Can wearing makeup everyday damage the skin?



Women wear makeup for a number of reasons, but primarily to enhance their looks. They do this by balancing out problematic areas, such as reducing the appearance of blemishes or contouring by making their facial features stand out.

In addition to balance and contouring, makeup also provides a uniform look that helps to convey a refined appearance. Makeup can help a number of women feel more confident about themselves, which is a big win for both the woman and those around her.

Some other reasons include:

  • They wear it to look glamorous. 
  • They wear it to look fresh for their men. 
  • They wear it because it helps them fight vanity. 
  • They wear it to suit their moods. 
  • They wear it to suit the occasion. 

The list goes without end. However, it varies depending on the sources but many people are left confused about why women wear makeup at all. The answer lies in understanding vanity and confidence. While women wear makeup for multiple different reasons, all of them essentially boils down to vanity and confidence.

Understanding vanity is understanding women’s obsession with looking good all the time. Understanding confidence is understanding why they are so obsessed with being confident in front of their men all the time.

How Much Makeup Should A Woman Wear?

When it comes to makeup application, there are two schools of thought - the natural approach and the over-the-top approach. While there is no right or wrong approach for how much makeup to put on, the natural approach tends to be more popular among women who prefer to keep things understated. On the other hand, those who opt for an over-the-top approach tend to stand out with their bold colours and unique styles.

Information about makeup is readily available on the internet. Every resource has its own list of makeup commandments that women are supposed to follow in order to look stunning. However, while the information is copious, the quality is questionable.

Do you have a habit of sleeping with your makeup on? If so, you could be putting yourself at risk for much more than dark under-eye circles.

You might think you are saving time by not removing your makeup before bedtime, but all you may be doing is clogging your pores.

Tisha, a licensed esthetician, says, "Excess sebum is not only secreted by the sebaceous glands to help lubricate the skin but also produced after physical activity or during hormonal changes. When you sleep at night, your skin cells are focused on healing and repairing themselves, so the last thing they need is an extra layer of grease to process. It can cause pore blockage which can lead to acne."

Another reason why you should take off your makeup before going to bed is that it can absorb into your skin while you are asleep, especially if it's made with clay or clay-based products. "The nurturing properties of clay work wonders to draw out impurities from your skin. So while you are sleeping all those particles are being absorbed into your pores, making them bigger," says Tisha.

Why You Should Never Wear Makeup Everyday?

People who wear makeup every day may think that they look better with it, but what are the real benefits of no makeup or so to say the disadvantages of wearing makeup every day?

Many times it is not always about how beautiful one looks but how much effort one takes to look beautiful. One of the main disadvantages of wearing makeup every day is that it can cause you to age sooner. It can also cause your skin to break out.

When you wear too much makeup, you are basically clogging your pores with all the makeup products that you use. When you wear makeup everyday it can lead to premature ageing. One of the things that happen to your skin when you wear makeup everyday is that it becomes dull and lifeless. It also damages your skin from within.

Another problem with wearing too much makeup is that it can make you look unhealthy. When you wear too much makeup it gives the impression that your skin needs to breathe and that your skin might be irritated.

As much as we all love wearing makeup everyday, but one must realize that it does have its own disadvantages. It has been reported that the chemicals that are used in the process of making cosmetics can get into the bloodstream. In fact, a study showed that people who wear makeup get their hands on the chemicals from their cosmetics by rubbing their eyes, lips or even noses.

The ingredients used in the process of making cosmetics does get into your bloodstream and by rubbing your eyes, your lips and your nose you get a lot more of it.

While the rest of the ingredients get into your bloodstream, other ingredients seep into your skin which is very bad for your skin tone. You won’t be able to go for a good night's sleep because you will have puffy eyes and a greasy face which will give you the impression that you have not slept well.

Some common disadvantages of wearing makeup everyday are as follows:

  1. They Cause Cancer
  2. They Cause Allergies
  3. They Increase Skin Oil Secretion
  4. Cause Wrinkles
  5. Premature Aging
  6. Cause Acne
  7. Causes Breakouts due to Oils Dominance on Face
  8. Cause Hormonal Imbalance
  9. Reduce Blood Circulation, Giving rise to bruise or Ache on Body Parts
  10. Causes Loss of Vision at their extremes of usage
  11. Cause Leakage of Fat on Stomachs, Knees and Arms
  12. Stifle the process of Purification of Skin Cells

Take Away

People spend a lot of money on makeup products. Most of the time they are not aware of the chemicals used in them. Usually, they have a lifespan of about three months. That means you are applying three months worth of chemicals to your skin every single day.

Therefore, always go for a minimal-makeup look. This means using only what you need to enhance your features. No heavy foundation or concealer should be used. Follow your skin care routine religiously by using high-quality products enriched with natural ingredients. It will help you achieve a youthful glow, so you won’t even need to wear excessive makeup to hide your facial flaws.

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