How To Pick The Right Beard Trimmer?

Beard trimmer

 Right Beard Trimmer

It is not an easy task to decide upon a Trimmer brand. It depends upon what you intend to use the trimmer for. It may be desirable to purchase a trimmer for its normal use or just to have it for backup. You will want to look for several factors before making a purchase. 

There are many beard trimmers in the market but to choose the right one you need to look for its features such as design, combs, cord length, motor, etc. To choose the best trimmer for your needs you can find some reviews on the internet and in forums then buy a quality beard trimmer that suits your needs for a cheap price. This article will guide you to buy your desired beard trimmer.

What features to look for while buying a trimmer?

1. Design: 

A slim robust design will be easy to handle, give greater visibility in the mirror allowing you to monitor where you are cutting. It should be made of good quality material to long last and not break.

2. Battery:

 If you are looking for a cordless trimmer, then make sure that a single charge of 5 minutes will be enough for trimming once. There are many models which have a full charging time of just 1 hour which will be perfect for your regular use.

3. Ease of shaving:

 Trimmers can be used as shavers by removing the guide combs attached to it. Many trimmers are good enough to remove all the beard hair from the neck region or to give a sharp beard shape in the sideburns, around the neck. When in a hurry, they can give a near shaving look, a light stubble you need.

4. Guide combs:

 Many trimmers come along with different guide combs for different purposes. Guide combs like nose hair trimmer, precision trimmers, stubble guard, beard trimming guards, etc which can be quite used for any grooming purposes and any style you want.

5. Blade material: 

You can find stainless steel or titanium-coated blade trimmers. The benefits of using a stainless steel blade are they are smooth and economical. Titanium-coated blade trimmers give good edgy cuttings, corrosion-free, and cause less irritation.

6. Length of cord: 

If you are looking for a corded trimmer, then the length of the cord must be criteria before buying a trimmer. Look out for a lengthy cord which suits your requirement. But the only con with corded trimmers is they are less convenient.

7. Additional accessories:

 Few trimmers come with a whole kit which includes different types of combs, cleaning brushes, guide combs, oils, nose hair trimmers, shaver heads, etc to fill all the grooming needs you have. If you are a person who explores various beard styles, then the trimmers with a complete grooming kit are for you.

Add-ons to look for while buying a Trimmer

1. Vacuum chamber

Trimming your beard can be a messy task, and the cleaning part becomes complicated. Trimmers with integrated vacuums suck in 90% of the beard trimmings and make your cleaning job a lot easier.

2. LED indicator

The latest model trimmers come with a LED light to show whether your trimmer is getting charged or not, whether there is enough charge or not. 

3. Settings

Setting dials to select the length of trimmings you want to trim. Most trimmers give an option of trimming from 0.5mm to 10mm. For a stubble, you can choose a low setting of length 0.5 to 2.5mm, for short or medium beards select a setting from 4 mm to 7mm, and for long beard select a setting ranging from 9mm -18mm. 

4. Detachable head

A detachable head will make it easier to clean and wash under water. Make sure to dry it properly before you attach the head again.

5. Rounded tips

Rounded comb ends and blade tips glide smoothly on the skin and prevent any skin irritation.

6. Trimmer adjustment

Few trimmers can be used as clippers. Simply push the push button and remove the trimmer adjustment and attach the clipper adjustment.

7. Cord and Cordless

 There are a few trimmers which can be used with cord and without cord. These versatile trimmers can be both travel-friendly and easy for home use. Corded trimmers are powerful and do not run out of charge, whereas cordless trimmers give free movement and are rechargeable. You just need to plug out the cord and it’s a cordless trimmer now.

Take Away 

While buying yourself a trimmer, you need to make sure how much you use it, what purposes you require it for, and any other criteria you need it to fulfill. This article is a simple guide on what to look for while purchasing a trimmer.

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