How to prevent hair loss from hard water?

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Treatment, Prevention, and More Using Hard Water Shampoo 

Hair is the most important thing which adds up to your personality and style. Hair loss is very common and can happen to anyone. Losing 50-100 strands of hair daily is normal but if you notice more than that on your bathroom floor or a bunch of hair in the drain then that’s alarming and something to worry about. Anagen effluvium, another name for the condition when hair stops growing for unknown reasons, causes hair loss.

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There are a lot of reasons why you can lose your hair but the most normal or common reason why people lose their hair is the water with which they wash their hair.

Causes of Hair loss

Poor and Improper diet 

If you don’t consume a lot of nutrition or vitamins then you may see some changes in your hair and on your skin. A proper diet is essential for your hair to grow and prevent hair fall. As you grow old your body produces fewer vitamins which are also essential for healthy skin and hair which also leads to hair loss.

Continuous Stress

Stress can cause a lot of hair fall and can also cause a lot of harm to your health. Lack of sleep or a lot of workloads may result in hair loss. If you are losing a lot of hair suddenly then it might be due to stress. 

Alopecia areata

Alopecia Areata is an auto-immune disorder that affects the hair follicles leading to hair loss. The condition equally affects men and women. 

Hormonal imbalance 

When you are going through some hormonal changes your skin and hair get affected by it. Your skin starts to break out and you also start to lose hair. This type of hair loss is generally temporary but it can also become permanent depending upon the health of the individual.

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Lack of exercise

Your body needs to detoxify to stay clean. If you don’t work out daily your body will accumulate a lot of sweat and fat which will lead to hair fall and other skin problems.

Not knowing what is bad for your hair

If you are using a hard shampoo or conditioner in your hair too much then you can suffer from hair loss problems. Using harsh products like gels and creams can also cause hair fall.

Increasing Age

Some people also start losing hair or experience complete baldness when they hit a certain age.

Besides all these causes a lot of people have complained to suffer from hair loss or other hair problems because of their water quality.

Have you ever noticed after washing your hair with a very gentle shampoo you are still having a dry scalp? No matter whatever shampoo or conditioner you try but you are unable to get rid of that gunk that accumulates on your scalp. Well, it’s not the shampoo you are using but it’s the water that is being used to wash your hair. This is called hard water.

Hard water has a lot of build-up minerals such as calcium and magnesium which produces a film on the hair and leave them dry and prone to breakage.

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Hard water can also cause:

  1.   Dullness of hair and maybe a change in the colour of your hair.
  2.   Dry and flaky scalp which makes the roots weak.
  3.   Tangled hair because of the dryness.
  4.   Split ends and easy breakage of hair.
  5.   Thinning of hair also decreases the volume.

How to check the quality of your water?

Hard water can cause permanent hair falls because of the excessive amount of salt present in the water. When the hair is not washed properly then the accumulated gunk on the scalp results in dandruff and breakage. High pH levels in hard water also charge your hair negatively, causing friction and breakage. You can get your water tested by a tester to check the pH level and take action accordingly.

Difference between Soft Water and Hard Water

Hard water is a type of water that has minerals like magnesium and calcium present in it, it is harmful to our skin and hair but they add flavour to hard water. Soap is not effective in this water.

Soft water only has cations and which is sodium. It has a salty taste. It is good for our skin and hair if used daily. Soap is very effective in this water.

Now that you know that your water is not good for your hair and it is harming it so what can you do to prevent it?

  • You can first change the water by using a water softener to control the hair fall. The only way to get out of the problem and save your hair from damage is by using soft water.
  • A softener can automatically convert hard water into soft. This appliance exchanges excessive minerals such as calcium and magnesium with sodium and makes the water soft.
  • A softener will not be able to repair the damaged hair instantly but it may do something for your hair. Softener is a small device so you can put it anywhere and it is affordable too.

Effective techniques to wash hair in hard water

1) Use hair masks

To restore the shine and moisture you can use a repairing hair mask which will nourish and clean your scalp. You can apply it two times a week. While using the mask you can also steam your hair and scalp. Massaging your hair while applying the mask is also a good way to clean your scalp.

2) Try citrus or vinegar rinse

To repair the damage you must first look after your scalp. Applying lemon or vinegar or any other citrus juice may be a good and natural treatment for your hair.

3) Use a cleansing shampoo

Some chelating shampoo or hard water shampoo fights the adverse effects of hard water and leaves your scalp feeling lighter, cleaner, and free of grease.

Investing in a chelating shampoo can help reverse the effects of hard water on your hair. These aid in the removal of mineral deposits and product residue. They make your hair feel cleaner, lighter, and even grease-free.

4) Demineralizing products

Demineralizing products are used to remove the salt particles and the residue which is left behind by the hard water on the hair. These products give instant results and you notice it shortly after a few weeks.

5) Essential oils for head massage

Your hair has been damaged due to excess dirt and salt. It has ripped all the natural oils from the scalp during washing your hair with hard water. Using essential oils and massaging your hair will exfoliate your scalp and help you get rid of the gunk.

6) Adding apple cider vinegar

While washing your hair instead of using a shower you can use a bucket and add some apple cider vinegar to it. This will help as an anti-bacterial and help your scalp repair.

Can hard water cause permanent hair fall?

Hard water can cause permanent hair loss as it rips our scalp and damages it. The scalp has roots and follicles and once our follicles are damaged it cannot regrow hair. Hard water weakens your hair and restricts the blood flow to the hair follicles which will prevent it to grow new hair. If you are suffering from permanent hair loss and hair damage then you can try out some of these products to prevent it.

1) Mino-xidil topical solution 

It is a topical solution that promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. This Mino-xidil solution not only promotes hair growth but also conditions the scalp. This solution is easily available at all places and can be used without any prescription from a doctor.

2) Anti-dandruff shampoo

Some anti-dandruff shampoos can prevent hair damage and can keep your scalp clean. They have an anti-bacterial formula which prevents dandruff from accumulating on the scalp.

3) Avoid hot showers

The hot water can also extract all the natural oils from your scalp. These natural oils are present to nourish your scalp and prevent hair loss. Hot water rips the oils and leaves the skin dry.

4) Onion juice for hair fall

Rub the onion juice on your scalp twice a week and leave it overnight. Wash it off in the morning. Onion has shown results in preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth.

5) Quit smoking and drinking

If you enjoy smoking and drinking binges then it is time to quit these habits. These are very harmful to your body and may be the reason for your hair fall. Smoking and drinking suck up all the nutrition from your body and leave you feeling very weak. It can also do a lot of damage to your hair and skin.

6) DHT Blocker shampoo 

DHT accumulates on your scalp and is responsible for your hair loss. DHT is made by testosterone with the help of an enzyme called 5-alpha reductase.

If you cannot change your water from hard water to soft water then you can even shower with hard water and still prevent the damage.

  • Use a DHT clarifying shampoo and one which is sulfate free. It will remove the excess oil and debris from your scalp.
  • Wash your hair in the direction of the hair growth so that the dirt washes off easily
  • Try to add some apple cider vinegar during washing your hair in your tub so it will prevent the minerals from settling on your scalp.
  • Make sure that before applying the conditioner your scalp is completely clean.

Take Away

Change your water before it damages your skin and hair fully. These short terms issues can turn into long-term problems that will affect your healthy hair growth as well. If you want to purchase dermatologist-recommended products like Mino-xidil, Phi-nasteride, Biotin and many more then you can visit our website of Mars by GHC.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does boiling hard water make it soft? 

Yes, boiling hard water makes it soft.

2. Does baking soda help with hard water? 

Baking soda is one of the most effective hard water home treatments.

3. How can I test my home for hard water?

Fill the bottle one-third full, then add a few drops of pure liquid soap and violently shake for a few seconds. If there are no fluffy bubbles and the water seems hazy or milky, your water is hard.


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