COVID-19: Face Masks And Your Beard

Covid and beard

Growing a beard might seem as harmless as committing to elastic waistbands, as far as pandemic trends go. But for a few people, opting to forego shaving could impact one crucial method for ending the pandemic.

An important part of wearing face masks to lower the chances of contracting or spreading coronavirus is that the mask fits snugly. Depending on the length and thickness of a beard, experts have said it might reduce the effectiveness of mask-wearing by creating more space between your face and the mask.

Why do Beards Increase Your Risk?

It is all about getting a good seal between the mask and your face. This means that any virus-containing droplets that you breathe out while speaking, coughing, or sneezing can escape through the opening around the edges of your face mask.

This also means that any droplets which have breathed out by those around you could make their way inside your mask.

If these droplets,  by any chance, enter your mouth or nose, it will make it more likely that you will contract the virus.

Do I need to shave my beard to protect myself from COVID-19?

Many people wonder whether I need to shave my beard to protect myself from COVID-19.

Our answer is no, Unless you are supposed to wear a respirator, there is no need to shave your beard. There is no medical evidence or proof that indicates that men with beards have a higher risk of contracting COVID-19. Some doctors also speculate that men with facial hair might have a lower risk of contracting the disease because beards might serve as a primitive filter that could catch respiratory droplets even before they enter your nose or mouth.

Can’t I Just Use Shampoo?

You can find yourself a solid beard wash or shampoo that will help in cleansing the hair of those nasty germs. Now I know what you are asking yourself “can’t I just use shampoo?” The short answer to this is a big NO.

Contrary to popular belief, hair shampoo is not suitable for all types of hair. The hair that is present on our face, though of course, needs to be treated with different care and products due to the composition of our facial skin. Therefore, you must use beard washes because they carry milder ingredients that will preserve your face and its natural oils.

Your beard requires just as much attention as the hair on your head. You wash your hair to maintain a healthy clean scalp, correct? Just like that, your facial hair also needs to be specially cared for while considering its specific needs. Facial hair is androgenic hair that is reliant on natural sebum oils that are produced. If you wash your beard daily will strip away too much of the natural oils, it will leave you with terrible results. The first will be dry skin underneath your facial hair and another much worse result is having an itchy beard that is highly prone to beard dandruff and split-ends!

How Often Should I Wash My Beard?

You must give your beard a thorough wash roughly 2-3 times per week to make sure that it’s one of the most sanitary spots on your body. Do not forget to throw some conditioner on it to have it silky.

You should also cleanse and exfoliate the skin under your beard throughout the year, but as the temperature increases during the summertime, the heat and humidity of summer demand extra care for your beard so washing it regularly is a must. These conditions are mixed unpleasantly with any sweat, dirt, or dead skin cells, which can irritate your skin underneath or even cause breakouts. During these times of pandemic when we are all wearing face masks, it becomes that much more critical to keep your beard clean because face masks usually trap in all that sweat, dirt, and skin cells.

Regardless of coronavirus, you must ensure a clean grooming regimen with a beard wash or shampoo and beard conditioner that will leave you feeling better both concerning health and style! Also, ensure that you keep those face masks on and that beard washed!

How masks and facial hair can coexist?

If completely shaving off your beard isn't what you consider, several alternatives might not compromise safety.

You can trim your beard or wear a different style, like a goatee, which is one option. Some online small businesses also sell extra-large masks that fit over a beard and against one's neck.

You can also join the double-masking trend, starting by wearing an N95 mask or masks that come with ties. You can also follow up with another mask that you put over your beard, fit snugly against your jaw or the neck and secure by looping the straps behind the ears or by tying them behind your head.

Products To Keep Beard Clean

1. Beard Growth Shampoo:

Mars by GHC Beard Growth Shampoo strengthens beard hair and assists in its growth. It is free from harmful chemicals (Parabens, Sulphates and SLS free). This shampoo can provide daily nourishment and protection from breakage is the key to a healthy beard. It can also protect your beard from harmful covid 19 particles. 

2. Beard Growth Serum - Minoxidil:

You can also use Minoxidil that is beard growth serum, is an additional quality treatment used to help grow beard hair and care for it. It reactivates beard hair follicles to invigorate growth and is clinically proven for beard regrowth. 

Beard Oil vs Beard Growth Serum

1) Beard oil is more expensive than beard growth serum.

2) Beard oil may sometimes smell bad, so you can use beard growth serum.

Visible effects of this product:-

After 2 months beard growth starts

Directions to use:-

You need to apply the solution twice a day to see get the proper results. If you apply it consistently, it takes around 4-6 months to see the difference.

Step 1: Make sure your beard is dry before applying the Serum.

Step 2: You may apply this item to clammy hair.

Step 3: To utilize the solution, fill the dropper with 1ml of prescription, or utilize 20 drops or spray 5 times for 1 ml solution.

Step 4: Part your beard hair in the territory of thinning and apply the arrangement uniformly to the affected region of the beard.

Step 5: Wait for the solution to dry before utilizing other styling items (e.g., gels, mousse) or before hitting the bed.

Step 6: Wash hands completely after applying. Try not to get it in contact with your eyes.


Wash your eyes immediately with water in case of contact with the product.

It takes time for hair to regrow. Most people need to use it regularly for 4 months to see benefits. It must be used continuously to maintain hair growth.

Take Away

You must wash your beard twice a week to protect it from harmful particles. You should take proper care of your beard to grow it thicker and healthier.

If you want to purchase above mentioned dermatologist-recommended products, then you can visit our Mars by GHC website.

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