Everything you should know about sexting


All about sexting 

Combined with sex and texting, it is sending or receiving sexual text messages that even include pictures and videos of oneself. It happens through messages on cell phones or using messaging services, or through social media sites. They are used mainly by tech-savvy young adults and teens to maintain a sexual connection and excite their partners. This article will discuss all the things you need to know about sexting.


Cybersex can be defined as getting aroused using internet technology by using virtual reality technology or even simple messages on a mobile phone or social media. Cybersex can be a way for some participants to express themselves sexually in a way in which they may not feel comfortable in a real-life relationship.

Sexting is also a type of cybersex.

Sexting in relationships

People in a relationship try sexting for different reasons. It is a way to feel connected to your partner, even if you are miles apart. Some even say that the reasons for sexting depend on attachment style. Here are the three attachment styles in a relationship.

  • Avoidantly attached people are uncomfortable getting close or intimate with their partner.
  • Securely attached people have an easy and comfortable relationship and get close to each other. They do not worry much about abandonment or the end of a relationship.
  • Anxiously attached people worry too much about rejection and often wish to blend their lives with the other person’s life. They are too insecure about abandonment.

Some research suggests that avoidant and anxious attachment styles in a relationship are more likely to indulge in sexting. While anxiously attached style people use sexting to feel closer to their partner when they are distant, avoidantly attached style people use sexting to accept gratification when they keep their partner distant.

Explore sexting

To explore sexting with your partner in a newly formed relationship or existing ones, it is necessary to ask them how they would feel about sexting, and whether they will be comfortable or not. Getting your partner’s consent for sexting, sex, romance, or anything for that matter is necessary for a healthy relationship. 

You need to discuss what you and your partner like and dislike and what gets them more excited about it. You also need to take your partner’s consent if you want to take their photos or videos and want the pictures and videos to be deleted. Some don’t feel comfortable leaving the sexts, pictures, and videos if they are not deleted.

Here are some ways to initiate a sext and get the fun, excitement started.

  • Talk about a fun and sexual roleplay that you or your partner fantasize about
  • Talk about your favorite spots, zones of your partner, and things you want to do in those spots.
  • Initiate something sexual or fantasy or even position you want to try
  • Do mention that you’re thinking about your partner with a sexual and romantic hint.
  • Talk about what you want to do and what intensity you want to go when you see your partner the next time.
  • Be more descriptive and elaborative about things you want to do to your partner.

Safety issues

You need to think about several safety and security issues before indulging and exploring sexting with your partner.

Here some potential threats that sexting might cause:

  • Sharing explicit images and videos with a stranger or you don’t completely trust yet. Pictures might be shown to others or shared with others, or even sold to pornography websites or public sites to make money or get revenge on you.
  • Someone might accidentally see your sexts, images, and videos.
  • A third party could access your sexts and the explicit content and leak your data. To prevent such things from happening, share and exchange sexts with only those you trust and make few ground rules like deleting the texts immediately, even from the trash and cloud storage.
  • Any setting and linked media leak could lead to cyberbullying to harassment, and blackmail.
  • Sexting can lead to child pornography and is illegal for participants below 18 years of age.
  • These threats might not be temporary and haunt you forever as the internet is forever.

Take Away 

While sexting is sending and receiving explicit sexual messages, images, and videos. While sexting with your partner is fun and exciting, it depends on the attachment style in a relationship. While you might be excited to sext, it is necessary to take your partner’s consent and know what they feel about sexting. Many threats are associated with sexting, like data leak, misuse of the sexts and content, cyberbullying, etc. This article talks about what sexting is and guides you through all the aspects of sexting, including the safety risks one might face.

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