Do hair vitamins actually work?

Hair Vitamins

Benefits Of Hair Vitamins

Have you seen influencers using some vitamins for hair growth supplements or advertisements of some hair gummies which promote hair growth and make them longer and also prevent hair loss?

Both men and women experience hair loss at a particular age. Hair fall is a very common problem and can affect anyone irrespective of their age and gender. You lose at least 50-100 hair in a day but that’s completely normal. When you start losing your hair in chunks and your shower drain starts to block then that’s when you need to worry about your hair fall and that’s a signal that you are suffering from a hair loss problem.

Some people suffer from permanent hair loss and some suffer from temporary. Permanent hair loss has its own causes which are related to the immune system and growing back hair is difficult in this case.

Hair loss can also cause stress, depression, and self-esteem problems in some people. You start getting anxious about the way you look and you try a lot of remedies to solve it. Hair loss can be caused due to many causes and the causes differ from person to person. It also depends upon the immune system of the individual.

Hair health of a person is really important at it covers a lot of the percentage of their look. Everyone should know some common remedies to protect their hair from falling out.

Some Of The Causes Of Bad Hair Health Are

1. Heat damage

The most common type of damage is heat damage which can happen easily and can also prevent easily. Using a lot of heat in your hair can cause them to break and can also cause split ends.

2. Washing your hair daily

If you wash your hair daily then that leads to damaged and dry hair. Washing our hair daily can strip all the natural oils from our scalp and leaving them dry and flaky. This flaky scalp can lead to the weakening of roots and then eventually falling of hair.

3. Continuous Stress

Stress can cause serious damage to your hair. The load which you take can affect your hair roots to loosen up and then resulting in hair fall.

4. Hair brushing techniques

Some people brush their hair 100 times a day or 100 strokes at one time. This can cause serious damage to your hair as excessive brushing can cause breakage and split ends. You should never brush your hair 100 times and especially when they are wet.

Following are few tips to prevent your hair from damage-

1. Protect hair from chlorine

Chlorine and saltwater can cause incredible damage to your hair and to your delicate strands. They cause them to dry out and become brittle.

2. Trim your hair

Trimming your hair once a month will help you get rid of the damaged hair. It will also help you get rid of the split ends.

3. Choose alcohol-free products

Use a shampoo and conditioner which are alcohol and sulfate-free. Alcohol can dry out your scalp and strips the natural oil from the scalp.

4. Improving Diet

As you know our hair is made up of protein and it needs protein in order to stay healthy. Not taking all the proper nutrients and vitamins can cause hair damage. Our hair needs nutrition to grow and which we will get from our diet. Add green vegetables and other protein sources to your diet for better hair health.

5. Hair Supplements  

Hair vitamins are nowadays getting a lot of spotlights. They are available in many forms too. You can get them in the form of a capsule, powder, and hair masks. Many brands have now started their own line of chewable hair vitamins which contain a lot of benefits. Many brands also add flavors to their vitamins.

They are taken by both men and women.

There are different type of hair growth supplements and some of them include:

  •     Iron
  •     Amino acids
  •     Folic acid
  •     Biotin
  •     Vitamin D, A, C, and E
  •     Omega acids
  •     Omega-3 fatty acids
  •     Vitamin E
  •     Collagen
  •     Zinc

All these are hair-friendly ingredients and are no harm to our body or hair.

Do hair supplements actually work?

This depends upon the type of hair supplement you are using and what is its target area. Some supplements which are being used for hair volume or hair thickness show some results. 

  • Biotin

Biotin is a supplement that has worked for a lot of people in the past and it still works for them. It is generally taken as a common ingredient in many hair supplement products. Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that is a part of the vitamin B family. Biotin helps convert certain nutrients into energy. It plays an important role in your skin and nails too. Biotin deficiency can cause hair loss.

  • Vitamin E

Vitamin E is available in different types of supplements. They are available in 300-1000 mg and can be used for different purposes.

  • Zinc

Zinc is available in supplements because it regulates the level of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) in the body, which is a hormone known for hair fall. If zinc levels in your body are too low then your body will produce more DHT and it will cause hair fall.

  • Collagen

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that can reduce wrinkles. It can also be used for the better health of our hair as it has protein and is very beneficial for our hair. There are some foods available that boost collagen production such as bone broth, spirulina, cod, eggs, and gelatine.

  • Iron

Iron deficiency can cause hair loss. Iron supplements help a lot in hair regrowth and in regaining hair health. There are a lot of foods that we can eat instead of supplements to overcome the deficiency and promote hair health. 

  • Vitamin A

Vitamin A creates sebum which conditions the scalp and makes it healthy.  If there is low sebum our scalp becomes irritated and itchy which makes your hair dry and prone to breakage. Vitamin A can be found in orange or yellow vegetables.

  • Omega Acid

Omega acids are fish oils which are found in omega-3 fatty acids and other essential nutrients. It is very good for our hair health and promotes hair growth. It also promotes hair strength and nourishes hair follicles. It also keeps your scalp healthy and hydrated. Omega acid can be found in avocado and pumpkin seeds.

  • Vitamin D

Vitamin D is responsible for reducing stress. As you know stress is a big culprit for hair loss so this vitamin helps to reduce stress which in return promotes hair fall. It can be found in mushrooms, eggs, and oily fish.

  • And many more supplements are available which you can take for better hair health. The action of the supplements differs from person to person and also depending upon if they have any deficiency which needs to be fulfilled. If a person is suffering from a vitamin D deficiency then a supplement that is not the particular deficiency can fulfill it and will help you in your hair growth.
  • Do not take all of these vitamins at the same time because they can be harmful and together they can cause various side effects on your nails and skin. 

Do Hair Vitamins have Side Effects?           

The supplements should be taken in a limited dose so that you don’t get any side effects. But some of the very common side effects of the supplements are:

1) Constipation, diarrhea, and stomach pain.

2) They can also cause acne and zits on the face and on the back because some protein if overdosed can cause skin problems.

3) Before taking any of the supplements take a prescription from your doctor or someone else. Do not take any supplement without any prescription because it may affect your body in any way.

4) You should also know the things from which you are allergic so that you do not develop an allergic reaction to the supplement.

5) It can also irritate your bowel movement.

6) Other than this there are no serious side effects to any of the supplements. They are completely safe to take.

Some other remedies which you try for better health of your hair and overall growth are:

1. Mayonnaise mask

You must have heard about this mask being used to treat lice but it is also used to condition your scalp. It may sound gross but this mask is a very nice anti-bacterial that also removes dry scalp and dandruff. Apply it once a week and wash it after 30 minutes. You could also steam your hair during the mask.

2. Honey and olive oil mask

Heat some olive oil just so it is warm enough to apply on your scalp and then add some honey to it. Mix it well and apply it to your hair. It will give you smooth and shiny hair and this mask is also known for promoting hair growth.

3. Curd for scalp

It is used for treating dandruff and flaky scalp. Curd has good bacteria in it which helps to promote smooth, conditioned hair.

4. Onion juice

Onion has a lot of sulfur in it which promotes hair growth. Grate some onion and strain it. The remaining liquid can be applied to the roots of the hair. Apply it for 30-40 minutes and then wash it off.

5. Eggs masks

If you suffer from dry, brittle hair then egg yolks are the best hair mask to get out of dirty hair days. It also prevents breakage and dullness. Applying an egg mask once a week can help your dry and dull hair to get better. You can also mix lemons into the egg mask to prevent the egg smell.

6. Almond oil for hair nourishment

Almond oil is an ancient hair care remedy that is being used to promote hair growth. Warm almond oil is even better for nourishing our hair and for promoting hair growth. You can also apply some oil in your damp hair and it can work as a serum.

7. Avocado honey mask

Avocado is rich with protein and fat and can also be applied in your hair. It has a creamy texture that conditions your hair and when added with honey it gives your hair a great smooth and shiny texture. Add some mashed avocado in 1 tbsp. of honey and apply it once a week for damaged hair and once a month for healthy hair.

8. Anti-DHT shampoo

DHT is a compound that is found in men and it is responsible for hair fall. It accumulates in our scalp and causes hair damage. This Anti-DHT shampoo removes excess of DHT which is accumulated on your scalp and prevents hair fall.

9. Minoxidil topical solution

This Minoxidil Topical Solution not only prevents hair fall but also conditions the scalp. It also prevents flaky scalp. If you are suffering from hair fall problems then you can use this solution.

Take Away

Hair vitamins are great if you are looking towards the betterment of your hair and you don’t want to do a lot of work. Hair supplements are also available in yummy flavors which will be easy for people who don’t like medicines. They are also available in different forms and you can choose according to your comfort zone.

If you want to purchase dermatologist recommended products to improve the nourishment of your hair and prevent them from falling then you can visit our Mars by GHC website to purchase products like Minoxidil, Finasteride and many more.

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