Causes and treatment for burning sensation in penis

Burning sensation in penis


The male reproductive organ used for sexual intercourse which is designed extremely outward in the whole body system is called Penis. It is intersected at the most center of the body.

The weakest part of the male human body is the penis. It can easily get hurt.

Burning sensation in the penis

The burning sensation in penis is a pain-like current passing through the penile nerves or the penile body resulting in extreme discomfort associated with the burning sensation.

Causes for burning sensation in penis

Burning sensation in penis is two types, first of all. Burning sensation in penis could be pain or pleasure depending on where the current of nerve stimulation is originating from.


One may feel a burning sensation in the penile tip after urination. The urethra carries urine from the bladder outside the body. Whether it is a man or woman, when one feels burning at the tip of the urethra it's usually a sign of a sexually transmitted disease (STD). 

Two common STDs that can cause this symptom are chlamydia and gonorrhea.

STDs is an abbreviation for Sexually Transmitted Diseases. The same diseases can be considered as Sexually Transmitted Infections which are abbreviated as STIs. STDs or STIs are diseases or infections transmitted through sexual contact, developed by shared bacteria, viruses, or parasites. 

A disease or an infection related to the sexual transmission could be born then and there itself during sex between two uninfected persons who are subjected to earlier sex with other persons. In another way, the infected person may share a virus or parasite with an uninfected person during a sexual course. It is more of an uncertain infection, most of the STDs require a medical diagnosis.

Many sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can cause itching, burning, or pain. 


Masturbation is another name for self-sex. Masturbation usually involves a hand put on one own genital to sexually active the body and engage in a sex-like imagination that the mind pertains to extreme imaginative sexual objectives that would put the body to extreme sexual outcomes called orgasm.

Masturbation is a self-extreme position that burns a certain amount of calories in the body to experience the pleasure stimulus.

The body energy is converted into semen and passed out through the urethra to the penile tip. During the course or after the ejection of semen by masturbation, there could be a burning sensation.

This burning sensation is not a disease but a kind of sexual pleasure and is observed because of the alkaline PH of semen, which causes burning while passing through urinary passages.

The same burning sensation from masturbation is a pleasure one or two times a week. The same pleasure could become a pain in the body or brain upon practicing twice or thrice a day.

The bad habit of masturbating every day and the improper way of handling masturbation could damage the urinary tract and penile body resulting in pain outcast as a burning sensation either during urination or sexual intercourse.

Sexual intercourse

Sexual intercourse is the insertion of penis into the vaginal or anal cavity. During intercourse, the penis could face friction between the walls of the vaginal cavity or anal cavity and the skin of the penis. 

The friction burns generated could be converted into a burning sensation that could become pain or pleasure in the out-stream of the semen during the sexual intercourse or urination right after sexual intercourse.

Blood circulation penis thriving with lust

Penis faces extreme blood circulation during the sexual urge of the body. The wanting of addictive sex or intercourse could possibly bring all blood streaming in heart vessels to penile nerves.

This phenomenon could generate a fever-like burning sensation in the penile body due to just enthusiastic blood flow in the penis.

Treatment for burning sensation in the penis

A burning sensation could be causing adverse effects on sexual health and excretion or a burning sensation could satisfy the person to the utmost happiness.

After all, a burning sensation in penis is needed for warmth. A woman also loves it. 

The problem is only when the penis is feeling discomfort or the mind is getting disturbed due to the burning sensation in penis.

If a burning sensation in the penis is observed due to STDs or STIs, it is better to go to a doctor and take care of the situation. The worst situations could be upright with surgeries. The little worst scenario can be set back to normal with an intake of cooling chemicals through medication.

Hot penis can be cooled with oral intake of doxycycline plus either intramuscular ceftriaxone or an oral dose of cefixime or a single dose of oral azithromycin.

Sleeping with a cool mate would also help the situation. Inserting penis in a vagina that is kept cool due to lack of sexual interest.

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