G Spot In Men: What It Is And How To Find It?

Male G spot

How to find G Spot in Men?

All men have male G-spots. Everyone knows about them, and most people have heard of the more prominent form called the P-spot. This article will look at what this prostate spot is and how to go about getting it removed so you can have an easier time achieving an erection during sex. That said, it may be pretty important to realize what's usually referred to as the prostate.

What is a Male G Spot?

Unlike the imaginary female G spot, male, G spot, i.e., P spot, exists. The walnut-sized gland just below the bladder, the Prostate gland is the P spot. 

Cisgender males and transgender people assigned as males at birth have a P spot.

The prostate gland releases seminal fluid, which nourishes and protects sperm. During ejaculation, the semen contains seminal fluid produced by the prostate gland and sperms.

The prostate gland is known to give quicker and powerful orgasms.

How to find it?

There are two possible ways to find the Male G spot.

It is located at just 2 inches or a knuckle length inside the rectum. One can find it using his fingers. Using his clean and lubricated finger, insert it into the anus. The finger should point towards the naval.

The prostate is pressure sensitive. One can use pressure in the perineum region, the area between the scrotum and anus. Using pressure in the perineum region will stimulate the prostate.

How does male G spot give pleasure?

A study suggests possible ways the prostate can cause orgasms.

 Nerves that pass along the surface of the prostate gland called prostatitis plexus. It is located in the lower part of the pelvic plexus. Penis, prostate, and urethra are attached to these nerves. An orgasm might activate the prostatic plexus, causing pleasure.

Other proposals explain the reason is that focusing on the prostate might cause more pleasure from it. A person can be aroused as made by the brain and concentrate on the prostate; stimulating it might make the brain expect enjoyment from prostate stimulation.

How to stimulate the prostate?

 Have open communication. Not everybody is okay with anal penetration, and people have different preferences. Make sure to get your partner’s consent before stimulating their prostate.

Few things necessary for prostate stimulation :

  •  Protection:

No matter how much pleasure it gives, it is still a butt. There are lots of harmful bacteria there. Using a latex glove or condom is highly recommended for your fingers to avoid any bacterial infections.
    • Lube:

    Anal penetration, even the slightest, requires a good lube as the anus does not have any self-lubrication. Use an excellent silicone-based lube which will help in decreasing pain, friction, and chafing.
      • Toys:

      Anal toys can also help you spice up if you don’t like using your finger to add extra spice. There are prostate stimulating butt plugs that are available, making your partner reach more pleasure.

        Make your partner feel relaxed. Prostate stimulation is best experienced when your partner is aroused.

        To stimulate your partner’s prostate:

        •  Using your fingers, stroke, rub or press your partner’s perineum and apply different pressure levels at different speeds to know what your partner feels good and what they prefer.
        • When your partner is ready for more, get your partner in a comfortable position. Elevating your partner’s hip will help in easy access. 
        • Wear your silicone gloves or condom to your fingers and apply lube over it.
        • Start pushing your finger inside your partner’s anus slowly. Pressing your finger just for 1 or 2 inches is enough to spot the Male G spot.
        • Locate the prostate by moving the finger in an upward motion towards the front of their body.
        • After successfully locating the P spot, put different pressure levels at different speeds to see what your partner feels more pleasing and stimulating.
        • Ask your partner how they want it to be. Ask them the pace and pressure level they like.

        If you are the one receiving prostate stimulation:

          • Openly discuss what you want, how you want, and where you want to get touched.
          • Prostate stimulation may make you wanna pee and also poop. Clear both of them before prostate stimulation.
          • Set your mood and get relaxed.

          • Positions you can try:


          Get down on all fours. Make sure to relax and spread your knees a little to give access to your anus.


          Lie on your stomach and spread your legs slightly apart. Place a pillow underneath your hip to alleviate your hip and give easy access to your anus.


          Lie on your side and bring the upward-facing leg towards your chest. Your partner from your behind will comfortably reach your anus.

          What if prostate stimulation did not work?

          Prostate stimulation cannot be liked in one go. Rather it developed and intensified over time. It has a developed taste and it is absolutely fine to not find it as pleasurable as they said.

          Other Erogenous Zones 

          Exploring with your partner or yourself and discussing with your partner will help you find some unique erogenous zones.

          Here are some erogenous zones according to a study. 

          • Penis
          • Lips
          • Scrotum
          • Inner thigh
          • Glans
          • Ears
          • Chest

          Take Away 

          While it is difficult and might be imaginary to find a female G spot, the Male G spot is easy to find. Also known as the Prostate gland or P spot, stimulating it might be pleasurable as they hype it but it is developed over time and practice improves your experience.

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