How To Grow A Beard For The First Time?

How To Grow A Beard?

How To Grow A Beard?

Beard is the natural outgrown facial hair of male human beings. It is the hair of a man but not of a boy even though it starts showing up from teenage in most male beings. Growing of beard is part of Male Secondary Sexual Characteristics controlled by testosterone

The beard covers the facial skin attached to the chin, the cheek, the neckline, the jawline, and the sideburns. Moustache is the same kind of hair growing between the nose and the upper lips, connecting either side of the beard of the face.

The androgen glands and testes glands in the male human body work together and stimulate hormones to grow manly hair indicating the puberty or maturity of the body. 

Men with higher levels of testosterone and DHT will typically have significantly more facial hair than men with lower levels. The levels of testosterone present in a body vary from person to person. Very few of the overall men grow a full beard in teenage itself. 

DHT, a byproduct of testosterone, activated by an enzyme in the hair follicle's oil glands will implant the growth of hair from the beard skin cells.

The normal blood pressure and sugar levels will keep the metabolism working properly. This enables various glands in the body to produce the necessary amount of hormones to regulate the sensory organs to change with age and well-being.

As we earlier stated that testosterone and androgen produce the criteria to grow a beard. This is initiated in the starting age of teenhood, in most of the male human beings, few of them lagged behind to get started with beard feels at the very early age.

The started beard growth gradually develops into a full beard through various stages. The first stage of hair growth covers the sides of the mouth, especially the upper lip, with a slight density. With sparseness, the beard is spread to the chin, neckline, sideburns, and jawline, in the second stage. We cannot guarantee the coverage of all parts at a time. Some boys grow throughout all the mentioned spaces or miss one or more estimated beard parts. The outgrown hair becomes stubble in the third stage. In the fourth and final stage, the full beard is seen. 

This distribution of hair follicles and properties in relative age and density would be the same to all. It varies with genetics, food source, hormonal exchange, and overall body nutrition.

How To Grow A Beard For The First Time

The one who grows the beard with the natural sources inscribed in the body itself need not worry about it. The one who doesn't get it early would think of ways to grow a beard for the first time. This includes various knowledge of glands, hormones, vitamins, minerals, the nervous system, etc.

1) DHT

dihydrotestosterone (DHT), used alone or in combination with another androgen, could be applied to the outer layer of beard skin areas where a person can hope to initiate or increase facial hair growth.

2) Testosterone cream for beard growth

Testosterone creams are aimed at increasing testosterone levels to decrease sexual disorders. The use of outsource would 

3) Boost Androgen Receptors

Androgen is meant to stimulate male characteristics. Testosterone treatment increases androgen receptors.

4) Vitamins and Minerals

There are vitamins and minerals that are most essential to beard growth or the initiation of beard growth. Iron, zinc, and Vitamins E, C, D, and B (particularly Biotin) all play a crucial role in growing thicker, stronger hair. Biotin is additionally provided through chemical medicines and ayurvedic substances. The essential intake of minerals and vitamins Stimulate Hair Follicles 

5) Beard Massage

Massaging the beard scalp with essential oils can help the skin to give a stance to generate hair follicles. The roots of the hair get triggered with the application of Aloe vera, Coconut oil, Viviscal, Fish oil, Ginseng, Onion juice, Rosemary oil, etc. 

6) Physical Mental Exercises

Stimulate your beard to grow with speed on proper nutrition, exercise, and quality sleep. 

Take Away

There is a natural way to initiate a beard if it does not rise in time. Shave the overall beard line on the face to engage the hair follicles presided inside. It may result in further hair roughness but still better to do. Once rooted out, the short hair can be trimmed from time to time. Using natural ingredients and concentrating the mind to grow a beard without worry is a way to go. 

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