Does Masturbation Cause Weight Loss?: The Myth

Man using laptop and masturbating | Does Masturbation Cause Weight Loss

    Masturbation is a natural human need, just like any other. It is considered a 'Safe love-making Activity.'

    Masturbation is good, but it won't help you lose weight. How much you masturbate or even ejaculate does not affect how much you weigh. You won't lose any weight by ejaculating or having a squirting orgasm since neither your sperm nor your vaginal fluid carries your body weight.

    When we say that masturbation is beneficial, we mean in terms of the calm and stress-free feeling it gives you afterwards. It may aid in the production of endorphins, or happy hormones, which can lessen any tension that has accumulated over time. Masturbation has no physical impact on your body; it does not lead to weight loss and has no impact on your genitalia either.

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    It's natural to feel exhausted after masturbating, but it's not the same as feeling exhausted after working out. You may not necessarily build muscle or burn calories when masturbating. Overall, if you have excessive weariness after masturbation or active weight loss, you should think about seeing a doctor since these might be signs of other illnesses.

    Does masturbation reduce weight?

    Your body has no physical effects from masturbating. It is only an activity for one's enjoyment and fulfilment.

    However, some individuals do believe that masturbating is a weight loss activity. No, is the answer to this.

    Like with any physical exercise, you will burn some calories, but not enough to cause weight reduction. Therefore, it would be best to engage in other forms of exercise, such as cardio, etc., if you masturbate to lose weight.

    However, it should be mentioned that during masturbating, the oxytocin hormone is produced.

    According to research, cravings are reduced when the body releases too much oxytocin. By doing this, you may avoid overeating and perhaps modify your weight.

    But only when you masturbate extensively does it happen. Nevertheless, it doesn't lead to unhealthful weight reduction.

    Does releasing sperm make you lose weight?

    No, releasing sperm or masturbating does not cause weight loss. there are no Clinically proven records that masturbation causes weight loss.

    It's a myth. when you Masturbate you may feel weak that is because our body uses energy and anyone can feel normal after some time.

    Calories burned to masturbate

    Before delving into the figures, it is crucial to be aware of several variables that might affect the number of calories burned during masturbation:

    • Length/Duration of Masturbation
    • Intensity
    • Position
    • Length/Duration of Orgasm

    It has been shown that an average of 70 kCal are expended during masturbating (kilocalorie). Comparatively, the typical calorie expenditure associated with lovemaking activity is estimated to be 101 kCal for men and 69 kCal for women, respectively.

    Masturbation may also help you burn calories. Each act of masturbation might result in a loss of 100-150 calories. However, a 5-minute intense masturbating session might increase that amount to roughly 300 calories.

    How much energy is lost in masturbation?

    When a person masturbates, they pull the genital away from the body, which causes the muscles in the genital region to stretch. These muscles are related to the muscles that move through the abdominal region.

    During masturbation, an intense level of energy is converted directly from the mental strain that is present in the mind to the lovemaking satisfaction that is experienced via the genitals. 

    During the course, the nerves that make up hands and the muscles that indulge in genitals go through extreme energy transformation, which is in and of itself a work of the body that requires a certain amount of energy to work the function. In addition, the genital muscles themselves indulge in extreme energy transformation.

    Because of this phenomenon, the body's reserves of energy would be depleted, which would make it difficult for a person to actively participate in other activities.

    Take Away

    Masturbation is a pleasant, natural, and safe way to learn about your body, exercise self-love, and figure out what gets you excited between the covers. Masturbation may also burn calories, which is an additional plus.

    You won't lose five pounds by indulging in some "you" time a few evenings a week, but getting your blood pounding and your pulse rate up during masturbation is beneficial to your health. Furthermore, there are so many additional advantages to self-satisfaction that there's no reason not to indulge in it as much as you'd want.


    1. Does losing s-perm make you weaker?

    No, releasing s-perm does not make you physically weaker. The goal is to avoid becoming hooked to masturbation. Aside from that, it is a healthy exercise and nothing to be embarrassed about.

    2. What happens if we release s-perm daily?

    Daily s-perm release reduces s-perm count and may cause injury.

    3. Does masturbation make you fat?

    No, Masturbation does not make you fat.


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