Does Sex Increase Weight?

Sex does not increase body weight.


Sex is the pleasure obtained through genitals in a living body. Sex is heaven on earth. Sex is the creation of life. Sex is the only capability to reproduce. Sex could be performed either to make a baby or simply to relax oneself. Sex is the ultimate closeness between two living entities. 

Sex is a hormonal excitement observed in the body expelled as an intense urge to involve in sexual intercourse. The hormones motivating sex generally occur at a young age, from teenage to mid-thirties. Anybody feels comfort and interest in sex at a young age.

To do a sexual activity, there should be prerequisite energy stored in the body to happily engage in a sexual embodiment.

Does Sex Increase Weight?

No, sex does not increase body weight. The increment of body weight due to sexual activity or intercourse is never observed in the scientific study but complained by few persons in real.

There are case studies that show a person is been regularly engaging in sex but due to other body conditions, the body has gained weight to which the person has supposed that the sex is the reason behind the increase of body weight.

This is the same notion been going in the few people minds that freaking out them on a sexual arousal or activity due to which the same few people are not intending to participate in sexual intercourse even though they are interested to.

Also, there is this common understanding in people which is of course not medicinal but maybe true that states that losing virginity is the way to bring the actual body to build up. That mean, doing sex for the first time could increase the body weight. This might be due to unlocking the matured content ready to expel.

The weight gained in the body causes both physical and psychological disorders. The weight gained would feel heavy on the body that itself takes a lot of energy to run the body. Once energy is drained, the body feels tired and rest. The depressed body due to a feeling of heavyweight keeps muscle work function slow down which in turn results in laziness.

To such body conditions, sex can actually reduce the body weight. Let's look into the way how sex can reduce the body weight.

Sex is a flexible action between two bodies. The muscular movement passing through various joints during sex is supposed to be feasible to any given position. The intercourse between two genitals is enjoyable, only the weight of the bodies are responsible to each other. 

Sex needs a tremendous amount of energy. Energy is generated from the fat imbibed in the body. The calories burnt during sexual intercourse would use up the fat stored in different parts of the body. 

Even though sexual intercourse is only possible at the genital part of the body, the body movement during the sexual intercourse would allow the different parts of the body to move at the speed of the thrusting force at the intercourse. This possibility would use the different body fats to work during sexual intercourse.

Sexual activity also involves a lot of heat generation in the body. Heat is a form of energy that is produced with a lot of blood pressure in the body. The high blood pressure would result in an excess amount of blood flow from the heart to the genitals, most of the content and the remaining content to the other body parts.

As experts noted, an intense and passionate thirty-minute sexual session could burn almost all 100 to 300 calories.

As men are the force appliers during sexual intercourse, men burn more calories compared to what women burn during sexual activity. On average, men burn almost double of the calories that women burn during the sexual surge.

Even a lip lock can burn a certain amount of calories. During a passionate kiss, the body would succumb to burning at least two calories per minute.

Sexual intercourse involves a great job of the abdomen, too, which garners most of the body fat over the stomach. The force of thrusting action during sexual intercourse could burn a lot of fat that is stored up in the belly thereby resulting in a leaner body figure.

Sexual activity is also known to reduce the head weight of the body through hormonal changes in the brain, guts, and gastrointestinal tract.

However, one-time sexual activity may not guarantee a reduction in body weight whereas the regular habit of sexual intercourse could really help reduce the body weight.

There is also another way and calculation how regular sex could help reduce body weight. Sex is generally tried during sleeping hours. Sleeping sessions would generally keep the body at rest resulting in the formation of fat at various lazily relaxed body parts through digestion whereas if the same time is given to sexual activity, the body leaves no chance for additional fat to form up. By this calculation, sexual activity results in the double benefit of reducing body fat that makes up weight.

Take Away

Sex is an activity which on practising as an exercise regularly could really help the body be fit and fast.

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