Hair Loss and Chemotherapy

Hair Loss and Chemotherapy

Hair loss can be a tough period for a lot of people, but if you are a cancer patient you already have so much going on but a place where people lose all their control is when their hair starts to fall due to Chemotherapy. 

Both men and women go through hair fall due to Chemotherapy, however, what most of us are unaware of is that not every cancer patient goes through Chemo. 


Chemotherapy drugs are very powerful as they attack the rapidly-growing cancer cells in our body, and any medication going in our body will have some or other side effects, these medicines not only attack the cancer cells but also attack other cells in our body. Particularly the ones in our scalp, a patient going through Chemotherapy loses hair all over the body not only the scalp. 

Each patient is different and their doses of these medicines are different, so some may lose less hair than the other, the good news, however, is that the hair loss during Chemotherapy is temporary and not permanent. 

Your hair will start falling out in about two to four weeks into Chemotherapy, they may come out in chunks or strands, we would advise you to stay calm and positive during these tough times as it is just a temporary phase.


Can we prevent hair loss during chemotherapy?

There are not sure treatments that can prevent hair loss during Chemotherapy, however, there are methods that may reduce the intensity of the hair fall. 

1) Minoxidil Solution

Minoxidil solution is one of the best-medicated products out there to help ease out your Hair fall, but even this medicine can not guarantee to put a pause on the hair fall caused due to Chemotherapy. Minoxidil, however, can be used after the Chemotherapy to speed up the process of hair regrowth.

2) Scalp Hypothermia

Scalp Hypothermia is a process in which you wear a closely fitted cap infused with a cooling solution during your Chemotherapy which will slow down the blood flow in your scalp. Scalp Hypothermia does not work on every patient but if your doctor advises you to give it a short then you can try it for yourself.

How can you retain your hair after chemotherapy? 

Here are a few ways in which you can retain your hair post Chemotherapy.

1) Take Good Care of your Scalp

Post chemotherapy our entire body needs good care and nourishment to restore all our energy, the new Hair follicles post Chemo will be more fragile and need extra care and nourishment.

Consume healthy food, take essential micronutrients and give your scalp a good massage now and then. The massage will increase the blood flow in your scalp which will result in faster regrowth.

2) Be Patient 

Be patient and positive your body has been through a life-changing experience so adapt and enhance your situation. Try meditation to restore peace and patience in your mind, be happy, spend time with your loved ones and be grateful for this newfound life. Trust the process and you will see miracles.

3) Biotin Tablets 

The Biotin Tablets are enriched with multivitamins which help in hair growth and improve metabolism. Biotin tablets include a total of 10 vitamins. They improve scalp health, promote hair growth, and make your hair stronger & healthier, and are a good Multivitamin to boost Hair regrowth. 

4) Minoxidil Topical Solution 

As mentioned earlier this is one of the best medicines to promote Hair regrowth, it is clinically proven to have increased Hair growth by 25% in about 10-12 weeks. So, do give this a try after consulting with your doctor.

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