How does high-calorie food lead to weight gain?

High-calorie food leads to weight gain

High-calorie food leads to weight gain

We are what we eat, if you are someone who wants to lose weight then you must follow a proper diet that has a calorie deficit. Consuming more calories than you are burning in a day can lead to weight gain and the best way to reduce the extra fat and inches is to reduce your calorie intake. 

Not everyone is here to lose weight. A lot of people also want to gain weight and that is where you can consume high-calorie food, but if you are looking for weight loss then go ahead with a calorie deficit diet. 

Eating food without controlling portions or binge eating is not a healthy way, it is important to know what you are consuming and how it is going to affect your body. 

Reasons why you must be gaining weight 

Today we will be talking about all the reasons why you are gaining a lot of weight and how your calorie intake is making you obsess. Losing weight is not as easy as it sounds. You need to be dedicated to your goal and you must be driven. Here are some of the reasons why people face weight gain. 

Processed food 

If you are someone who consumes a lot of processed food then this could be one of the reasons why you are gaining a lot of weight. Processed food contains a high amount of calories, sugar, preservatives, and unhealthy fats that do no good to your body. 

Processed food lacks the vital nutrients that we require such as protein or fiber and they are packed with calories that do more harm than good. 

High sugar consumption 

If you are a huge fan of candy, cakes, drinks, ice creams, and packed juices then the reason you are gaining weight is due to your high consumption of sugar. 

Sugar also contains a lot of calories and increases the risk of chronic diseases. Try to reduce your sugar intake and you will notice a huge difference in your weight gain. 


Our lifestyle also plays a huge role in our weight gain, if you spend your entire day watching Tv or playing games then there is a high chance that you will face weight gain. 

Making vital changes in our lifestyle from time to time is essential, going out for walks, meditating, doing yoga, and working out is an important part of our life that we must take seriously. You can start by walking every day for 20 minutes. This will make your body active and will help you get off your bed. 

Undiagnosed medical condition 

Our lifestyle and eating habits do play a major role in weight gain but a lot of times we do not realize that there might be some other reason for it. A lot of times undiagnosed medical conditions can amplify our weight gain without us noticing it. Here are some of the medical conditions that lead to weight gain.

  • Hypothyroidism, a condition that emerges out of your thyroid gland, and a lot of people going through this condition suffer from excessive weight gain and difficulty losing weight. 
  • Depression, we all know about this mental condition, a lot of times a person suffering from depression either starves themselves or consumes a lot of food that leads to weight gain and obesity. 
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), PCOS is a condition that occurs due to hormonal imbalances that affect women of reproductive age. In a lot of people, PCOS leads to weight gain, this condition also makes it difficult to lose weight 
  • Binge eating disorder, also commonly known as BED is a condition wherein a person can not control overeating, this can lead to a lot of health complications and is a common cause for weight gain.

Food items high in calorie 

Highly processed, sugary food items are a few that you must be on the lookout for, these food items are high in calories and can make you gain weight. Here are some of the things you must avoid. 

  • Fast food like burgers, pizza, doughnuts
  • Chips, cookies, chocolates 
  • Cake, ice cream, pastries
  • Soda, soft drinks, fruit juices

Instead, try to switch to healthier options like green leafy vegetables, if you want to consume something sweet then switch to fresh fruits like banana, strawberries, and apples to contain your sugar cravings.

If you read the labels of all the processed food then you will realize how many calories you are consuming daily, it is important to control your portions and measure your meals this will give you an idea of how many calories you are consuming daily.

Take Away 

Keeping a check on your calories is important and efficient if you want to control your weight gain. Always switch to healthy carbs, protein, and fats these will help in controlling your appetite and will help in weight gain. We hope this article was helpful for everyone who is trying to follow a calorie deficit diet. 

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