Family History And Hair Loss

Hereditary hair fall

Hair loss can be of any type and can occur due to any reason. Some due to stress, diet, or scalp problems. Hair loss can be a real problem for people; it can not only affect your scalp but your whole body. It is common in both men and women. An individual can suffer from hair loss in many forms, it can be either in chunks and can cause complete baldness or some people experience hair thinning then they start to lose their hair. 

Genetic hair loss is a type of hair loss that cannot be treated easily. If you have inherited a particular type of hair loss then you will face problems to treat them as it happens due to a fault in your genes. The hair problems occurring due to family history are called androgenetic alopecia. Male pattern baldness sometimes is also inherited from many genes of the parents or the grandparents. Baldness is not age-related; it can occur at any age.

Hereditary-Pattern Baldness

1) Hereditary hair loss can be from both sides. It can be paternal and maternal.

2) Some people think that their hair health is entirely down to their maternal genes because baldness is largely based on the X chromosome, which comes from the mother.

3) You inherit the hair loss gene from either side of the family. Hereditary-pattern baldness is not a disease, but a natural condition caused by some combination of genetics, hormone levels, and the aging process.

Let’s take a look at Androgenetic Alopecia


1) Increase in hair shedding

You will see a gradual increase in hair loss when this problem begins. Daily, you would be shedding more than 100 hair.

2) Thinning of hair 

You will notice that your hair is starting to get thinner and it is losing its health and volume.

3) Circular or patchy bald spots 

You will start to notice some bald patches on your scalp and they can be big or small. You may also feel some itchiness or dry scalp.

Causes of Androgenetic Alopecia

The only cause of hereditary hair loss is a fault in a gene or the faulty genes acquired or inherited from one’s parents or grandparents. Your genes affect how sensitive your scalp will be to a hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). This hormone shortens the growth stage of your hair and causes hair loss. Your hair follicles are affected by this hormone and become smaller so you produce thin and few hairs only.

Your hair goes through three phases

  1. The anagen phase in which your hair grows and this phase lasts the most.
  2. The catagen phase in which growth stops and lasts for about 2-3 weeks.
  3. The telogen phase is resting and it lasts for 1-4 months.

During hair loss, the last stage is affected and the hair which sheds do not grow new hair. This causes permanent hair loss.

Treatment or Prevention 

You cannot completely cure this type of hair loss but you control it or slow it down to some extent.

Hair Fall Solutions

1) Scalp massage

Scalp massage helps to circulate blood to the blood vessels in the scalp and hair follicles so that they can produce new hair and promote hair growth.

2) Diet

Eating well and being nourished affects your hair health but it cannot affect your hereditary hair loss. Your health like volume or hair thickness may increase if you have a proper diet. Add some biotin capsules to your diet as they are a great source of vitamins.

3) Hair routine

Have a proper hair routine or hair care products. During the hair loss stage, you must have a great hair care routine that benefits your hair health. Don’t comb too often or use any type of wax or mouse. Use an anti-hair fall shampoo instead of a conditioning one.

4) Minoxidil for Hair Fall

This solution prevents hair fall so for heredity type hair loss it may work to some extent. Minoxidil may also promote new hair growth which will depend on the hair type of the person.

5) Anti-DHT shampoo

To remove extra DHT from the scalp this shampoo can be used. DHT can be very harmful to your scalp and can cause hair fall. This shampoo not only removes the extra DHT but also nourishes and cleans your scalp.

6) Onion juice for Scalp

Onion juice acts as an antiseptic for your scalp. It cleans the scalp and removes the extra dirt from it. It also promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss.

7) Hair transplant

If you are losing a lot of hair and you can see your scalp then you can go for a hair transplant. They remove hair from other parts of the body and put it on the bald patches on your head.

8) PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

It is a platelet-rich plasma process in which blood is drawn from the blood vessels and then plasma is separated from the blood in a device called the centrifuge. It is a fast rotating in which blood is separated from the plasma. The plasma is then injected into the hair follicles which are destroyed and cannot grow hair anymore. This process works for male pattern baldness.

The above remedies can prevent some hair fall, but if you are someone who is facing severe hair loss due to androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness then you can purchase hair products like Minoxidil, Fin., Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo and many more from Mars by GHC website.

Image Courtesy: The Telegraph, Zelca Massage
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