Depression & Erectile Dysfunction

Anxiety and depression are the major obligations in a proper erection.

Depression & Erectile Dysfunction

Depression and erectile dysfunction are two things that are vice-versa. That is, depression can cause erectile dysfunction & erectile dysfunction can cause depression.

Depression is a mental subject whereas erectile dysfunction body subject, to the mean, the genital subject.

Depression plays in mind and heart which are above in position of a body standing to which erectile dysfunction is the disorder in genital that cannot react to sexual stimulations.

Let's look into separate definitions of both depression and erectile dysfunction, and understand the correlation between the both of them.


Depression is the demotivation of the body and mind that deviates the person from a normal being. A man affected by depression cannot let go of his thoughts and feelings over time and time.

Depression is worrying about an uncertain future without using a logical mind.

Lifestyle changes and habits can also result in depression. Habits generally come into relaxing the mind or boring the mind. A good habit can penetrate the mind every then and often where a bad habit can do the same but after some time, man should not feel guilty about wasting their time on a bad time. 

That is, a good habit would give results to the efforts whereas a bad habit could take off all the energy left in the body resulting in major fear in the body and mind from the regret of not using time in a better way.

Depression can also be observed from the suppression of society. The helpless situations come in life that put a person to dullness and emotionlessness.

Depression is the foremost reason other than guilt and regret that is leading to suicidal thoughts.

Gaining knowledge can also cause a lot of depression in the human mind. A mind put on continuous learning of knowledge can irk the personality to another level of frustration that frees one to not live subtle and solid.

A person affected with depression cannot run fast, walk fast or eat fast. Every moment of his life would have some thought running in one's mind.

Depression occurs when a person loses something precious that could relate to ego, shame, respect, fame, money, relationship, interest, etc.

In typical body science, depression could result from the absence of happy hormones regulated in the human body and mind. There are certain hormones namely dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin which are very much essential for the proper functioning of the human body.

A body that has fallen ill to depression may also get damage to various physical health conditions right from blood pressure to blood circulation to sugar levels in the blood content to muscular tone to nervous system function, etc.

There is no question of sexual health in the body temperament to depression. A mind that is free alone can enjoy sex to peaks whereas a mind running on thought cannot go look after sex even.

A person who is fallen ill to depression cannot observe the beauty, cannot enjoy the pleasure, nor participate steady in any situation, in particular, during sexual activities.

The lack of energy to sustain day-to-day life in the current period of life module is an extremely depressing possibility. The depressed body would not cooperate with various body functions from respiration to digestion. 

The metabolism becomes worse with depression-induced. The unhealthy person cannot engage in sex heartfully. The incapability in engaging in sexual activity or longer duration sexual intercourse dissatisfied the person participating.

There are certain disorders and deficiencies subjected to sexual behaviour alone or there are certain disorders and deficiencies in the other body essentials and functionalities that later on impact sexual health.

The lack of satisfaction in life due to sexual failure either inactivity or by simply forgetting the intercourse for a long time is what is called sexual dissatisfaction. Sexual Dissatisfaction could be developed in both partners at a time, or simply, a person is more dissatisfied than the other. 

Erectile dysfunction is one of the major outcomes of depression in the area of sexual health.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the incapability of a man to erect his penis in correspondence to inside sexual stimulation or seductions from the opposite persons.

Hormonal imbalance causing low testosterone, high prolactin, and abnormal thyroid hormone levels can cause Erectile Dysfunction. 

The diseases like chronic kidney and liver damage would stop the sexual hormones from working properly which would most probably result in erectile dysfunction as the major sexual dysfunction.

Anxiety and depression are the major obligations in a proper erection. Irrelative emotional stress and physical strain is another mental cause of erectile dysfunction. Sexual intercourse is an obvious enjoyment that is considered not under absolute anxiety and deep-rooted depression.

Take Away

As earlier stated, sexual health and depression are both correlated and dependent on one another. One has to look after both sexual health and depression to avoid disappointment from one another.

Erectile dysfunction from depression can be avoided by diverting one's thoughts from dullness to happiness and excitement whereas depression from erectile dysfunction cannot be avoided. It needs to be taken care of and treated well.

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