There are various treatments and precautions to cuts caused by various circumstances. There are a few steps and solutions to treat the wounded cuts on the penis. 

One can treat minor cuts on the penis at home by sanitizing the wounded space with clean water and soap or spirits. It is important to avoid getting soap in the cut, as this may cause pain or irritation. 

If the wound is between minor and major damage, one can wrap the cut in a soft, clean bandage.

If the cut is big and severely painful, it is better to immediately join a hospital to take up the minor surgeries.

As the penis is a sensitive part of the body, any wound that occurred on it would show severe pain. Thereby, it is suggested to take painkillers on the doctor's prescription.

It is strictly forbidden to participate in any sex from oral to anal, and masturbation. As sex is friction-causing activity, the almost cured cut could also rupture to previous conditioning or even worse.

However, precaution is better than cure. In a matter of sensitive parts though, precaution is the most mandate.

Due to the Uncircumcised effect

The uncircumcised penis is prone to frictions developed due to various conditions. These frictions unexpectedly cut the foreskin, most of the time leading to bleeding. 

One of the ways is to circumcise the penis way before experiencing any cuts on the penis. If the cut is caused due to an uncircumcised penis, the cut is better left alone for days until it comes back to normal conditions with the use of various ointments and food supplements that metabolize healing mechanisms. It is strict to avoid masturbation and sex during the wound.

Due to different Penis

There are curved penises, curved upward penis, curved downward penis, V-shaped penis, bent penises, straight penises, upper penises, lower penises, large base with a narrow head, narrow base with a larger head, etc. These penises, when inserted into the vagina, make a different range of frictions. This friction cuts the foreskin of the penis or forehead of the penis.

To avoid such frictions cutting the skin on the penis, it is advised to carefully intercourse the penile body into the vaginal or anal cavity.

Due to different Vaginas

The unstretched vagina doesn't accept the entrance of the penis into the vaginal cavity. The penis still strives to enter the vagina hurting itself with cuts.

To avoid cuts on the penis, one is advised to thoroughly study the depth and shape of the vagina before intercourse.

Due to sexual Abuse

In recent research on sex and psychology, sexual abuse is one of the major factors in damaging genitals, both male and female. Few psychic women in history, with perverted behavior, have wanted to cut the penis with knives and blades.

A rape attempt from the male side would not hurt the female genital alone but the penis also gets certain hurts.

Sex is supposed to happen with mutual understanding. The sex with at least one side disagreement would lead to violent action hurting genitals.

Due to oral sex

One of the ailments in oral sex is inserting the penis into the female mouth. Any mouth has teeth and tongue. The tongue soothes the penis but the teeth are a bone-like material that can easily hurt the boner. The intentional or unintended bite of the penis with sexual curiosity could lead to serious damage to the outer layer of the penis causing cuts on the skin.

One is best suggested not to go-to oral sex. If at all attempted, the action should not be lustrous but tenderness.

Due to condoms

 The condom provides an external layer between the penis and vagina, ruptured to the friction developed during sexual intercourse. The rupture of skin irked in the condom material could make cuts on the penis.

One is advised to look after the penis and take care while wearing and removing the condom. It is also advised to use lubricant condoms alone.

Due to penile zip

The penis sometimes unintentionally gets stuck inside the zip settled at the groin area to an upper garment to give easy access to urination. This accident is utterly painful because the skin of the penis gets stuck between two rails of the zip.

One should always stay conscious and especially during the use of the penis for either urination or sex. It is better to be habituated to slow and steady zip handlings at any given time to avoid cuts.

Due to underwear

If the undies are feeling too tight, there is a chance of skin cutting due to the textile attached to the sweaty dried penis. The sharp edges of the underwear on the tight force for a long duration cut the sensitive skin over there.

It is suggested to wear comfortable underwear-like boxers. If preferred briefs alone, choose a size that is not too tight nor too loose, to avoid cuts on the penis.

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