Does Masturbation Effects On Your Brain?

Masturbation effects


The self-satisfaction or self-pleasure or self orgasm stimulated on one's hand or another person's hand interference with the reproductive genital is called masturbation. It is the manual erotic stimulation of the genitals or other erotic regions, often to orgasm, either by oneself or a partner.

This is a complete, utter silence generated in the brain cells, for the whole tension in the body interchanging with brain cells would suddenly transfer to orgasm energy enveloped at the erectile or arousal genital. One has to feel it, after all.

The new age meditation, masturbation

Do you have a headache? Masturbate. Can't sleep? Masturbate. Feeling anxious? Masturbate. Back pain? Masturbate. Being horny? Masturbate. Feeling muscle cramps? Masturbate. Need a distraction? Masturbate. Need a fresh mind? Concentrate

In the modern age of stressful life and solutions, masturbation has become the money-free therapy to enact mood and bond. Masturbation is the self-satisfaction that deviates a thought from its loop due to the sharp feeling generated in the orgasm exposed.

Benefits of Masturbation

Improve stress capacity

Masturbation is known to Improve stress taking capacity of the heart and the body's nerves. The pleasure generated in masturbation is an extreme emotional outrage that the body becomes familiar with these kinds of strong muscle contraction and relaxation during both high and low times.

Relieves stress

As the masturbation needs complete attention through both the conscious and subconscious mind, the combined mind which is engaged in a paradox of situational uncertainty develops an uncontrollable stress substudy which adds additional stress on the overall body motion, both inward and outward, the concentration implied at the down settled genitals will bring down the stress into sperm or ovum and expelled out.

 Boosts your mood

Masturbation can help the flaccid penis to become erectile. It also diverts mood from one object to a sexual object. 

Deepens understanding of one's self

Masturbation is engaging oneself with one's self. It is considered self-improvement for the thoughts developed after pleasure experience is extreme life knowledge.

Masturbation affects the brain

Masturbation is human nature and is solely gifted to humans alone. One should feel proud with masturbation and it is complete to get habituated to it in the living times of toxic substance lifestyle. Even though it is completely good except for energy pullers, few people cannot enjoy masturbation. They depress themselves in a way. Various factors bring guilt in human beings with masturbation. For suppose, Masturbating could be upsetting if one has experienced sexual trauma.

Hormonal Release

Masturbation affects brain cells by stimulating various hormone releases that benefit health and happiness. Dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin are all called happiness hormones associated with stress reduction, bonding, and relaxation. Masturbation is known to release these substances that they naturally coordinate to good behavior.

During arousal, people’s hearts begin to beat faster and their blood pressure rises. After a certain amount of stimulation, people may experience orgasm — the peak of sexual arousal when all the muscles that were tightened during sexual arousal relax, causing a very pleasurable feeling that may involve the whole body. During orgasm, pain-killing chemicals called endorphins are released into the bloodstream, causing intense pleasure and relaxation. Having an orgasm releases endorphins — feel-good chemicals in your brain. Orgasms can be a natural painkiller. 

Dopamine is the hormone or chemical substance in the human brain cell that activates happiness in the body and brain. Happiness is an emotion that makes a person live with compassion and conquest. Masturbation helps brain cells to produce dopamine.

Oxytocin is a hormone responsible for sleeping nature and body relaxation. The hormone released due to masturbation gives a different feel of relaxation to the body that one sleeps so well without other thoughts and it generates anxieties.


Even though the brain is much activated, the body muscles would relax to a state that they feel extremely lazy. Yes, it’s normal to feel tired after you masturbate. Having an orgasm, whether it’s with another person or by yourself, can make you feel pretty sleepy. Some people even masturbate to help themselves fall asleep.

Few quotes on Masturbation and its meaning

 "Among all types of sexual activity, masturbation is, however, the one in which the female most frequently reaches orgasm." — Alfred Charles Kinsey, Sexual Behavior in the Human Female

"Even if times are tough and you're enduring a terrible heartache, it's important to focus your anger on a vibrator, not another person." ― Chelsea Handler, My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands

"Don't knock masturbation. It's sex with someone I love." — Woody Allen, Annie Hall

"You cannot blame porn. When I was young, I used to masturbate on Gilligan's Island." — Ron Jeremy, Twitter.

Take Away 

The effect of masturbation on the brain ultimately depends on an individual's perspective relating to one's own needs, desires, urges, mood swings, religious ethics, lifestyle, addictions, etc.

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