Cold Shower Vs Hot Shower for Hair : Which is Better?

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Cold Shower Vs Hot Shower for Hair

This is a very interesting question as many of us are used to taking a hot shower in the morning and washing our hair with hot water as well. This is a common practice as it saves time and makes our daily routine easier. Many people think that a cold shower will dry the skin and hot water will make the skin oilier. This is a myth, but hot water does open the pores in your skin so when you wash with it, you can be more susceptible to dryness.

Is Cold Water Good for Hair?

Washing hair with cold water will help you to clean and wash your hair effectively. What many people don’t know is that a cold shower can actually be more effective than warm/hot water for your hair. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider washing your hair with cold water:

  1. A Cold shower helps to clean the dirt from your hair without damaging your hair texture.
  2. Cold shower helps your hair to retain natural moisture.
  3. It helps you to manage the natural protein balance of your hair.
  4. It protects the hair cuticle (outer layer of your hair), which makes the hair shinier and less prone to breakage.
  5. Washing with cold water helps prevent split ends, which are caused by dryness.
  6. Shorter, cooler showers can reduce the risk of athlete’s foot and other fungi that grow in warm and moist environments.
  7. Uses less energy.
  8. Hair looks cleaner and shinier when washed with cold water because dirt/oil sticks to hot water instead of your hair.
  9. Cold shower washes will make your hair look younger and prevent premature greying.
  10. Cold shower preserves the natural highlights in dark hair colours.

Is Hot Water Good for Hair?

While it’s necessary to wash your hair regularly, frequent use of hot water can have a negative impact on your scalp. Here are some of the disadvantages of hot water for washing hair:

  1. The biggest problem with washing your hair with hot water is that it opens the hair cuticle causing damage to the hair.
  1. Our hair needs to be hydrated all over and hot water tends to dry your hair out very quickly as well as strip your hair of its natural oil which can lead to breakage. Hot water also does not allow the shampoo to lather properly.
  1. A study showed that washing with warm water maintains the integrity of the cuticle. This means the cuticle will remain closed. If you wash with hot or boiling water, the cuticle will open, leading to moisture loss and breakage.
  1. Shampoo is designed to cleanse, moisturize and nourish your hair and scalp. When you use hot water you tend to lose out on these ingredients as they wear down the drain with the used water.
  1. When you leave the shower and enter a cold room, hair pores contract. The sudden changes in temperature leave your hair brittle. Hot water may cause the outer layer of the hair to swell and as a result, the cuticle becomes rougher and prone to tangling. This might lead to increased damage when combing wet hair.

Can Hot Water Cause Hair Fall?

Hair is without any doubt one of the most important parts of a person. It covers our heads, protects our brains, and lets us express our personalities through hairstyles. It also reflects our health and emotions, so it's important to keep it in good shape.

While there are many disadvantages of washing your hair with hot water, it has nothing to do with hair fall. If you are experiencing hair fall, the reasons might dwell in your diet, genetics, external factors, smoking, health conditions, being overweight, etc. In order to combat hair loss, you can inculcate a proper diet regime along with a regular workout. Also, avoid using hair care products that contain chemicals.

Hair Growth Shampoo is a premium quality shampoo that was rigorously tested to help reduce hair fall, block DHT while nourishing the hair and scalp with all-natural ingredients that help stimulate new hair growth.

It is a unisex hair growth shampoo that is made up of all-natural ingredients and has a proven result of hair growth. It promotes hair growth by reducing hair fall due to breakage, blocks DHT and reduces oiliness while protecting the scalp from the irritation caused by various environmental factors. 

The DHT blocker agent in the shampoo helps improve the overall quality of your hair and gives you a thicker and fuller mane. The shampoo is also made of herbal extracts that promote blood circulation in the scalp and helps in promoting hair growth resulting in longer, stronger and thicker hair. The shampoo is also free from sulphates, parabens, animal derivates along with other harmful chemicals making it the perfect choice in terms of health-conscious individuals.

Take Away

A cold shower helps to close the follicle and seal in the moisture. It also helps to seal the cuticle which in turn is beneficial to keep your hair healthy. We recommend washing your hair with cold water as it does not have any serious drawbacks, unlike hot water.

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