How to make onion juice for hair?

onion juice for hair growth

Onion juice for hair growth

Losing hair can be stressful for people at any given age. About 80% of men have faced some or the other issue related to hair fall by the age of 35, these statistics show that this is a very common phenomenon (in male). 

Everything comes at a price, even good hair, if you take care of your hair with regular Oiling and massage then your hair will remain healthy and thick. Eating a balanced diet with the right amount of protein, carbs, and fats is essential to maintain healthy and strong hair. 

There are many ways to obtain the desired silky, lustrous hair but today we will be talking about one of the best organic ingredients that can solve your hair-related issues and especially hair regrowth. If you are facing hair fall or have issues with slow hair growth then Onion Juice can be one of the best ingredients you need to add to your routine.

Can onion juice really help?

Yes, onion juice is believed to have potential benefits for certain skin and hair-related issues, primarily due to its rich content of sulfur compounds and antioxidants. It can help in hair growth, improving hair health, treating dandruff, improving scalp health, and also helps treat other skin conditions.

Benefits of onion juice for hair

  • Onion juice is the holy grail product you need to boost your hair growth, if used properly you can see a visible result within weeks if not months. 
  • Onion juice also puts a stop to excessive hair fall by boosting the level of antioxidant enzyme catalase, it is known to provide nourishment to the scalp as it is rich in sulfur.
    • Onions also promote the production of collagen and enhance the blood circulation in the scalp which will eventually help hair follicles to grow at a faster rate. 
    • Onion juice is natural and safe to use so there are no side effects, this is easily available and affordable to make. It is one of the best home remedies you must try if you are dealing with hair fall or hair growth issues. 

      How to make onion juice for hair growth?

      Making Onion juice is very easy, if you have longer hair then you would require more onions but if you have short hair then two will be sufficient. 

      • Take Onions as per your requirement
      • Chop Onions or grind them as you like 
      • Sieve the grinded Onions through a muslin cloth 
      • Let all the juice be separated from the grinded onions, you can also squeeze it to fasten the process
      • At last pour the juice in a container and refrigerate it after every use

      Onion juice on its own can be itchy on your scalp and it has a very pungent smell so you can use Onion juice along with different ingredients. 

      How to use onion juice for hair growth?

      Here are some of the ways in which you can use Onion juice.

      1) Onion Juice and Honey Mask

      A hair mask should be an essential routine you follow, all you need for this mask is two tablespoons of onion juice that you previously made and one tablespoon of honey. Mix both of these ingredients well and apply on your scalp for about 30-45 minutes and then rinse it off with a mild paraben and sulphate-free shampoo. 

      Honey is a good ingredient to provide your hair with the right amount of shine and nourishment, this mixed with Onion juice becomes a potent hair mask.

      2) Onion Juice With Oil

      You can mix onion juice with any oil of your choice like Coconut, Caster, Olive, or mustard. All oils are great and become even more beneficial for hair growth when mixed with onion juice. You can heat up the oil of your choice and add two tablespoons of Onion juice to it, then rinse it off with a mild shampoo that is paraben and sulfate free. 

      Oiling is an age-old secret that boosts blood circulation in hair follicles, you can apply this once or twice every week for better results.

      3) Onion Juice and Aloe Vera mask

      You can use Aloe Vera gel or you can squeeze out fresh Aloe Vera from the plant, blend it and mix it with two tablespoons of onion juice and your mask is ready. Apply this on your scalp and gently massage it, leave it for 30-45 minutes, and later rinse it off with a mild shampoo.

      Aloe Vera has antioxidant properties, it unblocks hair follicles and removes oil and dirt from the scalp. You can apply this mask twice a week to get better results.

      Take Away

      If you decide to try onion juice for hair or skin concerns, consider using it in moderation and conducting a patch test first. If you have any pre-existing skin conditions or sensitivities, consult a dermatologist before incorporating onion juice into your skincare or haircare routine. Always ensure that you're using fresh and natural onion juice without added chemicals or irritants.


      Is onion juice good for hair?

      Yes, onion juice is good for hair, but you need to use it in moderation.

      What are the side effects of onion juice for hair?

      The possible side effects are onion smell, itching, and scalp rash, and it can make the scalp dry too.

      How often should you apply onion juice for hair growth?

      You can apply onion juice twice a week for hair growth, for positive results.


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