Damage caused by borewell water to hair

Borewell water and hair problems

Borewell water and hair problems 

Hair is a subjective matter of pigmented filament of keratin that grows from a follicle on the skin. Their properties are elasticity, stiffness, sensitivity, smoothness, colour, density, and thickness. To the abided properties, the hair is meant to be maintained with intensive care. Ignorance only leads to loss. Once lost may or may not be brought again. As possessing them is a human decent look, the study and research on hair particles have been put on heights in the fields of medicine, cosmetics, cosmetics. The development of the protection of hair is greatly welcomed in modern science, technology, and the internet.

The general keep up with day-to-day hair

Not going to costly maintenance, at least to least, one would wash one's hair daily to twice a week depending on one's care and control upon one's look and lifestyle. The frequency of washing also depends on the type of hair one possesses. The hair could be curly or silky and one dream is to change the hair kind to another or keep it the same happily. Either way, the one has one own relation to hair. 

To the head competence, it possesses hair as its crown. The elegance of the overall body, the temperature gradient to the senses are its lifetime. The moisturization of hair in day-to-day life is needed. The lifestyle is supposed not to be habituated but needed. The person could be most passionate about growing hair.

Besides washing the hair, there are certain other takeovers to keep good in healthy hair growth. The most important thing in the moisturization of hair is oil. The viscosity of an oil is such a born factor in nature to hair itself. There are different oils for different weather conditions, regional conditions, hair conditions, and wealth conditions.

Borewell water

Bore water or borewell water is grounded water. They are supposed to be called groundwater that is pulled up from the flow deep down in between rock and soil beneath the Earth's surface that strangles with roughness. The typical characteristics of groundwater vary from place to place but the most common ones are hardness, weak turbidity, certain chemical composition, and absence of oxygen. The groundwater is not as good as river water. Besides their properties, they are prone to a mixture of pollution and contamination. 

The pH value of groundwater varies from 6 to 8.5 which is defined to be acidic. It has various metal ions such as copper, lead, nickel, zinc, and manganese. It has various chemical containments such as sulfur, sodium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, fluoride, nitrates, and silica. It contains chlorinated solvents. 

The whole study and understanding of the nature of the groundwater confide to us that the water is no good for drinking nor bathing purposes. Most of this water is considered not good for washing clothes also. Such is the hardness property of the bore water. Still, to the inadequacy of good water available on this earth, people are adjusted to groundwater. To nature, they are facing ill effects, too.

Does Bore well water cause hair damage?

Is bore well water hair fall increasing? There's even more reason to be cautious while you use tap water to wash your hair. It could result in hair loss from bore well water!! Hard water, also called as bore well water, can be very bad for your hair, hair products, scalp, and even skin.

  • Hard water makes hair rough, unpolished, unkempt, dishevelled, uncombable, curly, dry. The hardness in the groundwater will affect the hair follicles to not get moisturized thereby the dryness over the scalp. The scalp is then prone to dandruff. Dandruff neglect is a serious problem. It may lead to both internal and external infection over the surface layer of the head. 
  • The dryness once propounded around hair follicles would lead to insufficient nutrient passage throughout the hair substance such that the hair becomes thin, dry, and rough that eventually breaks into pieces resulting in hair fall. This same process occurs over all the head resulting in balding of the head. 
  • The keratin content of the hair body is opposite to the acidic properties of the groundwater. This would end up drying the hair beneath the surface increasing fragility in the hair. 
  • The calcium content in groundwater affects hair to be dull and dry. It results in changed color and feels to be weighed down.
  • The other minerals like magnesium and phosphorus would decrease the bright black shine of the hair that gradually looks pale grey. 
  • Alopecia, the Scientific name for hair loss, could be caused by nickel and lead content in the water. The copper ions which are sharp would wreck the hair particle. 
  • The soap or shampoo doesn't make much foam when reacted with hard water that would generally irritate while washing or bathing. 
  • Fluoride intake through groundwater would lead to hypothyroidism whose one of the symptoms is hair loss.

Tips to curb ill effects of hard water on hair 

  • Installing a water softener shower head to avoid hard water. 
  • Using vinegar and citrus solution.
  • Applying clarifying shampoos.
  • Keeping a hair mask while bathing.
  • Applying moisturizing solutions.
  • Using dandruff-free solutions.
  • Place your head on a silk pillow while sleeping. 

Take Away

Is bore water good for hair? Well bore water or termed as hard water can make your hair dry and rough and can also results in hair fall. So, it is recommended to try out some effective techniques to prevent hair fall. 

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