How to Stay Fit During this Festive Season?

Yoga to stay fit

How to Stay Fit?

It’s the gala time of the year again and everyone is getting back to their routine, trying to get in shape and improve their health. We know that the festive season can make you put on some pounds and that’s why it’s important to start your fitness journey before the holidays begin. And, what’s better than doing yoga exercises? Yoga is not just good for loosening up your muscles but it also helps you stay in shape and calm during a hectic schedule.

Yoga is an exercise technique that is implemented to have spiritual and mental awareness. Its origin is drawn from Yoga and Ayurveda, an Indian tradition. Today, yoga exercises are done to promote physical and mental health. It helps in reducing stress levels, insomnia, indigestion and acidity.

6 Yoga Asanas to Stay Fit

The experts recommend that one should do yoga exercises daily for at least half an hour to get rid of all health issues and also get relief from the hectic schedule during the festive season. This will also help you in staying fit, healthy and stress-free all through your holiday season.

  • Padahastasana

  • Stand straight and exhale. Bend your upper body and come closer to your legs. Try to touch the knees with your forehead and place your palms on either side of your feet. Hold this position for a few seconds and then relax.

  • Eka pada Malasana

  • This might be a tough exercise to perform but consistent practice will help you achieve perfection. Sit on one foot and stretch out your other leg forward. Try to press your heels firmly down and shift your weight onto your right foot. Try to maintain balance by lifting your hands up and hold this position for a few seconds. Repeat the same with the other leg.

  • Ustrasana

  • Kneel down and place your hands on your hips. Bend backwards to form an arch with your upper body and slide your palms over your feet till the arms are straight. Hold this position for a few seconds and then breathe out. Slowly come back to the initial position.

  • Dhanurasana

  • Lie on your belly and keep your hands beside you. Your palms should be facing upwards. Bend your legs at the knees and bring your heels close to your hips. Try to hold your ankles with your hands and inhale. Hold this position for a few seconds and then relax.

  • Bhujangasana

  • Lie on your belly and bring your arms above your head. Stretch your legs out. Inhale and then raise your head so that your eyes see the ceiling. Hold this position for 30 seconds and then relax. Exhale and slowly roll your chest, neck and forehead.

  • Vajrasana

  • Sit on your thighs with your buttocks touching the heels. Keep your head, neck and back straight. Start breathing deeply and hold this position for 2 minutes. Come out of the position by slowly stretching your legs.

    Health and Beauty Benefits of doing Yoga

    Various studies have concluded that yoga provides a whole host of health and beauty benefits. Listed below are some of the benefits of doing yoga.

    Regular yoga improves flexibility, stability, balance, digestion and immunity. It helps in strengthening the muscles and makes them leaner. It also helps in decreasing the severity and frequency of migraines and headaches. It reduces back pain when done on a regular basis.

    Yoga helps in increasing concentration and improves memory and comprehension. It also increases lung capacity, calms the mind and induces sleep.

    It regulates blood pressure levels and improves heart health. It even lowers the risk of heart disease by decreasing the cholesterol level.

    Yoga helps in curing depression, insomnia, anxiety and even stress. What’s more? It even fights diseases such as cancer, infertility, impotence etc.

    Yoga has been practised for centuries and continues to be an important part of the lives of millions of people around the world. No matter the reason why someone might begin practising yoga, those who do enjoy the many benefits that it offers.

    There are many different kinds of yoga out there and each style will offer its own particular set of benefits. Some benefits are more general and apply to anyone who practices yoga regularly. Others are specific to only certain types of yoga.

    Stress management is one aspect that is part and parcel of modern-day life. In fact, many people suffer from stress, anxiety disorders leading to depression. Moreover, some people are being diagnosed with hypertension and even heart attacks at a younger age. Most of these disorders are caused by stress or anxiety.

    Incorporating yoga poses into your daily routine helps you manage these factors. Yoga helps to calm your mind. While working in the office, we get stressed out when we do not meet our target or are unable to complete the assignments on time. This leads to stress.

    We have two yoga poses that help you relieve stress and anxiety. These yoga poses can help you develop the muscles around your shoulders and help to relax your mind: The Corpse Pose (Savasana) and Eagle Pose (Garudasana) can help you achieve that.

    Yoga can help you manage stress and anxiety in the same way as it helps you gain a toned body. Yoga asanas or postures not only tone the body but also gives strength, flexibility and energy. It also helps people free themselves of mental stress by helping them focus on their breathing and focus on their bodies.

    Take Away

    Yoga exercise helps in reducing weight, as some of the yoga exercises are just to shed those few extra pounds. Some people might gain weight during this season as they will be drawn to indulge in eating a lot. The experts recommend that one should abstain from heavy food items and spicy foods to lose weight. Yoga is the best way to stay fit during this festive season.

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