Care for your beard while wearing mask

Beard care while wearing mask

Beard care while wearing mask

Men with beards are facing some extra unwanted challenges due to the compulsion of wearing a mask. While it might seem like a good idea to wear a mask and not wash your beard after removing it, you might regret this decision later. The global pandemic has induced everyone to wear face masks but we must not forget that the oils from the mask can clog the pores, leading to ingrown hairs and other skin infections.

Wearing a clean mask has become an essential part of our daily routine but what most people don't realize is that the after-effect of wearing a mask can affect the beard too. 

How Your Beard May be Increasing Your Covid19 Risk?

Bushy beard hair can create gaps in between your skin and the mask, which can increase your risk of contracting covid19 because the virus-containing droplets can easily enter your mask.

A well-groomed, evenly shaped, thin beard would decrease your covid19 risk and then the worst thing that might happen to you is that your skin goes red after wearing a mask. The reason is that you might have sensitive skin that can get affected by the mask upon removal. But the redness is temporary and can be reduced by applying ice to your beard.

How to Clean Your Beard After Removing the Mask?

For men who are just starting to grow a beard, keeping it clean and hygienic is very important. Keeping the beard clean helps in keeping the skin under it hydrated. 

The two most important factors that contribute to beard health are keeping it clean and hydrated. It’s simpler than you might think. When you return home and remove your face mask, start by disinfecting your face and beard first! You will feel cleaner, more confident and others will take you more seriously if you have a clean face over time. Pestering questions from all beard lovers, who are not taking care of their beard. Here are a few tips if you’re looking for ways to disinfect your beard:

  • If you have a dense or long beard, always pat dry to remove the excess moisture because dampness caused due to the mask can irritate the skin and trigger the development of dandruff.

  • Extreme hot and cold water can make your beard dry. It makes a perfect ground for acne and other facial infections. So, it is highly recommended to use lukewarm water while washing your beard because lukewarm water can help you get rid of skin irritants.

  • Wearing a mask can cause a lot of sweating due to which we can get rashes and pimples on our face. Therefore, it is essential to always disinfect the beard and apply a good SPF lotion before wearing a mask.

  • If you are using a cloth mask make sure to wash it after every use because repetitive use of the same mask can cause acne and skin rashes.

  • Do not use any oil or serum before wearing a mask as it can make your beard greasy and uncomfortable.

  • Use masks that make you comfortable to breathe. This will also allow your beard to breathe freely.

  • Avoid touching your beard with bare hands frequently as it can transfer germs and viruses near your mouth by allowing them to settle on the beard.

  • Wearing a mask can tangle your beard hair. Therefore, use a beard comb to comb your beard and keep them untackled. Brushing your beard hair can stimulate hair growth, reducing the frequency of knots. If your facial hair looks uneven, brush all the hair in the same direction to get a decent look.

  • Trim your beard once in a while to prevent extra beard hair from coming out of your mask, which can catch pollutants. Get your hands on the right tools to shape your beard and get the finest look. It can give your beard a healthier and fuller appearance, enhancing the growth process as well.

  • To prevent a dry beard, always keep your skin moisturized by giving extra attention and care to your face before wearing a mask and exfoliate frequently after removing the mask.

  • If you are suffering from skin allergies, always use a mild moisturizer to disinfect your beard.

Why You Should Use a DHT Blocker Shampoo to Disinfect Your Beard?

Beard care has become a big industry these days. There are several products like beard oil, conditioners, shampoos, body washes, face wash, etc. but a lot of men are confused about which product is good for them. 

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a hormone that is known to cause hair loss. So, a DHT blocker shampoo can easily enhance beard growth by reducing beard patchiness. DHT blocker shampoos help prevent beard patches and acne in the face by cleaning out the pores due to dirt and other pollutants.

The active ingredients in DHT blocker shampoo for beard are:

  • Aloe vera gel, which can repair dead skin cells in the beard.
  • Watercress extracts, which can improve beard health by reducing the risk of breakage or damage.
  • Argan oil, which can moisturize the skin and beard hair.
  • Liposomal caffeine, which can stimulate beard growth.
  • Ceramides, which can prevent beard dryness.

Take Away 

We are no longer in that moment when masks were not in the limelight. We are going through a phase where we can't step out of our houses without a mask. It may seem legit on your part right now to think of going for a clean shave, but if you follow the aforesaid tips, you can protect yourself and your beard as well.

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