Do women actually like beards?

Do women actually like beards?

Do women actually like beards?

Men's beards have been in trend for some time now and with this resurgence in popularity, some women have expressed a desire for more facial hair on their men. So do women like beards at all or is it just a case of the beard being a symbol of masculinity?

The answer lies in the fact that men who have beards are indeed perceived as more masculine than those without them. This is because beards tend to make men look older, which makes them appear more mature and distinguished, which again is an indicator of greater masculinity. It is also believed that women associate men who have facial hair with greater leadership potential.

A study suggested that women tend to link masculinity with beards and moustaches. Women associate physical attraction with power, strength, confidence and dominance. 

Beards have their own set of advantages- from the manly charm they exude to the confidence booster that comes with a well-kept fuller face. It's easy to understand why young men these days are growing a beard!

Every guy wants to grow a beard as soon as possible and every man wishes for his beard to be thicker, fuller and more attractive.

If you are thinking of growing a beard, here's the quick and most important pointer that may help you out in the journey.

Be patient! Beard growth begins in your 20's- this is the time when facial hair becomes lush and prominent. In your 30's, it becomes darker and thicker.

5 Most Attractive Beard Styles

Looking dapper with a beard is not as easy as you might think. It takes a lot of grooming, patience and confidence to pull it off. But if you've got the stamina to sport one, you may just be looking at your new best friend in the mirror! Some most famous and highly rated beards styles are:

  • Stubble Beard Style

  • The stubble beard style has a length of 3 mm and is one of the perfect beard styles for men with a small face because it instantly gives a mature look. Shaving is the most common way of hair removal. Most men shave regularly for social, professional or personal reasons. But there are many men who choose to keep a beard and some of them even find it difficult to grow one and therefore, a stubble beard style is one of the best choices for those who struggle to regrow a beard. 

  • The Goatee Style

  • The goatee style features hair on the chin and above the lips only. This beard style is suitable for men with an angular face structure and it can also make a round face look comparatively slimmer. Goatee beard style is a big thumbs up for men with curly or short hair as well.

  • The Beard Stache Style

  • The moustache is supposed to be longer and fuller in this style. It is suitable for men with a wider philtrum (the space between top lip and nose). A prominent chin can make this style look more masculine and raunchy.

  • The Basic Short Beard Style

  • The short beard type is a common style and gives a decent look. It is more of an office-friendly look and suits almost all face shapes. We recommend you to leave the sides slightly longer if you have a thin or narrow face so that you can add width to it.

  • Full Grown Beard Style

  • One of the toughest beard styles to keep, the full-grown beard style needs some investment in terms of time as well as money but don’t worry, it won’t pinch your pocket. Be patient with your beard and let it grow so that it can add charm and a touch of originality to your personality.

    The full-grown beard styles are generally suitable for men with an oval face. But if you have a round face, you can elongate your hair at the chin, keeping the sides shorter.

    Easy and Quick Tips to Grow an Attractive Beard

    Beards can camouflage acne and pimples to protect your overall facial look, making you look attractive and appealing. Your beard also gets a natural protection against infections because they mask the skin pores from exposure to harmful pollutants. Your beard not only makes you attractive to women, but also makes you more socially alluring and acceptable.

    Many men face problems while growing a beard like beard infections, patchy beard, beard dandruff, flaky skin, brittle beard hair, etc. These problems can be prevented by following a simple and easy beard care routine. Some quick and easy beard care tips are:

    • Take a shower and wash your beard to keep it hydrated at all times.
    • Whether you realize it or not, washing your beard is just as important as washing your face itself. Just like you take care of your skin underneath your beard, you should also take care of the skin on top of your beard. Wash your beard every 2 - 3 days using an SLS-free shampoo.
    • SLS-free shampoos can clean any clogged pores that may arise because of exposure to pollutants or due to sweating.
    • Sweating usually leads to itching which then clogs the pores of our skin and scratching it might result in beard patches. 
    • Always pat dry your beard after washing because too much moisture can make your beard unhygienic. 
    • Avoid touching your beard frequently because your hands might be filled with germs or bacteria that can stick to beards and cause infections.
    • Use a good quality beard wash or beard oil to enhance the look and fragrance of your beard.
    • Make sure you're getting enough nutrients from your diet and avoid following a highly processed diet. Include foods that are rich in biotin like eggs, almonds, walnuts, spinach, etc. These foods will help in beard growth by increasing the blood flow to your face.

    Take Away 

    There is no doubt that facial hair when groomed well draws more attention, but every benefit comes with its own share of efforts. Women look for men with decent facial hair because it presents them as socially more mature and handsome. Unless you are not looking for unwanted attention, you can groom your beard to enhance your overall personality and make women fall for you...not literally though!

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