Does falling beard hair grow back?

Beard hair fall

Causes of Falling Hair from Beard 

It is an established fact that hair fall is one of the most disturbing issues that a person may face. The basic assumption that there are no real side effects of this issue is completely incorrect. While it is true that there are no health risks associated with hair fall, the real threats are related to embarrassment and social issues. In fact, this issue can lead to mental and psychological issues as well. Wondering what are the causes of beard hair fall? Here are some of them.  

  • Low iron level in your body is one of the major reasons for the hair falling from the beard. To overcome this, you should take iron supplements or you can have iron-rich food.
  • Various medical conditions cause hair fall like stress, hormonal problems, certain medications and poor diet. But for some people, the main cause of the problem is simply using a bad shampoo or conditioner.

  • You may have been exposed to several chemicals throughout your life or you may have been using shampoos and conditioners that contain harsh chemicals which result in severe damages to your hair follicles and turn cause the hairs to fall out. 
  • Alopecia barbae is an auto-immune condition wherein the hair follicles attacks the body leading to a patchy beard. The exact cause of this condition is yet to be known but research suggests that genetics, psychological factors and physical factors do play a major role. 

Does Falling Beard Hair Grow Back?

If you are the one grinning while reading this article, we put forth some excellent news for you. The answer is yes, for most men, beard hair loss is temporary and can usually be repaired through trimming and styling.

Till the age of 20, your hair grows at a faster rate, which is why you can’t really tell whether you have a lot of hair or not. However, once you reach 20, your rate of growth drops.

First, find out if your hair loss is within normal limits. Normal shedding includes a few hairs each day. If you have more than this amount, your beard loses hair excessively fast.

As you shed your hair every day, it grows back stronger and thicker. However, the hair follicle that produces new hair may be destroyed by scarring from various factors including infections like bacterial and fungal and also from the effects of drugs or radiation.

Treating alopecia barbae is not an easy job to accomplish but different treatments are available that can be tried out in order to test which one is suitable for the individual. These treatments aim to block the attack of the immune system and stimulate hair growth. 

How to Reverse Falling Beard Hair?

A beard is an accessory, and in the age of metrosexuals and manscaping, more and more men are bringing the beard back into style. However, if you are a late bloomer or just don’t have the ability to grow the kind of big, thick ones that your brother or your dad can grow, it can be slightly off-putting. Along with the problems of not being able to grow a thick beard, some adults also experience beard hair loss. 

The following tips will help you prevent and treat beard hair fall:

  • If you are suffering from any family history of baldness, then you must visit a dermatologist.
  • Drinking a lot of water would help in keeping your beard healthy and strong.
  • Along with that, you must trim your beard at least 4 to 5 times a month.
  • You have to use high-quality products while trimming and oiling your beard as it would provide nourishment to your hair. Avoid using home remedies and low-quality products while grooming your beard.
  • A bad shampoo has chemicals and scents that can irritate the skin of your scalp. It may moisturize the hair but it will damage the hair roots which causes beard hair loss and beard dandruff. A good shampoo on the other hand is free from harmful chemicals and can leave a cooling effect that is good for your skin as well as good for your beard hair. Wash your beard with a good quality SLS-free, DHT blocker shampoo. Use just a little amount to lather up in your hands and apply it to your beard. Avoid using your hands directly to apply the shampoo as this will only make your skin dry.

  • Use conditioners only on the ends of the beard where it gets frizzy and rough looking.

  • Hormonal changes can have a big impact on the rate at which your hair grows. This is usually due to an imbalance in testosterone and DHT, both of which speed up the hair growth process. Depletion of testosterone – or even worse, DHT – is the main cause of patchy beard syndrome.

  • You can also use Minoxidil topical solution to treat alopecia barbae and other beard related issues. Minoxidil is an effective treatment that is generally used to treat male pattern baldness. Using minoxidil for 3 months can give you visible results.

Take Away

Beard hair fall is a common problem for men all across the globe. A patchy spot in a beard is not a good thing, especially if you are someone looking to grow a beard. That is why you need a product that can help you tame your facial hair, but what if you can achieve something better?

The idea behind Mars By GHC was simple. We wanted to use the power of modern science and research to create a product that delivers results on a high-end level. The result is the beard growth vitalizer.

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