Different types of condoms and their benefits

Types of condoms

Different types of condoms

Be it exploring options to intensify love making satisfaction or it’s your first time using a condom and are rather confused about which one is safe. You’ve come to the right place. This article will brief you through all the types of condoms available in the market and also tells you which are the safest to use to avoid unwanted pregnancy or even STI. Don’t let unwanted pregnancy and STI be the game spoiler and try the safest options in condoms.

Here are few types of condoms which will be a guide for safe love making game:

Latex condoms: these are the most common and most used types of condoms. They are known for their reliability to prevent contracting love making transmitted diseases and preventing pregnancy. Some people might be allergic to latex, in such cases irritation, redness, itching might be seen. However, that irritation might be even due to the lube or excessive dryness. Consult a doctor to know the exact reason for irritation. Do not use oil-based lubes while using latex condoms as they will break down the latex. Use either water-based or silicone-based lubes with latex condoms.

Non-latex condoms: these are perfectly suitable for latex allergic people. But its efficiency to prevent unwanted pregnancy comes down to 95%. They are made using materials like polyurethane, nitrile, or polyisoprene.

Lubricated condoms: these are comfy and safe to use condoms. Lubricated condoms increase the satisfaction during intercourse for your partner and also help in decreasing vaginal dryness. It reduces friction and heightens sensual satisfaction in your partner. Make sure not to use oil-based; lubes while using these.

Quick strip condoms:  these FDA-approved condoms have quick trips attached to them. These quick strips work like pull-up tabs at the ridge of the condom which makes the top side of the condom.  

Female condoms: Wait what???  You are reading it right. Just like male condoms, female condoms also exist. It is often combined with lubricant and worn inside the vagina. But it is a lot less effective to prevent unwanted pregnancy as its failure rate is 21%. You might need to add birth manage support to prevent pregnancy. The benefit of using these condoms is there is no need for a condom break. A female partner can wear it at least 8 hours before having intercourse.

Flavored condoms: these flavored condoms are both flavourful and also aromatic. There are literally numerous flavors that are available. Most common flavors include chocolate, strawberry, mint, vanilla, cola, and bubblegum. These condoms level up your oral intercourse game and are mostly FDA-approved.

Thin condoms: these are the most preferred condoms as they do not reduce love making sensations and satisfaction as much as other condoms. Are they prone to break in between intercourse? No, most condoms fail due to the wrong size, not wearing them properly. So it is also safe to use.

Lambskin condoms: they are natural and thinnest. Many people have found it gives more satisfaction than a latex condom, allowing them to feel the true sensations. Use them if you are sure about your partner’s STD status, as these condoms do not protect you from contracting STD. They are also not effective in preventing pregnancy. The failure rate is 13% according to the centre of disease control. 

Ribbed condoms: these are textured/ dotted/ ribbed condoms that increase satisfaction for either your partner or for you, it all depends on the place of ribbed texture is present. Some of them are wider, have a bulb-like form at the tip to stimulate more satisfaction. These are some of the most preferred types of condoms by couples.

Spermicidal condoms: spermicidal condoms have compounds that immobilize and destroy sperm cells of the semen. These condoms have a 97% efficiency rate when it comes to preventing unwanted pregnancy. The spermicide alone in the condom has 70-80% efficiency in destroying sperm cells. These may cause irritation, in such cases avoid using spermicidal condoms.

Warming condoms:  these condoms are thinner and have a lubricant that warms up as soon as it gets into a moisture environment, i.e., vagina. This warmness enhances the experiences of the parties involved in intercourse.

Tingling condoms or french ticklers condoms: these condoms have softer tips and have a wide range of varieties in terms of ridges and shapes. They provide a tickling sensation inside the vagina and hence the name French ticklers. These give tingling sensations to increase satisfaction during intercourse. These are novelty condoms and do not provide guaranteed protection from unwanted pregnancy.

Glow in the dark condom: You might take them as a joke and also think that these are not safe to use. But they are quite safe just like any other condom. Mostly made up of latex they are equally effective as latex condoms.

Edible condoms: These are a type of flavored condoms which after rolling onto the genital can be eaten. Like the french ticklers and glow-in-the-dark condoms, these too are novelty condoms that do not give assured protection from STI and unwanted pregnancy.

Take Away 

From the wide range of condoms on the shelves, pick the safest and yet the playful one to spice things up. There are many types of condoms out there, whichever be the type you want, prefer a latex condom among them. This article will help you to know the condoms which will intensify your love making game and reach the peaks along with how efficient they are in preventing STI and Pregnancy.

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