Different Types Of Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast recipes

Types of breakfast recipes

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day as it sets the tone for the entire day. It is always said that you must have a heavy breakfast but that does not mean it can't be healthy. 

A lot of people don't like eating breakfast, which is completely fine, but if you are a breakfast person then today we will be sharing some of the most amazing, tasty, yet healthy recipes with you. 


Well, breakfast is more of a subjective choice, if you are more of a sweet person then you might opt for some pancakes or if you are into savoury then you can opt for a classic toast. Breakfast has a wide variety and choices and we are glad we can bring to you some of our favorite recipes. 

Classic avocado toast 

Avocados have become a huge sensation and they are extremely healthy breakfast options. You can opt for whole wheat bread with sliced avocados and some salt and pepper seasoning. This is an easy and effective breakfast option you do not need to prepare anything, it is one of the perfect breakfast options for someone who doesn't like to cook and is always on the go. 

Overnight soaked oats 

Oats are another healthy option for all of the people trying to lose some inches. All you need to do is soak 2-4 tablespoons of oats in water or milk overnight. You can add honey, choco chips, fruits, and nuts to it and have it the next morning. This is another effective recipe for all the hard-working people out there. 

Peanut butter 

Peanut butter is an excellent choice for breakfast options, you can either have a classic peanut butter and jam sandwich or you can add peanut butter to a slice of bread and add banana and strawberries to it. Peanut butter is very versatile and can also be used in smoothies making them extra delicious and healthy. 

Berry and yogurt smoothie

Smoothie is one of the healthiest breakfast options. They keep you full for a long time and are delicious at the same time. For this smoothie all you need is one banana, greet yogurt and frozen berries grind them together you can add the sweetener of your choice honey, stevia, sugar. Enjoy your go-to healthy breakfast. 


One of the most versatile breakfast out there are eggs, they are filled with protein and are extremely healthy for you. You can have boiled eggs, scrambled eggs, omelettes, or sunny side up with some veggies on the side. This meal gives you all the energy and will keep you going the entire day. 

Chia pudding 

Chia pudding has recently become a huge hit, you can soak your chia seeds in milk along with other dressings of your choice you can add peanut butter, cocoa powder, or anything that you like. Leave it overnight and add fresh fruits and nuts to your pudding and you are good to go. 

Oats pancakes 

Oats pancakes are an easy and healthy breakfast option, all you need is a cup of oats, a pinch of cinnamon powder, one banana, honey, and a pinch of baking soda. Grind them together and there you have your easy and healthy pancake batter. You can top the pancakes with some fruits, maple syrup, and choco chips. 

Spinach smoothie

If you are into healthy green smoothies then here is the easy recipe for you. All you need is spinach, frozen banana, frozen berries, milk of your choice, and sweetener of your choice. Grind them well, and there you have your easy and healthy smoothie. 

Quinoa bowl

Quinoa can be made either sweet or savory according to your preference. If you want to make a sweet quinoa bowl then add cooked quinoa in a bowl add some milk, cocoa powder, honey, and fruits of your choice and there you have your delicious breakfast dessert.

If you want to make quinoa savory then you can add cooked quinoa in some vegetable season with lemon, salt, and pepper. 

Fruit bowl 

The fruit bowl is very easy and a perfect breakfast option if you are running late for work. Add in all the fruits available to you and can also add in some coconut water to your fruit bowl making it extra delicious and healthy. 


Granola is another healthy breakfast option that you certainly can not miss. You can add granola to your greek yogurt or milk, add in some fruits and nuts and you are good to go. 

Cottage cheese sandwiches 

Another easy but filling recipe is cottage cheese sandwiches. All you need is cottage cheese add salt and pepper to it for seasoning, you can add cucumber, tomatoes, and onion slices to your break then add cottage cheese filling and done. 

Hash Browns 

Hash browns have been a very famous side and can be easily added to your breakfast. All you need is some potatoes grated and squeezed, you can add salt, pepper, and another seasoning of your choice to add more flavor. After that just stir fry them until golden brown, they are best served with some sour cream and ketchup. 

Whole wheat wrap 

This can be a filling and exciting breakfast meal, all you need is a whole wheat tortilla, to that add some avocado, red beans and some peri-peri sauce if you have the spice tolerance. You can add any filling of your choice to make it as healthy as you want. 

Take Away 

Breakfast is a very important part so we would request that you do not skip any parts of it. Have a heavy breakfast so it gives you enough energy to lay the foundation of what has to come next. We hope you like our recipes and that you will give them a go.

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