How to last long in the bed?

Last Long In Bed

Last Long In Bed

The average duration depends on what are you considering as sex. The vaginal-penile interaction, from penetration to ejaculation typically lasts from three to seven minutes as per a study.

The study suggests that sex anywhere between seven to thirteen minutes is desirable, anything between ten to thirty minutes is too long and anything between one to two minutes is too short.

Most studies on the duration of sex are based on IELT (Intravaginal ejaculatory latency time), which considers how much time it takes to ejaculate during penetration.

For many people, sex isn’t only about ejaculation, they consider the end of sex to reach climax. It involves many things such as foreplay, oral sex, vaginal sex, etc.

IELT only considers penile-vaginal interaction until ejaculation

How long should it last?

On average, it is found that sex lasts for 5.4 minutes, discarding foreplay as per a study conducted on couples from 5 different nations.

But is it what you need to follow?

The answer would be a no. how long sex should last depends upon you and your partner’s preferences. Many couples like sex to be more pleasant and lasting longer, while some want sex to be short and aggressive. Discuss openly with your partner. Find what you like and explore options to achieve them. 

Unrealistic standards

Pornography has highly influenced what people perceive as the normal duration of sex.  But the reality is very different from what has been shown. The misleading content is making many people suffer from performance anxiety and leaves many people dissatisfied. It is very important to know that anything more than three minutes is normal and there is nothing abnormal about it. 

For Shorter Encounters

1. Masturbation: 

If you are looking for a quickie, then masturbation is what you have to look for either for a solo performance or with someone special. Mutual masturbation will intensify pleasure and make you reach your peak faster.

2. Open discussion with partner

Telling your partner about your sexual needs and desires is nothing shameful. Discussing your desires, knowing your partner’s preferences will let you understand each other better and make you reach climax faster.

3. Explore positions

Few positions give deeper penetration and make you get faster to reach the climax point. If required you also shift to other positions allowing deeper penetration and also allows you to give external stimuli such as clitoral stimuli etc which could fasten your game.

For Longer Encounters

1. Edging

 Known as Semans stop-start technique, developed by Semans requires pausing all sexual stimulation when you think you are very close to climax and ejaculate. Resuming can be done once you feel the urge to ejaculate has gone.

2. Squeezing

Also known as Johnsons’ and Masters’ squeeze technique, proposed by Johnson and Masters, involves squeezing the glans of the penis or the tip of the penis when there is the urge to ejaculate until the urge subsides.

Different Factors Affecting Sex Duration

1. Sexual Dysfunction 

Sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation can make you ejaculate quicker than you want to. Delayed ejaculation can cause late ejaculation or no ejaculation at all.

2. Age

As the age increases many hormonal changes take place including decreased libido and an increase in the time to get an erection.

3. Sexual Orientation

A study indicates that couples of a same-sex couple experience longer sexual interaction duration when compared to mixed-sex couples but experienced a lower frequency of sexual activity. 

4. External Constraints

Couples might have many external constraints. New parents mostly focus on a quickie than focusing on long-lasting sex. 

5. Sexual goals

For every person, sex means different things. Goals such as mutual climax can influence the duration of sex.

Ways to Make Sex Last Longer

Here are a few ways to make you last longer on the bed.

  • Understanding between partners:

The more you understand your needs and your partner’s needs, the more you explore ways to improve the experience. the more you communicate with your partner openly about your sexual desires and needs, the better each other’s experience becomes.

  • Foreplay before penetration:

Increasing the duration of sexual activity and enhancing pleasure for the people involved is important. Foreplay can increase duration significantly and make things fun for the partner.

  • Prioritize your partner:

If your partner is a female, focus on giving her orgasms by doing things such as oral sex, etc. since they take a longer time to reach climax. 

  • Other stimulations:

Focus on ways to improve the sexual experience, trying different positions, stimulating sexual organs such as the clitoris, etc can help in extending the duration along with experience.

  • Taking a break before orgasms if required:

If you are near to orgasms, take a break, focus on improving your partner’s experience by stimulating the clitoris if it’s a female partner.

  • Pelvic exercises:

Kegel exercises help both men and women. It strengthens your pelvic floor muscle and gives you more control over ejaculation.

  • Healthy diet:

Healthy diet, antioxidant-rich food, and testosterone-enhancing food will increase libido, increase stamina, and help increase the sex duration. Foods like fenugreek can increase testosterone levels.

  • Desensitizers:

Desensitizer creams, gels, and sprays help in decreasing sensations on the penis, helping you slow down ejaculation. But these may also impact your partner and desensitize their tissues as well. There are few desensitizers that only have an impact on your performance rather than desensitizing your partner’s tissues..

Take Away 

How you define sex impacts how long you last in bed.  There are several ways to increase the sex duration such as kegel exercises, proper diet, and few methods like squeezing and edging which can help in increasing the time your sex can last.

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