How To Make Penis Long And Thick?

How To Make Penis Long And Thick?


The male reproductive organ used for sexual intercourse which is designed extremely outward in the whole body system is called Penis. It is intersected at the most center of the body. 

There are two variations of the penis. One is flaccid and the other is an erected version. The flaccid penis has one size and the erected penis has another size. The erected penis size is always higher than the flaccid penis. 

Penis Size

The length of the penis and its erection is directly related to the level of testosterone hormone working in the body. The hormonal changes during the course of body growth if not charged properly could lead to various body size differences. The disorder in testosterone hormone may lead to growth incapability in the penile body resulting in short penis size.

Penis enlargement

Penis enlargement is a process or a way to increase the penis length and thickness in all the possible modifications.

In general, men believe the habit of masturbation could help with the size and thickness of the penis. Masturbation is the repeated beat of the penis in order to feel self orgasm and eject semen. During the course, the penis becomes erect and becomes harder and harder until it ejects semen.

This regular action of playing with penis may stretch the skin and muscle of the penis thereby increasing the length and thickness of the penile body.

Several nonsurgical methods for lengthening the penis, such as penile traction gadgets, vacuum devices, and penoscrotal rings are in proposition. Other than the available devices, there are natural exercises composed of penis enlargement.

Massage Exercise

Massaging the penis in a gentle way may result in the gradual growth of the penis length. If the penis body is moved to and fro every day, there are chances for the penile muscles to stretch to increased size.

The gentle massage to the penis in the longitudinal direction relieves muscle strain composed in the penile hanging nature. Irrespective of the penis's flaccid position or erectile position, the act of massaging can be comfortably put onto penis so that the foreplay eases penile gravitational tension. 

Oil treatment for penis enlargement

Oil treatment for penis enlargement is an ancient way of modeling penis size and shape.

The penis is put into the hands of either one owner or the partner during the massage so that the oil helps a smoothing action on the penis nerves. The penis nerves are generally in a contracted state and only on gentle massage, the nerves react to the touch and relieve to extraction.

There are various oils that can be used for massaging penis in order to enlarge it. The oils like argan oil, Aloe vera oil, watermelon seed oil, Lavender oil, etc can be used to enlarge penis length and thickness.

Ayurvedic treatment

Ayurvedic herbs like ashwagandha, Shatavari, amla are way-to-go solutions for penis enlargement and performance.

Exercises To Increase Penis Size

Jelqing Exercise

Jelqing exercise is somewhat similar to masturbation. Make a circle with your thumb and index finger attached. Now the circle has to be imposed on the head of the penis. Move the circle to and fro touching the head of the penis to the shaft of the penis. The repeated exercise could encourage the penis to grow in size. 

Penis Pump Exercise

A penis pump uses the vacuum principle. When the principle is applied to the penis, it pulls the blood to flow through the penis, giving it a chance for an erection. An erected penis is obviously large in size. 

Stretching Exercise

Hold the penis head grippingly and pull the penis upward. Pull the penis to the left and apply pressure to the area to the right of the base. Make the penis standstill for the while. Then exchange the sides, to bend the penis head to the right and pressure the left-side base of the penis. The whole process stretches the muscle contraction inside the penile shaft. There are two muscles residing in the penile cavity, namely prostate muscles and sphincter muscles. The stretching exercises should be implemented in such a way that the action touches both muscles at a time.

Kegel Exercise

Squeeze pelvic muscles as hard as you can and hold the contraction for 3-5 seconds. Then, slowly release the tension formed inside the penis. This is also exercised before going into sexual intercourse.

Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are non-invasive devices that attach to your penis and apply tension to the shaft. It acts as a mechanical traction device that stretches the penis in the flaccid state to make it longer.

Surgical Treatment for penis enlargement

There are two types of penis enlargement surgery, namely penile augmentation and suspensory ligament release. Penile augmentation involves the penis body alone whereas the suspensory ligament touches the abdomen, too. Penile augmentation is a treatment for curved penis, aging, and obesity whereas the obesity problem can be cured with a suspensory ligament.

Take Away 

Increasing blood flow in the penile body is the first most objective to enlarge penis length and thickness. The blood circulation in the penis would also emphasize orgasm more intensely and be addictive.

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