Different Types Of Sex

Different Types Of Sex


Sex is the pleasure obtained through genitals in a living body. Sex is heaven on earth. Sex is the creation of life. Sex is the only capability to reproduce. Sex could be performed either to make out a baby or simply to relax oneself. Sex is the only pollution-free performance in the present-day world maybe if the condom is not used in-between. Sex is the ultimate closeness between two living entities. 

No man is extraordinary to not look for sexual pleasures for the mind may intact or egotist a person to not fall for sex but the body functions differently. One may control the mind but one may not be able to control body needs. Sexual urge is as simple as hunger. One may control sexual urges as fasting but ultimately one needs to fully stop the sexual intention by engaging in sexual performance. Otherwise, the urge of the body to sexual activity stores up a certain part of the mind and does not leave the person alone.

Sex generally does mean two ways. One determines the physical difference obtained by the human being. The other defines the physical interaction between two different people respective and irrespective of their genders, involving genitals. Sex is the close encounter between two bodies that involves extreme interference between their genitals. Sex can be played differently and that difference is obtained by where the male genital is placed during the intercourse.

Different types of sex

Anal Sex

The displacement of the erected penis into the female anus or anal cavity for sexual pleasure is called anal sex This sexual activity cannot reproduce and is highly implied for fun.

Sexual intercourse through the male genital inserted into the anal cavity of either the female human body or male human body is called anal sex. The sex between male and female body is called straight sex whereas the sex between male and male is said to be gay sex or homosexual relationship. 

Anal is an extreme pleasure to the groin area of the male human body. Of course, the female body does take pleasure but the male body has an extraordinary feeling of heavyweight. There are various benefits associated with doing anal sex.

One need not be afraid in the attempt of anal sex if it leads to reproduction or pregnancy. Anal sex does not lead to reproduction. You may attempt it as many times as possible.

There are various sex positions possible with anal sex that eases whole body function and muscular joints. The stretches of the body to compose into anal sex flexibles the whole body. Anal Sex is a way to a lot of Kamasutra positions that are high enough pleasures.

The anal cavity is a gathering of a lot of nerves that are passing through genitals, too. Thus, anal sex is a way to go to touch both the A-spot and G-spot at a time.

Vaginal Sex

The sexual activity obtained by penile intercourse with the vaginal cavity is called vaginal sex. This is the only possible intercourse for reproduction.

The vagina, also called the vertical lip, is the human female reproductive organ that structures an elastic, muscular canal with a soft, flexible lining. The muscular elasticity is enough to satisfy both penis insertion during sex and delivering a byproduct during reproduction. The vagina provides lubrication and sensation reacting to various conditions. The vagina is implied to both urine excretion and sexual intercourse.

Vaginal intercourse is a heaven-like pleasure on the Earth and can be sensed in different angles, at different depths, with different viscosity. 

There is a margin closest to the anus called the vargnal margin which is accessible to touch from the vaginal side and is the most sensitive part of the female body. The goal of the penis is to touch the vaginal margin causing sexual sensations in both males and females at a time. This sensation could open the oval space in women receiving the sperm ejection from the penis in men. That intercourse would lead to pregnancy.

Oral Sex

The sexual pleasure experiences involve mouth organs to play genitals. The touch of genitals with tongue or teeth or lips comes under oral sex.

Sexual intercourse involving the oral cavity is called oral sex. Oral sex involves tongue, lips, teeth, and breathe estimated at the genitals. The female genital or male genital put into the mouth cavity is what exactly is oral sex. It is the definition of ultimate love between two persons.

A male genital which is called the penis when penetrated the mouth cavity generates a certain kind of sex quality. The oral sex to the male genital involves sucking.

A female genital which is the vagina when put in front of the manual face, would either insert his nose or kiss her vaginal lips with his lips or penetrate his tongue into the vaginal cavity. The sexual stimulation in a female genital by the oral sex generally involves licking.

Irrespective of gender, anyone could uphold a butt hole right in front of the oral cavity and do whatever the sexual urge demands.

Take Away 

The sex need not be just between male and female. There are new-age sex types namely gay sex and lesbian sex that engages between male and male, and female and female, respectively.

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