Does Your Beard Grow Faster In Summer?

beard growth in summer | Does Your Beard Grow Faster In Summer?

Beard Growth In Summer

How much a man grows a beard depends on many factors such as the hormone level, diet, exercise, proper care routine, and so on. However, the growth of a beard takes its own time to grow. Talking about the average beard growth rate, it normally takes two to four months to develop a full beard. While your beard hair generally grows half an inch each month, some men can experience more growth over the same period.

Does Facial Hair Grow Faster in the Summer?

You might know that your genes play a significant part in growing a bear, but with this, your age and hormones affect you the most when you want a fuller beard. But some of you may not know that weather and the environment is other essential factor that contributes a lot when it comes to your facial hair growth

During the summer months, your beard growth rates effectively increase. These growth rates are related to testo levels, which are at their lowest during the winter and peak during the summer. Other factors are Sun exposure and hot weather that triggers some chemical changes in your body and other changes that increase facial hair growth. 

Below mentioned are the reasons that will explain how your facial hair grow faster in summer:

1. Increased Testo Levels

Testo is the hormone, in a male’s body, that is responsible for the growth rate at which your beards develop. During summertime, the testo hormone is converted into DHT which is a hormone that directly influences the thickness and fullness of your facial hair and its growth rate. However, during the wintertime, the level of testo is at its lowest. While in summers, the level of testo hormone reaches its peaks and thus more DHT is produced, which directly leads to a faster-growing beard in males. 

2. Increased level of Vitamin D

Vitamin D also plays an important role in increasing facial hair growth. Vitamin D can be either consumed from sun exposure or tablets. When you spend some time in the sun during summers, you will receive enough Vitamin D which enhances your beard growth. Even though vitamin D is necessary for your overall health, it also makes your beard overgrow.

Benefits Of Keeping A Beard In Summer

1. The Beard Makes You Look Hot And Keeps Your Skin Cool :

It is evident that your beard makes you look hot, but it is time to debunk the myth that a beard during summer will make you feel hotter too which is just the opposite. Your beards function as a bush, which will differentiate the temperature inside from the outside.

All the heat in the summertime will not be able to hit directly on your skin and will get resisted on your beard. So your skin will be a lot cooler and eventually, your skin tends to cool off with sweat when it’s hot outside. Your beard can successfully hold the sweat and keep cool for longer.

2. UV Ray Protection :

Your beard will protect you from the sun’s most dangerous UltraViolet rays. UV Ray can not only hit your skin directly but also damage it. Similarly, the summertime bacteria in the air cannot harm your skin directly, it gets stuck on the ‘bush’ or beard so that your skin lives healthy.

3. You Look Hotter :

Technically, one needs a lot of guts to keep up a beard during summers instead of following ‘No shave’ months. You also get the respect of your fellow ‘beard men as you people can feel each other. And not forgetting that ladies are always attracted to beards. So you would not want to disappoint them either. It’s a win-win situation! And do brush your beard for a thicker look.

4. More Optimized Beard :

During summertime you will shed a lot more sweat and automatically this time will make your body work harder than normal, it will also utilize the essential vitamins and nutrients of the body which you got from healthy food.

Eventually, these nutrients will be absorbed into your blood flow and will reach the skin and beard strands, which makes it much more nutritious and healthier than normal time. So, you easily can grow a much healthier beard during summertime, provided that you know exactly how to take care of your beard in summer.

Tips To Maintain Summer Beards

Now that you have grown a beard in the summers, here are some tips that you must follow to maintain beard shape and growth.

  • Stay Hydrated

We all know the importance of hydration during the summer months, but it is also crucial to keep your skin and beard hydrated. The summer sun and scorching heat can damage your skin as well as your beard, which is why it gets vital to use a facial moisturizer and beard conditioner or beard oil to keep your beard and skin healthy. Both beard oils and moisturizers will also help in combating the dryness you get from increased beard washing during the summer which can also lead to beard itch.

  • Use Natural Ingredients

When you follow a beard care routine, it becomes essential to choose the right products not to ruin your facial hair. The grooming regime includes some specific products that are only crafted for your beards like beard shampoo, beard conditioner, beard oil, beard brush and derma roller; however, if the products contain all healthy ingredients, you can get a healthy growth rate for your beard.

  • Consuming a Healthy Diet

Another important factor that affects a lot in your testo level growth is following a healthy balanced diet. When you eat a diet rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, your body increases the level of the hormone, which can results in improved facial hair growth. So, you must ensure that you consume many leafy vegetables and enough protein to keep your testo levels high.

Take Away 

Every man desires to have a fuller, thicker and bushier beard. To achieve it; they might try to make an effort. However, if you are among those who are trying to grow a beard for the first time, you must try to grow it out in the summer so that you can have a healthier and fuller beard. However, you just need to make efforts to maintain and protect it.

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Frequently Asked Question

1. Does temperature affect beard growth?

While intense heat isn't good for your beard, extreme cold is also very damaging. If the surrounding temperature is low enough, your skin and hair follicles will close up to prevent the body from absorbing more cold air than it can handle. This can leads to slower hair growth.

2. What food helps beard growth?

Whole grains and other healthy carbs, foods high in zinc, like nuts and chickpeas. Healthy fats, like avocados. Fruits and vegetables, which are high in B vitamins and vitamins A, C, D, and E; these vitamins may all help with beard growth.

3. Is it better to brush or comb your beard?

Well, in general, a beard brush works much better than a comb for giving your beard a fuller, thicker look. The bristles of the brush lift your hair away from the skin to give you the appearance of a heftier beard.


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