9 crucial health benefits of having growing beard

Benefits of growing beard

Benefits of Growing Beard

Do you think growing a beard offers you benefits? No, then you are on the wrong side of the world. Beard has gained popularity with men all over the world. In addition, it grabs the attention of women and adds confidence to every man's look. Apart from all these things, a beard also has many benefits and pros that you have probably never seen or realized before. 

In fact, some studies have suggested that growing beards have some absolutely unbelievable health benefits including preventing all types of skin issues.

Here are some excellent benefits of growing a beard you can also consider a few reasons to forget your razor for a while and to start growing a beard for maintaining healthy skin.

9 crucial health benefits of having growing beard

1. It Protects Facial Skin From Ultraviolet Rays:

Almost all parts of the body are covered with clothes that protect our skin from harmful UV rays, our face is more vulnerable as it is exposed. When the skin is highly exposed to ultraviolet rays there are high chances of experiencing some skin rashes or other skin issues or even sometimes skin cancer. So, growing a beard easily covers most of your lower face and neck in the right way and results in protecting your skin.

2. It Can Keep You Warm In Winter:

Having facial hair acts as a barrier to protect your skin when the temperature drops down, especially in winter months. When we are talking about wind and cold temperatures and weather chapping of the skin, it perfectly acts as thermal protection as well as physical protection against the elements.

3. It Reduces Allergies And Infections:

Beard works as a filter that helps to keep allergens away from entering your mouth and nose, resulting in reduced chances of allergies and skin infections. Make sure to treat your beard right and ensure to wash it regularly.

4. It Makes You Feel More Attractive:

According to a study by the Official Journal of the Human Behaviour and Evolution Society, it showed that men with moderately full beards are more likely to be most attractive and men with full beards may be perceived as better fathers who could protect and invest in their children.

5. It Keeps Your Skin Moist:

Clean shaving opens up the pores of the skin and causes cuts on your face that will dry out your skin over time. In the winter and summer seasons, exposed pores create a situation where your skin loses its moisture and starts to flake. So, when you have a beard, you can easily avoid all these types of issues and keep your skin healthy and nice.

6. It Lessens The Possibilities Of Gum Diseases:

When your beard is helping your mouth and nose to get rid of air-borne bacteria, it is also working together to reduce your chances of getting gum diseases. All you need to do is, just remember that you still need to brush your teeth regularly to do the lion's share of protection against gum diseases, but a beard offers that little protection that other people simply do not have.

7. It Gives You Fewer Wrinkles:

Less exposure to Ultraviolet rays is also responsible for fewer wrinkles. However, the option to protect your face from wrinkles by using a beard is not open to everyone. But, this is advisable for the people who do have to take advantage of this beauty benefit should get on board and start growing their beards right now.

8. It Builds Your Confidence:

Growing a beard gives a man self-confidence that is readily evident to everyone around him. And it is said that men who have more confidence in themselves tend to be more successful in all aspects of their lives. Therefore, making the decision to grow a beard is the best way for a man to increase his standards in life.

9. It Can Improve Sex Life:

Women often find bearded men more attractive and desirable. Science also showed that on average, women rate bearded men to be the best romantic partners. Not only this, it has been proven that the stimulus of increased beard growth is related to the resumption of sexual activity. 

This creates a little loop where the growth of a beard boosts your attractiveness and chances of finding partners, which boosts testosterone and even beard growth further.

Tips to maintaining a healthy beard

Here are a few tips to maintain a healthy beard:

  1. Wash it regularly (2-3 times a day)
  2. Know your skin type
  3. Pick the right product
  4. Make frequent visits to the dermatologist
  5. Ensure the beard dandruff is gone
  6. Moisturize often
  7. Drink more water and stay hydrated
  8. Do proper grooming
  9. Have a regular trimming

Common problems for beard growth

  • Beard acne
  • Beard dandruff
  • Patchy growth
  • Ingrown hair
  • Itchy and dry skin

Take Away

A beard is more than just facial hair, sometimes it is also called a life-saving device. With all the benefits that a beard offers, many men are still not interested in growing it. So, next time when you see someone who is trying to get a clean shave just remind them about the benefits it offers to help them grow it again. As it is scientifically proven that it gives you longer and healthier skin.


Why my beard is not growing?

There can be many factors that restrict your beard growth, one main reason is genetics.

Do beards give you power?

The answer is both yes and no, it is totally based on your face shape, size, and type. However, having a perfect and thick beard makes your look manly.

Does having a beard make you more confident?

Yes, most people state having a beard can make you more confident, and stand out in the group.


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