Does your beard grow faster in winter?

Beard growth


Beard is the natural outgrown facial hair of male human beings. It is the hair of a man but not of a boy even though it starts showing up from teenage in most male beings. Growing of beard is part of Male Secondary Sexual Characteristics controlled by testosterone hormone in the male human body.

The beard covers the facial skin attached to the chin, the cheek, the neckline, the jawline, and the sideburns. Moustache is the same kind of hair growing between the nose and the upper lips, connecting either side of the beard of the face.

After all, the beard is the man's most eligible criteria. Man is independent due to the warmness beard hair provides. A woman depends on a man for he possesses warmness. The beard growth is the passion of the man. He is called handsome for he handles that awesome beard in his body's life.

Does a beard grow faster in winter?

The facial hair follicles have deep roots stranded on the facial skin which would greatly activate to grow up on the touch of sweat through the pores.

Sweating is not possible in the winter season thereby resulting in a slow growth rate of the beard during the colder months.

But nature somehow men love to grow a beard in winter season only more. This is due to the irritation one could experience with sweat and beard content at a time during the summer.

The beard is exposing the segmentation of the androgen and testosterone glands in the male human body.

Testosterone and androgen hormones are known to produce more in summer rather than winter.

Beard is a sign of good health in men. Summer is a season for good health whereas winter is the chance for severe colds and shakes in the body.

Thereby, it is not the question we should look after whether the beard grows faster in winter but is it beneficial to put a beard on during winter.

Is it good to grow a beard in winter?

Beard is the best friend to man in needy times. Beard brings warm feelings to the man during essential times. Growing a beard is a way of expressing his Manhood.

Beard is a man's natural warm-up during the winter season that would safeguard the face from foreign weather.

The jaws are the most affected body part during winter for the air to go through the ears and foremost showcase its effect on the very beneath jawline.

The teeth inside the mouth, basically jaw teeth are so much related to the beard-growing outside the mouth. The teeth are subjected to shake up if open-air goes inside or touches the jaws from outside during the winter.

Whereas, a beard is facial hair that grows along the jawline. A thick and dense beard that grows along the jawline could generally bear the winter effects and warm up the jawline. 

The physical presence of the hair, that too thickly and densely, would not allow the outer atmosphere to disturb the inner guard.

No shave November

A man would know what his body parts do with his basic and natural instinct. Most of the senseful male candidates would understand his beard would provide a warmful comfort.

In the preliminary, men in the world come together, make up a community as beard guys and beard loving guys, and put forward a challenge called no shave November. 

There is a season in men's modern-day life cycle that comes every year which is known to be No Shave November. During the month, the men grow a big beard without a cut or a shave, or a trim. The beard challenge on the name No-Shave November is started with a good intent to collect the money saved from no shaving and use it for good causes like spending them for cancer patients.

As the beard doesn't grow fast in the winter season of November month, the month-long no-shave or trim would not weird up the person with a bigger length of beard hair. If the same challenge is set in a month from the summer season, the story would be different.

Take Away 

Some oils and creams could be pasted over the beard line that goes deep into the skin pores and initiates the growth of the beard. There are these oils and creams that boost beard growth.

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