How to set the mood for sex during cold winters?



Foreplay is something romantic or sexual arousal or erotic behavior or massage or facial or genital to achieve some solid time towards their sexual activity irrespective of whether it is intercourse or not.

Foreplay has much more value than sexual intercourse even does not, for foreplay is the source of energy between two bodies which can be put forward to sexual intercourse or everyday activities.

Foreplay can be played both before and after sexual intercourse. The foreplay before sexual intercourse can bring the energy stored in the soul to the body whereas the foreplay after sexual intercourse would help the body to get back to normal stabilities once after the loss of energy from the body due to the sexual orgasm.

Foreplay relieves stress and depression. Foreplay gives energy to battle stress and depression observed from both daily activities and sexual activities.

Foreplay energizes the body to another level of energy masses that would not let the body go depressed on simple daily acts. The physical strain and mental strain one compound upon a daily activity or living would generally go high raise which would only direction changed with sex like activities.

Foreplay is a catalyst to convert the same energy that is paining the body parts, muscles, and joints into the energies that are comforting and pleasure-giving through sexual activity.

Massage one another

Genital lubrication is one of the kinds of various foreplay.

The genitals are way tight and uncomfortable before being involved in sexual intercourse. The unitedness of the genitals may freak out the person during sexual intercourse.

There could be a lot of friction emerging from the genital intercourse such a way leading to various injuries or damages on the genital making a lot of pain instead of pleasure.

To avoid such circumstances, the sexual partners may put some lubricant on the genitals and engage in sexual activity.

The time spent on lubricating one another's genitals is supposed to be called foreplay only.

Steam inhalation

Any gaseous state if entered into the nose with a strong pull of the lung is what is called basic inhalation. The inhalation of water vapor is known as steam inhalation. This inhalation objectifies either purification or warming up the infected zone in the respiratory system. This attempt is generally taken up as a home remedy to cure chills and colds without going to a doctor.

The weather and temperature during the winter season are cold and shivering. Nasal cavity and ear openings are the most prone areas of the overall body during winter for they are the only open spaces to foreign environments. To avoid coldness throughout the body and stay stable without panic or trembling, steam inhalation can greatly help the nasal cavity to stay warm and immune.


Spooning is the best sex mood setup that lets man and woman last in the bed for weeks, too. That comfortable and relaxing is this sex position. Also, spooning takes the least amount of energy from the bodies as they sleep in a relaxed position. This position involves a man sleeping beside his woman, with his penis inserted either in the vaginal cavity or the anal cavity. The man or the woman has to just express their love through kissing their lips. They don't even need to spend energy on their genitals. The genitals themselves involve in intense sex that the body won't feel the energy loss. The breathing together involves their genitals moving in the same flow with each other.

Practice best winter sex positions

Winter is a season that puts a person in need of another person. Sex in the winter season is such a warmful act.

Sex makes bodies into heat engines that can help them not get into vibes of the winter chills.

Certain sex positions are especially noted and benefited for particularly the winter season.

Take Away 

Just romance can do a great job in garnering heat. Just an eye-to-eye look between two loving persons can generate a lot of heat in the body.

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