Castor Oil For Hair Growth: Which Is The Best Castor Oil & How To Use It?

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Castor oil is often used to promote hair growth. It is frequently used to control hair loss and damage. It may give shine to your hair if applied consistently. 

There is no scientific evidence to support claims that castor oil is beneficial to hair. Nonetheless, some people use this age-old traditional medicine cure to their scalp to moisturise the skin, decrease dandruff, and increase the smoothness, strength, and gloss of their hair. Some claim that castor oil might help develop brows and eyelashes.

Castor oil is derived from the castor bean, which contains ricinoleic acid, a kind of fatty acid believed to reduce inflammation.

Hair vitalizer

Omega-6 fatty acids, a class of important fatty acids that may encourage hair development and reduce inflammation in the hair follicle, are also found in castor oil.

Continue reading to find out why you should include castor oil in your hair care routine and how to use it to gain the advantages it provides.

How to use castor oil for hair growth and thickness?

If you want to use castor oil for hair growth, start with

  1. Massaging a few drops of the oil into your scalp. 
  2. You may also massage a few additional drops into the middle and ends of your hair to help guard against breakage and enhance the texture.
  3. Because of its thick and sticky consistency, castor oil is a pain to get out of your hair.
  4. Combine it with other natural oils like coconut or jojoba to reduce its potency.

Diluting the castor oil may also help to mask the smell, which many people dislike. To dilute it:  

  1. Use one part castor oil with two parts carrier oil.
  2. There are no hard and fast rules on how long you should keep castor oil on your hair. 
  3. However, remember that prolonged usage might lead to dry hair and scalp.
  4. Wash the castor oil out of your hair after approximately two hours to avoid drying.

Is castor oil good for hair growth?

Yes. It promotes healthier hair by increasing blood flow to the scalp. Applying castor oil once a month might increase hair growth by up to five times the normal rate. It can hydrate a dry, itchy scalp. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of castor oil might help to decrease dandruff.

Best castor oil for hair growth

Cold-pressed castor oil is the best type that can be used for hair growth. Black castor oil should only be applied to your scalp. Black castor oil is especially high in all of the vitamins and minerals required to encourage hair development, including omega fatty acids and vitamin E.

However, this is not something you can just apply on your own. If you want to apply it yourself in the comfort of your own home, it's best to go with the most basic option sold in local drugstores and department stores.

Do not use castor oil in your conditioner. Since it is a very viscous oil, it might remain on the scalp even after washing is complete, contributing to an unpleasant greasy appearance. If you wish to use castor oil, you shouldn't use conditioner beforehand. You may use the oil a few days before you normally would, and you can wait at least two to three days before using the conditioner.

Castor oil vs onion oil

Castor Oil

Onion Oil

Castor oil is well recognised for its ability to moisturise.

Inflammation may be reduced and hair and scalp can be nourished with onion oil.

Everything from treating skin issues like acne and wrinkles to easing joint muscular stiffness discomfort may be helped by it.

It may rehydrate the skin while also aiding in the improvement of blemishes when applied directly to the skin.

It may aid in the battle against bacterial and fungal illnesses including athlete's foot and toenail fungus since it is also antibacterial and antifungal.

The sulphur in onion juice aids in the treatment of dandruff and encourages hair growth.

Castor oil packs are used by so many individuals to hasten the healing process of their skin because they encourage tissue regeneration.

Blood circulation may be supported with onion oil.

It may cause the scalp to become dry, which may lead to acne outbreaks on the cheeks or forehead close to the hairline.

A negative side effect of utilising onion oil is the scent, which may persist and be hard to get rid of.

If used for too long or applied too often, it may potentially irritate the skin.

Additionally, the oil is fairly thick and may sometimes leave hair feeling greasy after use.

Finally, castor oil when used with essential oil does not cause scalp irritation. Castor oil can be used overnight for hair growth.

Some individuals may have scalp irritation if they put onion oil on their hair for a lengthy period. So it's crucial to consider if the onion is the perfect element for you.

Best hair regrowth oil

Onion Hair Oil for Men - By Mars

Mars by GHC Hair Growth Oil is a unique blend of essential oils that are made up of a non-sticky formulation. It is fortified with all-natural herb extracts without harmful chemicals to enhance blood circulation close to the scalp, thereby producing more blood cells in the scalp.

Ingredients & Key Benefits:

  1. Onion Oil: Onion oil aids in increasing blood circulation to the scalp and thus stimulates hair growth. It also cleanses the hair follicles of accumulated dirt and sebum, leaving your hair looking healthy and shiny. 
  2. Bhringraj Oil: Bhringraj oil has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it the best oil to treat dandruff and other scalp-related problems. 
  3. Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil helps to protect the scalp from UVB-induced damage, which ultimately promotes hair growth and prevents premature greying. 
  4. Brahmi Oil: Brahmi oil is well known for its strength-giving properties, which make hair roots strong from within. Another feature of this oil is its ability to speed up the hair growth process by fighting dry & damaged hair.
  5. Jojoba Oil:
  6. Jojoba oil promotes the growth of new hair and stops dead skin cells from falling on the roots. It enhances the condition of the hair by preventing hair loss, giving shine & better manageability.

How to Use:

  1. Apply 2-3ml of hair growth oil to the scalp.
  2. Gently massage using your fingertips for about 5 minutes.
  3. Use our derma roller twice a week with hair oil for the best results.

Take Away

Enthusiasts of natural beauty suggest that using castor oil on the scalp may improve the health, radiance, and growth of your hair. Although certain components in castor oil, such as anti-oxidants and fatty acids, are known to provide health benefits, there is no scientific proof to back up these claims.


1. Can I apply castor oil directly to my hair?

Yes. It is safe to apply castor oil directly on your hair and scalp.

2. Can castor oil grow hair faster?

No, castor oil does not promote hair growth on its own. There are no studies or scientific proof that show castor oil may help your hair grow.

3. How long does it take for castor oil to grow hair?

It takes six to eight weeks for better results of castor oil for hair growth.


1. Omega-6 fatty acids
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