Causes of Bleeding After Sex

Bleeding After Sex

Bleeding After Sex

Sex is a close encounter of genitals that are basically sensitive. It is normal if it bleeds a minute after sex. It is abnormal only when the bleeding is out of control. There are various causes that can cause bleeding after sex right from sex positions to thrusting force. Sex is the force of man applied to a woman. Thus, the bleeding victim would be most times vagina alone as an outcome of intense sex.

Vaginal bleeding after sex

The rupture supposed a vagina see during the sexual intercourse is the way the penis enlarged right in its cavity walls to how the penis thrust hard enough to go deep down the depth reaching G-spot or closeby to trying hard enough to touch the G-spot continuously, to over accumulate the allowance of vaginal cavity walls to the thrusting penis, and whenever the penis insertion display little too large directional differences through the vast number of 360 angles with irrespective of various wall surface differences from either the walls attached tightly close enough at one place or loose at another place with the wet or dry skin positioned with an internal and external vaginal cavity.

The friction in hot blood flowing tight nerved bone-like boner hard muscle penile body with respect to entering a tight stretched vagina and reaching in-depth function with a frequent rapid force of gravity engaged in the interception of one genital organ looking naturally looking for another satisfying genital can composedly damage the skin layer and inner muscle strain of the vaginal cavity.

The blood vessels of the vaginal cavity are excited through the intense desire of woman's neural crest supposedly understood over a sexual desire or sexual intercourse passion inputs a greatest body blood pressure and acted opposed to the blood pressure engaged in the penile body creating exposure to the sensitive and ready to collapse skin layers to flow out the pressure executed inside.

This nature would break the bond of skin cells and sometimes if the pressure is intense and presented sharply, could break skin cells in large numbers making either bleeding pores or minute to average and large size skin cuts which would bleed an excess amount of blood from the external and internal structure of the vaginal cavity. The high concentration of nerve endings store or restore its impulses in the clitoris can vibrate the entire vaginal anatomical structures that the penile misplacement or the thrusting force stimulate the blood outcome from the sensitive skin to structural parts of the vagina. 

The clitoris is the female's most sensitive erogenous zone to sexual arousal. This erotogenic vaginal body part is the primary anatomical source of human female sexual pleasure. The vaginal excitement in reaction to the penetrating force of the penis would simply stimulate at the central part of the vulva called the clitoris that the whole eagerness runs rapidly at the point that the thrusting force of penis could simply cut off the layers presided in and around the clitoris.

Sex objected during periods of the menstrual cycle of the women or sex just before or right after a period could also lead the vagina to bleed.

The improper application of sex toys before or during or after sexual intercourse could tear apart the vaginal cavity in different ways with different intensities. One would not simply go for sex toys until and unless they are satisfied with the simple penis pendulum.

Anal Sex 

Anal sex is one of the major types in a woman's sexual life. The insertion of a boner penis into the anal cavity and touching the internal parts could injure the tightened nerve endings in the anal cavity. 

Anal sex is a pleasure position only but the tightness of the butt-hole combined with the weight of the butts, trunk, and head falling onto the inserted penis could damage both to bleeding with minor to major wounds.

Penis bleeding after sex

Penile fracture

Anal sex is both trying to fit the penis into the anal cavity and thrusting the fitted penis for a long time. The penis is just one percent of the whole body weight or even less. Sexual intercourse involves whole body weight force being acted upon the small size organ. Even though the penis is a boneless bone and capable of bearing the whole weight, there are chances of bending it due to wrongful positions and untimely force implication. Also, the sexual organs are so warm, they generate so heat during sex. 

If one fractures the penis, it will turn black and blue, flatten, and it may make a popping noise. This is considered a medical emergency and requires immediate attention. The broken shaft of the penile craft would be conditioned to bleeding out.

Take Away 

STIs or STDs could lead to bleeding in both men's and women's genitals right after sexual intercourse. Sexually transmitted Infections or sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and yeast infections could be a cause of vaginal bleeding after intercourse. 

These infections could be naturally born from the inside and transmit to the opposite sex body or would be transmitted from an already affected penis genital. Infection in the urethra or vulva part of the vagina can be disturbed by bleeding blood. The normal force of the penis can even damage the skin textures of the vagina.

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