How to increase oxygen levels in the human body?

Increase Oxygen Levels

Increase Oxygen Levels

The human body is a combination of organs, muscles, and blood cells. All the body parts need oxygen and thus blood is arranged to circulate throughout the body. The cells in our bodies need oxygen to stay alive. Carbon dioxide is made in our bodies as cells do their jobs. The muscles that power the lungs are also part of the respiratory system. These parts work together to move oxygen throughout the body. Oxygen also helps in increasing immunity in our bodies. The human body uses 350 liters of oxygen per day.

Pulse Oximeter

A Pulse Oximeter is a device used to measure the oxygen level saturated in the human body. 

Various conditions are related to low oxygen levels


A low level of oxygen in the blood is a condition called hypoxemia. The most common causes of hypoxemia include heart conditions, including heart defects. Lung conditions such as asthma, emphysema, and bronchitis can also cause hypoxemia.

Sickle cell anemia

A group of disorders gathered together to cause red blood cells to become misshapen and break down. This condition is extremely painful during the flow of blood due to the absence of red blood cells in the circulation.


Covid 19 is one virus infection emerging as the pandemic from 2019 and taking various mutational variations causing different, different symptoms and severity of the diseases. The coronavirus enters the body through the respiratory system and attacks the lungs and other body functions essential to proper blood circulation. The attack disables the person to breathe properly which in turn results in less oxygen intake causing loss of red blood cells leading to the death of the person in the complete absence of red blood cells. 

Post covid cardiac distress

The cardiac output after covid infection is damaged to disastrous. The damaged parts are extremely struggling to properly intake oxygen. The blood vessels to lung muscles, every stream of a line is infected with the coronavirus. 


Depression makes the person go numb making one forget about breathing. The unconsciousness deactivates the passage of blood from the heart to the brain in a proper way. This results in improper circulation of red blood cells with an insufficient supply of oxygen.

Polluted Environment

The air one breathes these days is not available with enough required oxygen levels. The absence of oxygen is giving space to other contaminants

Increase oxygen levels in the body

Anti Oxidants

Antioxidants are molecules that fight free radicals in your body. They may prevent or delay some types of cell damage. Antioxidants are found in many foods, including fruits and vegetables. The healthy cells possess good oxygen content, thereby profound red blood cells.

Drink water

Water neutralizes various chemical reactions in the body due to different factors of damage and instability of blood cells engaged in the circulation from the heart to whole body parts. The H2O helps dilute unessential or remove dead blood cells from the body. This in turn enables them to grab more oxygen.

Stay happy & smile more

Staying happy develops dopamine in brain cells. Smiling more enables the teeth from jaw to straight to stress with one another generating a booster to muscles. This stimulation encourages the respiratory system to breathe in more oxygen.

Detox Blood

Consume fruits and vegetables, drink water a lot, take easily digested food, and consider various herbal products that could clear the blood from toxicity. This enables more supply of oxygen.


Practicing yoga keeps the whole body in a straight line giving space for easy respiration and circulation. There are various yoga asanas to simply engage the whole body into certain flexibility with all essential body parts.


Meditation keeps the mind fresh. The fresh mind is more ready to grasp oxygen into its blood content and circulation.


Exercises are the activities practiced every day. This puts the body more active with proper blood circulation and painless body parts. A relaxed body after an extreme workout would sit and breathe intensely. 

Reduce Rest and Sleep

Rest and sleep are the two things that put the body in a static state. This results in various health disorders like indigestion, head stress, laziness, blocked circulation, improper respiration, etc. These all factors make the body less interested in oxygen intake. The reduced time for rest and sleep would naturally increase the breathing time.


Pruning is a position of the body best suited to the most possible intake of oxygen into the body. The systematic sleeping of the body with the abdomen touching down and the head raised over the pillow so that the nasal cavity to lung muscles stretch to breathe a solid amount of air.

Ventilated Living

It is always important to stay ventilated as much as hydration is needed. The ventilated rooms or cabins allow the person to feel comfortable, breath-free and mind fresh. The balconies or the compound walls are better filled with growing plants for more oxygen content in the atmosphere.


Sex is an activity that stimulates almost all nerves in the body. The muscles contract and relax to a pleasurable level. The level and the dopamine released due to the orgasm can improve healthier blood circulation in the body, making oxygen come in more.

Take Away 

There are available chemical-made drug supplements and ayurvedic herbal plants that naturally increase oxygen levels in and out of the body. Mindfulness is the most important activity to enjoy more oxygen in life.

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