How to choose right hair extension for short hair?

Hair extension

Hair extension 

We all desire long, lustrous hair but what to do if we do not have the patience or the time for our hair to grow that long? Worry that the world has evolved and will keep evolving day by day and with new technology coming our way now it is possible to get long lustrous hair without waiting too long. 

Yes, you heard us right, hair extensions have become a huge success in the past few years. They are good for people who like short hair but would like to experiment once in a while. 

You can either get temporary hair extensions that are clip-on and can be easily attached and detached as and when you like or you can get a permanent hair extension done that will stay on for a few years. The choice is yours. 

Here are some things that you need to keep in mind before you go ahead with either type of hair extension. 

  • Your regular hair ought to be no less than 3-4 inches well before you begin to add extensions to your short hair since you need to apply the clasp directly under your hairline, so you should have the option to cover them with your hair and stay away from them looking out. 
  • When you're searching for the best arrangement of clasp in hair extensions for short hair, try to pick the right tone, as this is a significant step for your natural hair and your hair extension to blend in. On the off chance that you can't track down the specific shade as your own hair, purchase a lighter one and afterward color it to coordinate with your hair tone. 
  • Another vital angle when searching for the best hair extension for short hair is their weight. Regardless of whether your regular hair isn't extremely thick, generally, the human hair set you need to purchase must be no less than somewhat heavier than your own hair. Getting the thickest extension will help in hiding your lighter hair and the overall look will be smoothened and your hair will look shinier, thicker, and healthier. 

Here Is How You Can Choose The Right Extension For Your Hair 

Hair extensions are not all fun and games, it takes time and patience to find your perfect match, we are sure you do not want to look like unmatched socks on a daily basis and so to look sharp and gorgeous you need to match your original hair to your hair extensions. Here is how you can choose the right extension for your hair. 

Choose the right quality

Some hair extensions are essentially less sturdy than others. For example, normal human hair is known to endure longer than extension hair, so assuming you need your extensions to keep going you quite a while, you should pick a brand that uses genuine human hair to create their hair extensions, not only the hair extensions will be of good quality but they will also last you a lifetime.

Genuine human hair is also costly so invest in a brand that you find authentic.

Choose the right type

Truth be told there's more than one sort of hair extension. There is a type of hair for everyone around and you need to do your research to get your hands to your perfect extensions. 

These can assist with making your short hair look considerably astounding, so everything reduces to inclination. Certain individuals lean toward radiances, some favor tape-ins, while others favor cut-ins, you can buy whatever suits you and your style. 

Choose the right length 

How long do you need your hair to be? Do you need it to reach simply past your shoulders or do you need midriff length hair? 

If you have short hair and want to make your hair look longer then you can invest in a longer hair extension. That way, you can have your hair length precisely in the manner you like. 

Choose the right thickness 

You can generally go as thick or as slender as you need, however it would look best if your extensions are pretty much as thick as your regular hair. 

Keep in mind, too flimsy would make it appear as though you have dry or damaged hair, too thick would make it look fake. For best outcomes, you can go a step ahead on your own hair thickness but do not overdo it, or else they would look fake and people will be able to make out the difference.

The right shade

Probably the toughest job is to find your perfect shade in hair extension but do not worry even if you can't find your perfect shade you can always get them colored. 

On the off chance that you pick a shade that is excessively not like your original hair, you can also tell people that you have colored your hair. A lot of people who want to experiment with different funky colors do get hair extensions just to try a new look. 

Take Away 

Hair extensions are a great way to add new style and length to your existing hair. A lot of people like to experiment and try out different styles and color palettes and now it has become easier to do it with different types of hair extensions. We hope that you liked the information above, if you are going to go ahead with hair extensions then do keep the above points in mind. 

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