Foul smell from semen: Causes and treatment

Smell from semen


Semen is the substance that is ejaculated by the male reproductive system that has the penis as the genital. Several glands contribute material to the semen as the sperm make their way from the seminal vesicles to the environment outside the male body.

Semen is a white fluid substance that cum out of the penis's open-end through the male urethra during orgasm. The semen fluid is made mostly of sperm, water, plasma, and mucus.

The sperm released from testes under the spermatogenesis process would be mixed with seminal fluid, a whitish liquid produced by the seminal vesicles and the prostate gland.

Does semen smell?

Yes, semen could smell something. Healthy semen normally resembles smells like ammonia, bleach, or chlorine.

Does semen smell foul?

Yes, semen can smell bad irrespective of whether the person is healthy or not. Foul-smelling semen could be an indicator of some harm or infection in the body, especially about the male reproductive system.

A foul-smelling semen droplet could also come out as typical seasonal changes for the body should showcase at least once in a while its bad containment which need not be unhealthy or bizarre.

The abrupted semen could smell fishy or similar to rotten egg which could dissatisfy the opposite sex at the climax of the sexual intercourse.

Some people are fond of foul semen smells that they would crave for it and take the penis to the inside edge as much as possible, anywhere through the vaginal, anal, and oral cavity. These people look filthy to the other people who are extremely nervous wreck to foul smells.

Causes of foul smell from semen

Sexually Transmitted Infections or Diseases ( STIs or STDs) 

Depending on the type of virus, bacteria, or parasite, depending on the way of transmission, there are dozens of sexually transmitted diseases or infections identified in the course of health sciences. Some of them are completely curable and a few of them are deathly dangerous that cannot be cured.

These infections on prolonged observation in and around the penile body would damage the actual flavor of the penis and its inside compound. The damaged skin cells, the dead skin cells, and the bacterial formations altogether cover the penile skin could contaminate the ejaculating semen. When an infection reaches odor level, the penis is subjected to complete damage. 


Any sexually transmitted disease is supposed to be contagious over close contact. A person is better suggested to stick to one person in sexual intercourse or limited to fewer sex partners. The condom-like substance is highly advisable to use if the partners increase in life. If already transmitted, there are medicinal courses to treat the infected.

Sexual intercourse

Sexual intercourse is a filthy activity going deep into another body, physically. This course of action could showcase the inner body smells. That way, the ejaculation could smell different, awkward, and embarrassing.

Sexual intercourse is a reaction between the alkaline side and the acidic side. The semen is ejaculated with alkaline compounding behavior whereas the vaginal discharge is an acidic behavior. The reaction between both could give a separate new taste of semen which could smell different, most foul.


There is nothing to treat other than using fragrance-giving condoms, flower setup surrounding, and cleaning the genitals after the sexual intercourse.


Smelly semen could be considered as another chance to smegma.

Smegma or preputial sebum is a natural lubricant that is found around the head of the penis and under the foreskin. Smegma is a combined mixture of shed skin cells, skin oils, and moisture. It occurs in both male and female mammalian genitals. When it builds up, it begins to look like a white, cheesy substance. For the same reason, it is also called penis cheese or dick cheese.

In layman terms, smegma is a foul-smelling cheesy white or yellow substance produced under the foreskin at the glans of the penis or around the clitoris and labia minora. 

Smegma is most seen in the uncircumcised penis. If smegma becomes infected, inflammation may occur, manifested by swelling, redness, and painfulness of the penis.

Men with smegma have an increased risk of penile cancer and cervical cancer.

Smegma is secreted by sebaceous glands beneath the foreskin of the uncircumcised penis.

Could semen cause smegma?

The glans penis is to be cleaned after masturbation and sexual intercourse. If not, the semen would stick on the glans penis and develop into smegma.


A gentle cleaning process is needed to treat smegma. Keep the penis in a mug or bowl of water. The foreskin is pulled front and back and the glans penis is made wet with water. The smegma once hydrated loses its adhesiveness to the skin. Daily, the penis will come back to hygienic conditions. If the smegma is not leaving the skin, it is a serious condition and suggested to meet a doctor.  


The smelly semen seems to be a little problem and it is. But one shouldn’t ignore it as it can lead to sexually transmitted infections (STI), penile cancer, and cervical cancer. Consulting a doctor and treating your genitals is prior health care. 

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