How to Lose Weight Before Valentine Week?

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For The Big Day, A 7-Day Diet 

Are you preparing for Valentine's Day? Do you want a toned body and a healthy glow to your skin? It's yours! Simply follow this 7-day rejuvenating program and notice the difference. A balanced diet that includes all of the important nutrients and minerals is crucial for a healthy body and bright skin. All we have to do now is nourish our bodies with high-nutrient foods rather than high-fat, high-sugar ones.  

Day 1

Today we are simply going to drink, drink, and drink some more. You can opt for fresh vegetable juices made at home and create your own mixtures with cucumber, carrots, and beets. Juices provide nearly all of the minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients found in plants. 

Other beverages to consider include black carrot kanji (currently in season), a fantastic symbiotic drink that contains both pre and probiotic bacteria and is calorie-free. The other drink you must consume is water.  

Day 2

Begin by chopping up 500 gram of your favourite fruits. Make a chaat or salad, but don't use any oil in it. 500 grams of cooked or raw vegetables will be served at lunch and dinner. Make sure they're oil-free. 

Use spices to add flavour, and ginger and coriander, of course, always provide zest to any dish. This amount of vegetables can also be used to prepare soup for yourself. But be careful not to overwork it. Rather, puree the entire vegetable you're using.  

Day 3

Let's get some protein in today. 25 almonds (soaked overnight if desired) and 15 gms roasted sunflower or flax seeds should be included in your breakfast. In addition, consume a large tomato, which is high in lycopene. 

Lunch will consist of 50g paneer or fresh mozzarella cheese, 50g chicken or beef, and tomato (which you can use to make a gravy or a soup). Paneer can be grilled or seasoned with your favourite spices. For the non-vegetarians, dinner will also contain a large tomato with 90 gms or a bowl of cooked chickpeas or sprouts and 2 eggs. Chickpeas can be transformed into humus if you want them.  

Day 4

Today is going to be smooth and white.  Have 200 mL of good old dahi with walnuts and berries or a banana for breakfast. You can even make a smoothie out of it! 

Drink 200ml of milk or dahi for lunch and dinner, with some fruit on the side or blended in. Bring good old raita to the rescue if you prefer it savoury; simply replace the vegetables with fruit. Make a thick lassi and eat your fruit if you want to keep it simple. Guava pairs well with dahi, didn't you know?  

Note: Include three different fruits in each of the three meals, as well as some nuts or seeds (10-15gms) in each. If you eat chia seeds for breakfast, you can eat walnuts for lunch and flaxseeds for dinner.  Use soy milk/yogurt if you're lactose intolerant. 

Day 5

1 multigrain toast with 2 tablespoons peanut butter/almond butter or a multigrain toast with an egg for breakfast. It's best to wash it down with some coconut water.  

Lunch: 50 gms of chicken or 50 gms of paneer on multigrain bread with 100 gms of greens. 3 cocktail chicken sausages or oil-free chicken tikka are available, while vegetarians can opt for paneer seasoned with roasted cumin and black salt. 

Dinner: The same as lunch, except instead of lettuce, add yellow and red peppers, which can be grilled, steamed, or stir-fried according to your preference. 

Day 6

Whole grains are high in dietary fibre, antioxidants, and essential minerals. OATS will be the full grain of the day!  

Breakfast will consist of 200ml whole milk or skimmed milk with 30 gms (2 tablespoons) of oats. This can be eaten as a porridge or made into a cheela. 

Lunch and dinner will consist of either 30 grams of oats with 50 grams of dal and veggies or 200 grams of yoghurt and vegetables. Do you need some recipe inspiration? Oats khichri, oats roti with dal, and oats porridge (without sugar) are all good choices. 

Day 7

Let's get back to the basics.  

Breakfast: Multigrain roti/paratha with vegetables and dahi, or omellete with multigrain bread. You can have a cup of coffee or tea today!  

Regular rice (brown, red, or hand-pounded is always better) or roti with dal or a chicken sauce, as well as plenty of vegetables, should be served for lunch and dinner. Instead of sweets, finish the meal with fruit. 

You should feel lighter after following this diet. Add 20 minutes of easy exercise for a toned body. Consult your trainer and focus on the troublesome areas. Your skin should glow from the nutrients found in nuts, fruits, and veggies. Rest and sleep well.

Take Away

Tea, coffee, fruit juice, aerated drinks, and alcohol are the foods to avoid this week. Apart from that, don't use any oil for the first two days; after that, use the smallest amount possible. There are no snacks, so aim to keep a 5-hour gap between meals and simply drink water.  

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