Chest Pain During Sex

Chest Pain During Sex

Chest Pain

The pain or discomfort felt in the body region settled between the neck and upper abdomen is supposedly considered chest Pain. This pain can relate to the lungs, heart, windpipe, and the muscles surrounding the lungs. Whatever, however, the pain is initiated, the final cluster is most likely to be a heart attack. The pain in the chest resembles a crushing or burning feeling or a sharp stabbing pain. The pain can radiate to the shoulders and the neck.

The most common symptoms to identify chest pain are tightness, heavy pressure, squeezing or crushing pain.

The various conditions that could cause chest pain are angina, heart attack, shingles, pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, pericarditis, gastric problem, indigestion, trouble breathing, hypertension, muscle strains, fatigue, pulmonary tuberculosis, panic attacks, lung cancer, throat cancer, thyroid, asthma, collapsed lungs, injured ribs, trauma, stress, neurological disorders, chest congestion due to mucus, chest congestion due to phloem, etc.

Irrespective of disease or disorder, few activities can ignite pain in the chest. Activities like smoking and drinking alcohol can cause severe damage to the chest in the long run. Listening to trauma or a close relative's tragedy could also cause chest pain. Eating spicy food is one of the major factors to boost burn in the chest. Being violent keeps the body's blood pressure run fast and the temperature rises resulting in severe discomfort in the chest.

Few people face pain in the chest during sex. This does not mean that sex can cause chest pain but various relative and Irrelative disorders in the body can lead to pains during sexual activity.

Chest Pain During Sex

The pain or discomfort caused in the chest during sex or due to sexual intercourse is an immediate need to check what is causing and how deep it is intending. There could be various factors from physical and psychological strains that can show up as pain in the chest during sex. Some various diseases or disorders can struggle the body during sex. 

Diseases causing chest pain during sex

Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, blocked nerves, trauma, stress, erectile dysfunction, lung cancer, injured ribs, injured spine, pneumonia, etc can also cause pain in the chest during sex.

Chest pain during sex due to Angina

Most of the people who suffer from pain in the chest during sex are the victims of coronary heart disease such as angina. Angina is a condition of the heart facing reduced blood flow to the heart.

In general, sexual intercourse between a male and a female genital increases the heart's demand for oxygen. The intersection of the freely tangling penis and the freely sloping vagina during sex makes the body feel the strong weight at the genital point. The blood in the body is habituated to move to the place where some action or interaction is happening. Thus, sex elevates heart rate and blood pressure to an equal amount of what is required with climbing a two-storey building by stairs. 

Sex makes the genitals more attractive to blood than the heart. The pull of blood from the heart to the genitals empties the heart compound making it thriving to fill with some matter. As the heart is habituated to either blood or oxygen that is supplied through respiration, in the absence of blood due to the sexual pull of the genitals, the heart would look forward to grasping more oxygen than usual. This whole process is good for health and body parts but any heart or lung-conditioned person would be prone to facing normal to extreme pain in the chest.

Chest pain in women during sex

Chest pain is more common in women than in men for two particular reasons. Sex is generally a man doing a thing. The force exerted by the man's penis into the vagina or anus during sexual intercourse would become pressure onto the woman's heart. Also that the breast is settled on the woman's chest, the man is likely to take the support of the breast during sex. The extreme pressing of the breast during sex with a man's sexual urge could cause external pain on the woman's chest.

Chest pain during sex due to body weight

Sex is the close encounter between two bodies. The two bodies vary in size, weight, and shape. When a heavy-weight body is laid over the less weighing body, the pressure bearing by the below body is so high that sometimes the nerves would bear and bear and put all the pressure on the chest and heart. This could cause sharp or deep pain in the chest.

Take Away 

Even though there are fewer deaths recorded till now that occurred during sex, it is a serious matter to consider and discuss in the present-day lifestyle and environment. COVID-19 has made it even worse. The unbearable pain generated in the chest leads to sudden death during sex.

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