Ways to increase blood flow to the penis

Ways to increase blood flow to the penis

Increase blood flow to penis

The human penis is the external male reproductive organ that serves as the urinal duct, too. The main parts are the root called radix, the body called corpus, and the epithelium of the penis including the shaft skin and the foreskin called prepuce covering the glans penis, the head of the penis. 

The penis is a pendulum-like object and acts to and fro under the vaginal pulling force. The penis is born for the vagina and the vagina is born for the penis. The sole comfort of the penis is in entering the space provided by the vagina. The vagina is satisfied only when it feels the blood flow happening in the penis.

The blood flowing through the penis is an extraordinary feeling. One would love to carry it all the time but most of them can't stay in the same mood for a long time. 

The penis is basically found in two forms. One is a flaccid penis and the other is an erectile penis. The natural-born penis is flaccid which on sexual mood arouses. To eject sperm from the testis's glands, the penis should be ejaculated to an erection. 

A penis is considered healthy and normal only when it maintains enough blood circulation. Otherwise, one can doubt a disorder and figure out a finite solution. In general, the erectile penis has more blood flow compared to the flaccid penis.

Ways to increase blood flow to the penis


Erection is the way the penis is inserted into the vagina. The penis once inserted is subjected to touch the internal end, the uterus cavity. Erection increases the length and the width of the penis. The increased length and width of the penis are filled with blood flood. Erection is a stimulation in the body that tends the blood to flow from the heart to penis. 


Masturbation is the self-pleasure, self-satisfaction, and self orgasm given to the penis by one's own hands. The flaccid penis could not be masturbated. In order to masturbate, one has to play with the penis until it gets hard. The erection can be brought up with sexual thoughts, too. The erected penis on to and fro motion engages in a pleasure meeting blood flow through the nerves of the penis.  


Sex is a subject of genital intercourse. The concentration of the heart is generally put onto the brain but during sexual orientation or intercourse, the blood from the heart is directed to penis. Regular engagement in sexual intercourse generally increases the penis blood flow during flaccid times, too. 

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is one of the risky and superb experiences of feeling blood pressure in the penis. Kundalini is a form of divine feminine energy activated at the base of the spine at the beginning of its origin and slowly developed upward chakras through the spine. In fact, yoga provides an uncontrollable force throughout the body and when it is exposed through sex, the penis dealt with an extreme pleasure of pressure.

Watching Porn

Watching porn is one of the ways to encourage sexual energy in the body. The sexual energy generated in a body is definitely shown up at the penis with its erectile look. The erected penis would generally pull the blood from the heart. 

Romantic Movies, Erotic Novels

The vivid knowledge of romance and erotica is a way to go in one's own life. The romantic head or erotic heart results in the erected penis. 

Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide can be taken as a chemical supplement through drugs or natural habitat through herbal plants, fruits, and vegetables that are helping to boost blood flow in the penile tissues. Leafy green vegetables like spinach, arugula, kale, and cabbage are ingredients with nitrates, which are converted to nitric oxide in your body

Testosterone Boosters

Testosterone levels are important criteria for healthy sex life. Testosterone hormonal balance can help the penis to get enough blood flow through it. Take a diet of testosterone boosters and practice a few workouts and yoga asanas specially meant to boost testosterone in the body. 


Push-ups are the horizontal movement of the body up and down with the weight displaced on the limbs, more precisely, palm and feet. This exercise fits the looseness composed in the muscular movement of the whole body. This relief would free the lung from muscle tightening and contractions which indeed free the respiratory system from breathing. The blood pulls by the genital during sex impacts the heart to desire oxygen. The push-ups would make sex a health course for breathing.

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