Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment and Care

Erectile Dysfunction

What is the meaning of Erectile Dysfunction?

It normal to have Erectile Dysfunction? Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to keep an erection firm during the performance with your partner. It is also referred to as impotence. It is the most common problem which men report to their doctors. 

ED is most likely to affect men who are aged over 40 but some young men also suffer from this problem. A lot of men are not aware of this problem and they tend to ignore it. This affects their mental health and they lack self-confidence and even men in their late teens and early twenties.

How does an erection work?

During an intercourse the nerves release chemicals that increase blood flow into the penis. The blood flow is usually stimulated for many reasons, it can affect some thoughts or physical touch of the partner. When the man is physically excited the muscles in the penis relax and which allows the blood to flow through the penile arteries which fill the two chambers inside the penis.

After the blood is filled the penis grows stiff. And in the same way, the erection ends when the accumulated blood flows out of the penile veins and the muscles relax. This is a process of an erection and then when the erection goes away.

How to diagnose Erectile Dysfunction?

Diagnosing ED starts with looking for problems in your health. There are some tests and physical exams too which can help you identify the problem. Some questions can be asked about your vascular health and your erection problem. If you are feeling different you think that there is some problem in your body then get it checked as soon as possible and don’t delay.

What are the symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunctions then it would be difficult for you to keep up with an erection. ED can cause risk of getting a heart attack as it is a major sign of cardiovascular disease. Some of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction by which you can diagnose it are:

1) Low self-esteem

Due to low self-esteem about yourself, you can suffer from ED.  This happens due to many other reasons but you can work this out.

2) Not having good relations with the partner

If you and your partner are always fighting and arguing then there might be chances of you two not getting along physically in bed.

3) Diabetes

Diabetes plays a huge role in ED as it causes poor long-term blood sugar control.

4) Suffering from Obesity

erectile dysfunction

If you are overweight and not at all healthy then this may affect your physical relationship with your partner. Obesity is due to bad food accumulated in your body for many years and it also causes other problems and ED is one of them.

5) Kidney diseases

Men suffering from kidney problems can also suffer from ED. Some drugs which are taken during kidney disease may cause ED.

6) High blood pressure

High blood pressure doesn’t allow blood to flow properly so that’s why men who have high blood pressure suffer from ED.

7) Stress or anxiety

Stress and anxiety can cause ED as a person can get anxiety attacks during their performance and which can result in erectile dysfunction.

8) Increasing age

As the age increases the blood flow in the penile veins decreases which causes ED. Men after a certain age are unable to perform well in bed because their pelvic muscles get weak as they age.

9) Performance pressure

Some men think a lot about their performance and they feel that if they didn’t perform well their partner may not be satisfied. This over-analysis may cause ED.

10) Very high expectations from the other half

Expecting a lot from your partner and yourself can cause premature ejaculation too.

11) Smoking and drinking binge or some drug use

If you are a regular drinker and smoker then there are chanced that you may experience ED at an early age.

erectile dysfunction causes

12) Damage to the pelvic area or some other accident before

If you have gone through surgery or maybe an accident before then there are chances that you may suffer from ED. An accident to the pelvic area can cause serious damage.

13) Some other underlying disease

If you are suffering from any other disease which affects your immune system then you can experience ED.

14) No attraction towards the partner

If you and your partner are not that much involved in each other and have their separate ways then you may not be able to perform efficiently in bed with them and thus continuation of this problem may cause ED.

15) Clogged blood vessels

If you have clogged blood vessels then blood cannot flow to your penis and thus will not cause an erection.

16) Parkinson’s disease

It is a nervous system disorder that affects movement. This disorder causes stiffness and slowing of movement in some parts of the body.  It can also affect your penis and thus causing erectile dysfunction.

17) Multiple sclerosis

It is a potentially disabling disease of the brain and spinal cord and central nervous system. ED is one of the symptoms of this disease.

18) Peyronie’s disease

It is a noncancerous condition resulting from fibrous scar tissue that develops on the penis and causes curved, painful erections. This is very painful and can cause erectile dysfunction.

19) Low testosterone levels

Low levels of testosterone levels in men can also cause erectile dysfunction.

These are some of the reasons for erectile dysfunction but there can be many more depending upon the individual.

What complications can happen due to Erectile Dysfunction?

 Due to erectile dysfunction problems, there can be some arguing and fights between the partners. An unsatisfactory physical performance every time can lead to many problems. It can also cause stress and anxiety and some embarrassment between the two. This can also cause the inability to get your partner pregnant.

How can Erectile Dysfunction be prevented?

There are many ways through which you can treat erectile dysfunction and some of them are:

1) Try to control the disease you are going through. If you are suffering from diabetes or high blood pressure then take medications to control them.

2) Quit the smoking and drinking binge. They can help you a lot in controlling your erectile dysfunction problems.

3) Working out daily will also help you a lot in controlling the problem. If you are overweight then there are chances to suffer from ED so focus on your  diet and workout daily.

Erectile Dysfunction prevention

4) De-stress your mind and body. Having a lot of emotional stress and tension on your mind and body can also cause problems. Go out for a walk or plan a trip because stress could be a reason for ED.

5) Some medications can also be taken to treat erectile dysfunctions. These may help you to manage the symptoms and you may need to try out some of them before you find the one.

6) Talk therapy or psychological counseling also helps a lot in preventing erectile dysfunction. You suffer from a lot of stress and tension and due to talk therapy you just let it out. Talking is a great way to de-stress and take off some load of the person. If ED is affecting your relationship then consider speaking with a relationship counselor as well.

Vacuum pumps are nowadays introduced and are used to stimulate an erection. It consists of a few components:

1) A plastic tube which you place over your penis

2) A pump that works to create the vacuum by drawing the air out of the plastic tube.

3) An elastic ring that you can move to the base of your penis as you remove the plastic tube.

Some other methods to prevent ED are-

  • You can also try some supplements which are popular and have shown results before. But these should not be taken without the consultation of the doctor as they can be harmful.
  • Some surgeries also open the blockages which are preventing the flow of blood into the penis. But surgery is the best last option after you have tried a lot of remedies.
  • Testosterone replacements are also done by some people who have low levels of testosterone.
  • Ashwagandha can also be taken to improve health and stamina in an individual. Some Ashwagandha supplements can be useful. But first, consult a doctor before using this medicine because it can be harmful to your health if taken in a high dosage.
  • Ginseng is a natural herb. Its dosages ranged from 600 to 1000 mg three times a day. This herb has been proven to work on many people suffering from ED before.

You can also do some urine or blood tests to know the root of the problem and to see if you are not suffering from any other disease.

Some foods can also be taken to prevent ED:

Whole grains

Green vegetables



And avoid red meats, sugar, and full-fat dairy.

You can improve your ED with the help of many things and various types of treatments are available. You can use certain devices as well as certain medicines to treat it. If none of these work then consult a doctor and ask for help.

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