Hair Tips for Valentine's Day

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Hair Care

With the arrival of the most romantic week (valentine’s week) of the year, Valentine's day is the door of the world. It doesn’t matter at all if it is the first date or golden jubilee in the couple’s life, celebrating Valentine’s Day is always exciting to rekindle the romance of the pious relationship in one's life. With this celebration in our mind. How about taking this golden opportunity to do a little more effort for our look and change our hairstyle? What say! 

To look all more glamorous to surprise your loved one, choose a hairstyle that can change the whole story of this memorable day. 

One of the main things you have to focus on when it is time to get date ready is making sure that your hair looks as lustrous and fabulous as it possibly can.

In the time leading up to Valentine’s Day, you must be focusing on correcting any sort of damage that had been done in time pre to the occasion that may be making your hair look unsightly or dull. The way you treat your hair is gonna make all the difference as it looks by the time V-Day arrives.

By following some simple hair care tips at home you can turn the V- day much more magical. As these hair care steps are very much essential and should not be avoided so that you can have your life partner looking absolutely stunned by your glamour look just in time for that coveted date.

Keep the key of Regular Hair Wash Right with you

What your hair wants from you is to schedule a regular hair wash for them that should not go off balance as it shields your scalp from bacteria causing never-ending dandruff and hair fall; both of these conditions take longer treatment to go off. By doing so you can maintain basic hygiene as it is not something you want to have to worry about ever in your life. Also for optimal scalp and healthy hair you can always fill your pantry with the right cleansing and nourishing products in the market.

Visit your favourite salon

Visiting frequently to your favourite and most trusted salon hairstylist is a visit that can reasonably be scheduled over a gap of two to three months. It is your responsibility to save your look from the split ends of your hair getting ruined. Additionally, for a nice bounce and the great shape of your hair, a fresh trim will do wonders.

Try some Colour enrichment products

To fancify your hair color or to refresh your hair appearance you can go for any trusted hair color brand in the market. As for a classic appearance of your hair, it may not be a good idea at all to do a funky hair color just to follow any weird trend that is showcased every now and then. Browns or reds are the hues that will make your hair look more subtly radiant. In case you have already colored your hair and it has somewhat faded, do try trusted color-enhancing shampoos which will add a nice dimension to your look.

Mask your hair glow

It is seen that most people underestimate the power of a good hair mask treatment or the enrichment that it can add to your hair roots. These products are prepared to condition your hair as deeply as required and repair any damage caused immensely.  According to your concern, do mask your hair once a week. Leave it for approximately 30 minutes before washing it off. And it's done! I am sure that you will be mesmerized by the positive change you notice in your hair texture.

Bell the door with unique Hairstyle

If your hair has more volume and movement, you can win the show with loose hair too as it is something natural that gives extra sensuality to your overall appearance. Otherwise go for the style that is easy to make which only requires two things: one clean hair and the other is a fantastic finish.

As you are gonna celebrate the most pious relationship, be sure that you use the products that do not leave your hair greasy as the exchange of caresses is what the whole theme of valentine's day is all about.

Time to be a showstopper 

Now comes the final part, choosing an outfit. It is what we call the cherry on the cake. In addition to your hair, your outfit is going to play the game for you. Be sure that you choose your outfit according to the location. In addition, the choice of your loved ones is something that should be on your checklist too.

Regardless of the look you go with, it is to be kept in mind that a beautiful hairstyle can only be provided with healthy hair which ultimately adds shine to your looks without much effort, as it has no porosity and open cuticles.

Some hair care tips that can be done at home

  1. Apply warm oil like bhringraj, coconut oil, etc on your scalp at night and rinse in the morning.
  2. Apply onion juice on your scalp for hair growth.
  3. You can use green tea as it is a natural antioxidant booster for healthy hair.
  4. Apply crushed amla for Vit C.
  5. Follow a nutritious diet.
  6. Be hydrated.

Things to break up with

  1. Alcohol
  2. Harsh shampoos
  3. Junk foods
  4. Blood thinners
  5. Stress

Take away

As hair is an important part of your personality, so is patience. These Dos and Don'ts do not work overnight. These hair care tips at home do take time but offer good results.

It takes time for your hair to get used to new products and once the path is correctly followed, be assured of their long-lasting magical effect. As every individual has their own texture of hair and may differ in the course of their treatment requirement. 

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